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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Oneday Hanbok to Changdeokgung Palace!


I've always been in love with all sorts of Korean dramas, including historical ones and have been fascinated with how beautiful the traditional Korean costume - Hanbok looks! So during one of my many trips to Seoul previously, I finally decided to gear myself up in a Hanbok to take some photos for keepsake!

I decided to rent my Hanbok from Oneday Hanbok cuz I've seen it on Instagram; googled about it and found out that the prices were pretty reasonable too! I arrived at the shop (ps: I went to their old outlet, they have shifted since then) and saw so many lovely Hanboks!! I was literally squealing in excitement! SO MANY SELECTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM!!!😍😍😍
The only down side about this is that you're only given two fitting chances. I was lucky tho, I managed to try 3 different Hanboks, probably because I was the only customer in the shop at that point so they weren't too busy. So you really got to choose your Hanbok wisely before trying them on because once the two fitting chances are over, you gotta top up an additional 2000 won for another fitting! I kinda know what I had in mind so it wasn't really a tough choice for me!

Pricing of the Hanboks:
Min 4 hours - 15,000 won
24 hours - 28,000 won
Basic accessories (hair accessories/bag) - free
Special accessories (King's hat etc) - 2000 won

Exit 2 of Anguk Station
(Walk 300m after Exit 2, it is located opposite Jaedong Elementary School)
2nd floor, 4 Bukchonro5-gil, Jongnu-gu, Seoul

* * *
Once you are all dressed in your Hanbok, there are a few places you could go around to get your photos taken - Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Bukchon Village, Namsangol Hanok Village etc~ For me, I decided to go with Changdeokgung! Although Gyeongbokgung is the main palace, I honestly prefer Changdeokgung hands down. It is less crowded (so you can have uninterrupted shots) plus I think Changdeokgung is alot more scenic - it has like little gardens/trees and all!

Time to spam those photossssssssss

It was honestly ALOT OF FUN!! Plus I felt like a mini celebrity cuz so many people were asking to take pictures with me/of me. LOLπŸ˜‚ And omgggg, I also felt like I was back in time, like I am part of those historical dramas I've always watched. Princess of the Royal Family LOL. κ³΅μ£Όλ‹˜ Shenny? HAHAHAHA

Some of the details of the Hanbok:
I tied my hair plaits myself and the staff from Oneday Hanbok very kindly helped me with the hair accessorie (the grey cloth thingy). And also, how cute is the charm hanging off the Hanbok!! Love it!!

Got this hairband too to match my outfit, isn't it damn cute!!!

Being in a Hanbok also made me felt super feminine, girlish and dainty. I am usually quite a clumsy person but somehow once I put on the Hanbok, it felt like a 360° change LOL. I became so gentle la, even my poses for the pictures like damn demure kind hahahaha

13a 13b
There are also Hanboks for the guys! So you can do shoots with your partner too! At the point of my Oneday Hanbok rental, they even provided free rental of camera tripods. Not sure about now though~~


So happy to be ticking off "Roaming in Seoul in a Hanbok" off my to-do-list! I would however, wanna do it all over again with my girlfriends! It's a pity I didn't manage to take such shots with my gfs when we went in 2014!! Hopefully in the near future? :)

I'll be sure to update again real soon!!!
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xx Shenny


  1. Great photo shots...Awesome...beautiful place to visit and discover their cultural heritage...

  2. Such a wonderful places to visit. Thank you so much Shenny, for sharing these photos. I think traveling to an unknown place is always a fun.