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Sunday, March 05, 2017

Beach day at Sentosa!


I've always been a beach bum and I especially love having beach vacations! It's been quite some time since I last visited the beach in Singapore so I decided to head over a few days ago! Stef and I chose Siloso Beach in Sentosa to chill over some cocktails and htht!
Omg it's been so long since I last came to Siloso Beach in broad day light hahaha! Have been coming the past few years during Zoukout when it is already all pitch-black~

And look at the new Sentosa beach bus! Do you remember when it was still a long tram? LOL
Ok I am probably still living in the 'tram days' opps. That just shows how long I haven't been here!

At Siloso Beach, there are alot of beach bars that you can choose to chill at! This is Coastes which I really like (the food is so good!) but the only downside is that there's no pool here ;(

This is Ola Beach Club! Looks good! Will probably give this a go the next time I head to the Siloso beach again!

And so... Stef and I decided to nua at Mambo Beach Club!
Don't you love it when there's so little people on a weekday? HEHE. TOTALLY #LOVE!!💗

Took some #OOTDs while waiting for our lunch to be served!
7b 7a
2-piece set from ! So beach worthy!!😍
Quote Shenny for discounts!

Hello it's Stef and I! Do you miss seeing her face on this space? LOL. It's been such a loooooong time!

YAY COCKTAILS! Long Island Tea is like my foolproof cocktail ever! What's yours? :)
8a 8b
9a 9b
Omggggg I miss this Aglio Olio already! So on point👌
Really hate it when chefs can't do a proper job with their aglio olio!! Like too oily/too wet, or not spicy enough, or not enough garlic taste yknow! This was perfectttttttt! I really enjoyed it! Stef had the meatball pasta, not too bad either but personally, I'm not a big fan of tomato-based pasta :p So I def prefer my Aglio Olio hands down!!


Done with lunch and time to go soak in the pool!
Changed into our bikini👙 and omoooo isn't this seashell bikini the cutest thing everrrrr!!!!
11a 11b
This bikini is kindly sponsored by!
They have lots of mermaid-ish stuff so go check it out if you are into this kinda stuff!! Really cute!!


Okay done with photos of my bikini and it was time to enter the pool!!! FINALLY.
I really like Potatohead Beach Club in Bali, I can literally soak in the pool for hours and watch the world go by~ And Mambo Beach Club kinda gave me this similar vibes too! Yay!! I'll probably frequent this place more often from now on lol

(PS: These few pictures are captured using Gopro Hero 4 from

Yes I think I probably just stone inside the pool like this, with my cocktail for hours. LOL
And it doesn't help that THE WEATHER IS SOOOO GOOD!! It was super windy and cloudy, say yay to no sunburns!! Hehe

Oh oh! And loving my new Rose Gold Chrome Nails by Millys!!!!!
Major 😍😍😍

Decided to walk to the beach~
LOL so little people! But during the weekends.... omg humans everywhere lol

21b 21c

And yupppppp you probably guessed it right, it was back to the pool to nua again! LOL
Seriously I am the nua-sai queen!
23a 23b

And before we knew it, it was already 7pm and we decided to go wash up and head off for dinner!
Stef was craving for Astons so we popped by the outlet at Katong! Still love Astons for their reasonably priced western food with such generous amount! The total bill for the 2 of us is only $23? Super worth it!!

Gosh I am hungry right now looking at this photo!!!! Gonna go grab my lunch!
Till the next one!!💋

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xx Shenny

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