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Monday, March 13, 2017

Hotel Eclat Taipei


During my most recent 9 days vacation trip to Taiwan, I had the opportunity to stay at Hotel Eclat Taipei during my last night!

Hotel Eclat Taipei

Hotel Eclat Taipei, a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World is an elegant boutique hotel located in Taipei's fashionable Da-an district! Here's how the exterior of the hotel looks like:

This is the reception area which is really welcoming and cosy! Oh and check out those unique sculptures! Interesting huh!!
You can find really unique pieces of artworks/sculptures at almost every space and corner of the hotel! Super cute!

When night falls, the exterior of Hotel Eclat Taipei is even prettier! There are fairy lights all over and you should probably know by now that I am a HUGE fan of such fairy lights!! They are so sparkly and pretty!! Plus it helps me in recognising Hotel Eclat Taipei at night even from a far away distance!
6a 6b

During my stay with Hotel Eclat Taipei, I had the chance to stay in their Deluxe Room :)
The room was spacious and luxuriously decorated with a King sized bed!

9a 9b

I was even more exhilarated to find out that the all items in the In-Room Bar was complimentary (excluding alcohol). There was a wide range of beverages as well as snacks, complimentary Revolution tea selections and Nespresso coffee machine!

The work desk comes with ample power and broadband connection points, features a Montblanc pen and a drawer filled with various stationaries! I thought that these were really handy and it was super considerate & thoughtful of Hotel Eclat Taipei :)

I am not sure about you guys, but when it comes to staying in hotels, I guess I am the most particular about toilets! I really hate it when the toilets are dirty/gross/not well maintained! Thankfully, the toilet at Hotel Eclat Taipei was!
The luxurious bathroom features a LCD television, a walk-in rain forest shower and the best possible selection of amenities!

Is it just me or do you also find it super interesting and cool when the toilet bowl has so many functions! LOL

Also!! Omg the shower amenities provided by Hotel Eclat Taipei is actually from the famous British design house, Aseop amenities!๐Ÿ‘

Bed was so so comfy! In no time, I found myself nua-ing on it, super reluctant to get out of it when it was time to head out!
12a 12b

I also had a mini tour around the hotel and had the chance to check out the other rooms they have to offer :) This is the Grand Deluxe Room!

Premier Room:

Premier 9 Room which has a super unique design and layout! Check out the elevated 'Stage Bathroom' which overlooks the city! This room also even comes with a massage chair omggg

This is Eclat Lounge! Besides serving ala-carte buffet breakfast daily, there are also lunch, afternoon tea and dinner options! During the weekends, they also do serve their Eclat brunches!

Besides the Eclat Lounge, there is also BELLINI Cafe which originated from Japan. At BELLINI Cafe, you can enjoy fresh Italian cookings from brick-oven roasted pizza to freshly made pasta and steaks!

I guess the bed was tooooooo comfy that I overslept and missed the breakfast timing (breakfast was till 10am and I only jumped up at 10.30am?!). Told you, it was really tough getting up when the bed is this comfy! But anyway, thankfully the really kind and helpful staff at Hotel Eclat Taipei managed to arrange a breakfast room service for me! *Super grateful*!!

Ordered Egg Benedicts and the Green Onion Pancake! IT WAS YUMZ!!
21a 21b
Nothing beats having breakfast in bed, and Hotel Eclat Taipei does it just right!๐Ÿ˜

Anyway, I thought they were really thoughtful too to provide a platter of fruits during the turndown service! :)

Hotel Eclat Taipei is located at Da-an district and it is only a 5mins drive from Taipei 101!
23b 23a
It is also super close by to Xinyi shopping district (really wanted to check this place out but couldn't due to time constraint) and Tonghua Street Night Market which I'll share more about in another post!

Hotel Eclat Taipei is ideally located in downtown Taipei, super accessible and a mere 5mins walk would get you to Da-an station where you can easily explore other parts of Taipei using the trains!

This short stay at Hotel Eclat Taipei was a pleasant and comfortable one! The staff were also super friendly, helpful and accommodating! I just wished I could stay longer to enjoy more of their facilities...... well there's always a next time!๐Ÿ˜‰  Definitely recommend you guys to check out Hotel Eclat Taipei out the next time you head to Taipei!

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