Monday, September 26, 2016

Follow me to #WonderfulIndonesia

Jakarta >> Bandung >> Yogayakarta >> Lombok >> Komodo Island >> Bali
15 Days
8 Flights
10 shades tanner
& lots of memories made :)

Kudos to Ministry of Tourism, Indonesia for making this trip possible and for having me once again! :D I definitely had a blast during this amazing Trip Of Wonders 2016 influencer trip! Watch my #FollowMe Vlog as I take you to the places I visited during this trip!

Now here's your chance to visit Indonesia as well! MOT Indonesia presents the Trip of Wonders Quiz where you can win a trip for two to either heavenly Bali or the legendary Komodo Island! Contest ends on 5th October 2016, quiz link here:

So good luck guys!!
I can't wait to share with y'all more of my trip details over the next few weeks :)

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Meet Estee Lauder Superstar - Advanced Night Repair!

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Do you start taking care of your skin only when you see the wrinkles forming, when the damage is already done or do you start taking care of it while you're still young? Well, I am a firm believer of the latter!

As early as your 20s, our skin can begin to desynchronize due to everyday environmental damages and aging! Honestly, I wasn't blessed with a good skin especially when I was a teen going through puberty... so that's also one reason why I am so into skincare & beauty! I started trying out all sorts of skincare products to see which works best for me, and which does not.

Thursday, September 01, 2016

A Week in my Life!

Long overdue cuz well, I am a procrastination queen like that~ Hahhahaa but here goes!!! Of cuz, not every week is the same... I don't do my hair, or get my fillers done every week lol But I purposely chose that week as I was gonna be going out everyday so there's much more things to film!

Hope you guys enjoy!!
xx, Shenny