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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

My first time to Penang!

Hello blog!

Gosh... how long has it been since I last did a proper entry on this space? To be honest, everything started out from this very small humble space of mine and I just feel kinda mehhhh that I've neglected my blog SO MUCH. Some days I feel motivated to write a new entry. Some days I just lack the drive to do so. Sometimes I wonder if people nowadays still bother to read blogs?? I update so much on the go on my Dayre now (so freaking convenient) that I don't even bother updating here anymore. :( Although I do I feel that I should start penning more stuff here (esp my travels) since Dayre is rather unstable now. Is it really here to stay or will the app be shut down eventually........? No one knows. And the thought of having all my entries wiped out saddens me alot. Argh.

Anyway!!! I visited Penang recently cuz I had a DJ gig! It was my first time to Penang and omg I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!! It definitely exceeded my expectations! I even extended my stay by a night cuz I didn't wanna leave...😂 Made so many new friends too :) If you're curious, you can read more about my adventures in Penang on my Dayre!
Penang Part 1 // Penang Part 2

Some photos of my gig that night at Ozoo Penang~~
Huizhen and Jasmine came along to Penang as well and I am sooooo thankful for them! I am really blessed with great friends :)

With the MC of Ozoo Penang who helped me hype up the crowd!!

Resident DJ of Ozoo, DJ JJ!

I like this shot!

That was a good experience and a good party!!!🙌

Not sure how long more I can continue doing this for... but these are definitely good memories I will treasure for a long long time. At least I think I have lived a life well lived thus far? I've travelled a lot, I've seen the world and I do things out of the norm. Even my job is something pretty unique. I may not be earning as much as all my banker friends out there but I am definitely doing something I love. How many of us here can actually safely say you're really doing what you love too? Only a handful I guess. One day when I am all old and wrinkly, I'll look back at my blog, at these photos and I know that I WILL SMILE.

I hope my next post will be a proper one! Maybe a photo diary entry?
We'll see! Till the next!
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xx Shenny

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