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Monday, October 07, 2013

The DRx Clinic: Shenny's transformation with Dr Yanni!

I am finally back with a post and this will be on The Drx Clinic! I'm sure most of you would have realised that I did something to my face...... I mean its pretty obvious on pictures and my captions, no?? People have also been asking questions on my regarding Drx Clinic/what I have done to my face etc so today, I am gonna answer all of that!!

To start of this post, I have prepared a video for you guys!! 
(took me 13hrs to upload this I almost puked my internals out!!)
IF you wanna...
- hear about my personal experience/how I feel about it
- know why I want to undergo such procedures
- hear the way I talk. LOL I'd always cringe when I watch myself on video. Its like.. EEEKS!!
- watch the procedure of the treatments on me (botox & fillers)


- What is BOTOX Treatment?
BOTOX is a  natural, purified protein that relaxes wrinkles causing muscles, creating a rejuvenated appearance. The active ingredient in BOTOX treatment is derived from bacteria in much the same way penicillin is derived from mould. It is manufactured in sterile laboratory conditions.

- How does BOTOX Treatment works?
BOTOX can be used to relax specific facial muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles (the wrinkles that are formed during facial expressions). Once the muscles are relaxed, you cannot contract them preventing undesirable facial expressions. Thus, the line gradually smooth and new lines are prevented from forming.
(FOR ME, Botox was used to relax the muscles around my jaw to give my face an overall slimming effect!)

- Will I still be able to make facial expressions?
Althugh the results are visible, a treatment with BOTOX will not radically change your facial appearance or make you look as if you've "had work done".

- How long does BOTOX treatment last?
The effect can last up to 4 months before lines slowly begin to return. 
If you have repeated BOTOX treatments, the effect tends to last longer.

The pink ovals are areas where I'll be working on!
Botox on my jaw line & chin. Fillers on my nose and chin!

The DRx Clinic!
Super white, clean and posh!!

This is the private waiting area for customers before proceeding on for your treatments.


This was 1 month ago for my first BOTOX session with Dr Yanni!
Must be Dr Yanni telling me that after the botox session, I will feel some tightness around my jaw line!!

11 12
Afraid of the pain? Fret not!! Little teddy bears are provided for you to hug so you won't be scared!


Applied some ice to 'numb' the area~

And yea proceeded on with the treatments!!
Like I said in the video, the injection itself was not painful at all but there will be this aching feeling that flows through your jaw which will only last 3 seconds max! Very very bearable! Most people find botox more painful than fillers but I felt otherwise!
Pain Level: 1/10


Then it was botox for the chins!
22 23

Smiling for the camera RIGHT AFTER the injections!

There wasn't any downside for me at all. Dr Yanni told me some people might experience bruising etc but for me, there was nothing!! I could eat and sleep and do everything as per normal!
The only thing I had to take note was to NOT EXERCISE and NOT TO DO SAUNA on that day itself!

Day 1
Day 1 after botox

Day 2
Day 2 after botox

Day 5
Day 5 after botox
Face seems sharper!

Day 12
Day 12 after botox!
There wasn't a drastic change to my face shape but it was enough to tell, especially in pictures! 
It took probably 1.5weeks for the botox to take effect!


- What can 'Fillers' do?
Fillers are primarily used to improve the appearance of the skin's texture. They can help fill out deep facial wrinkles, creases and furrows, "sunken" cheeks, skin depressions and some types of scars. They can also be used to add a fuler, more sensuous look to the lips.

- How Long Will The Results Of Treatment Last?
The most important fact to remember about injectable fillers is that the results are not permanent. Injected material is eventually metabolized by the body and the effects usually last about a year or more. You should not expect the same long-lasting results that may be gained from cosmetic surgery.
- Are There Any Risks?
When injectables are administered by a qualified physician, complications are infrequent and usually minor in nature. 
Bruising may occasionally occur.

- Is The Procedure Painful?
The procedure is uncomfortable as several tiny injections are required. A topical cream anesthetic may be used to numb the injected area if you are sensitive to pain. Ice-packs prior to, during and after the procedure also help to diminish pain and reduce the risk of bruising.

-Will I notice the difference right away?
Yes, the aesthetic results are almost immediate. You'll see a noticeable difference as soon as your appointment is over - the results are so natural that no one else will know.

- Will I need to take time off work?
Absolutely not! You can even have an appointment in your lunch hour and then get right back to your normal routine. Usually there is minimal downtime, if you experience unusual symptoms, contact your doctor. 

-Any post-treatment care tips?
Avoid makeup 12 hours after injection treatment
Avoid extended exposure to the sun and temperature below 0°C 2weeks after injection treatment
Avoid sauna or hammam sessions 2 weeks after injection treatment
Avoid facial massages for at least 24 hours
Avoid strenuous exercise
Keep a soft, cool compress like an ice pack to alleviate any swelling and bruising

Finally, 3 weeks went by and I made my way down Drx again for fillers!!
Super excited for fillers cuz I have seen alot of people doing fillers and the results are so obvious yet natural!
Areas I will be working on, nose bridge and chin!

Numbing cream~

This time round, a brown teddy to accompany me!! :D

First, Dr Yanni used a white eyeliner to draw out the lines where she'll be injecting! 
This is to prevent ur nose from being slanted~

And the procedure started!!
P1010031 P1010032
The injection under the nose WAS THE MOST PAINFUL OMG. I teared...
Thankfully the pain wasn't a lasting one, but like only 2 seconds.
Pain level: 4/10

Then it was fillers for my bridge! TOTALLY FELT NOTHING AT ALL!!
Pain level: 0/10

Fillers for my chin!!
P1010044 P1010049
I really love the fillers on my chin!! Dr Yanni knows I SUPER HATE MY DOUBLECHIN.. so this newly created chin helps to 'HIDE' away my doublechin!! Super awesome please!! I love it and it gives me the heart shaped face I have always desired!!
Pain level: 2/10

P1010056 P1010058
Super high and loving it! But of cuz, this was DAY 1 and it is higher than normal due to the swelling.

Me looking so happy when Dr Yanni said "THATS IT!!"
Whooooo no more injections! ^^

Pictures right after the procedure..
P1010065 P1010066

For me, there was a slight bruise on my nose bridge but could be easily concealed up!
It took about 2 days for the bruise and swell to go away. For the pain, it took maybe 4-5days before subsiding! That said, the pain wasn't like the moaning kinda pain or like you've injured urself.. its more of the when I touch my nose/chin I can feel a little pain!! So I was really really gentle with my face for the past 1 week!

F Day 1
Day 1 of Fillers

F Day 2a F Day 2b
Day 2 after fillers

F Day 4 F Day 7
Day 4 and Day 6 after fillers

And Day 8 after fillers!
Pictures taken straight after recording the video!!


MY FACE QUITE SHARP.. yes??? Love it la!!



With the awesome and pretty Dr Yanni! Her skin is sooooooooo perfect I am super jealous!
Dr Yanni1 Dr Yanni2

I AM SUPER SUPER PLEASED WITH THE RESULTS!! Review and touch-ups will be in 2weeks time and I am sure my nose will be even more chio then! I will update you guys again on the progress after my review~ if you have any other questions.. you can also leave me a question on my and I'll try my best to answer~

For now, those who are interested in botox/fillers.. or even in scalp treatments, facials, treatments for acne skin/freckles etc.. be sure to check THE DRX CLINIC out!! Their services are really really good and they are damn meticulous.. like the day after I did my fillers, the nurse actually called to check on my progress! Super sweet!! You know you'll definitely be in good hands under Dr Yanni or even the other awesome doctors in Drx Clinic!

For price wise, I am honestly not very sure and I am totally the wrong person to ask!! Because everyone is different, you really need to go for a consultation to know what works best for u and how much it would cost! The only thing I know as of now is that there is currently a PROMOTION:
$1400 for 2 syringes (2 ml)
It differs between people on how much is required. With the 2 syringes (2ml), for some people it is able to cover up to 3 areas (eg: forehead nose chin). But for some people, it might only be enough to cover 1 or 2 areas. 

To know more, why not consult the experts at Drx Clinic?

The DRx Clinic
302 Orchard Road 16th Floor 
Tong Building (next to Paragon) (S) 238862
6733 1555
Mon-Fri: 10am-8pm. Sat: 10am-5pm. (closed on Sun & PH)

Okay so like last Thursday.. Drx Clinic organised a lunch for the doctors and bloggers together at... HILTON HOTEL. Super atas can!? And as if its not atas enough... Chester (the marketing manager) even arranged a Taxi Limo to fetch each and every blogger up from their home!! WHOA?!!?

The Taxi Limo reached like 10mins in advanced and I wasn't even prepared!! Chiong down to see this white car waiting for me!! Aiyo Chester why u so sweet one!!

And of cuz.. I just had to camwhore inside the car!!

P1010005 P1010002

Met up with Francesca ( before heading up to Level 24 for the lunch!



Frans!! So glad I had her company else I guess I'll be so awkward there~~

K la we damn shameless, we just kept camwhoring!!!

And I super love her camera?? Its the Samsung camera and there's this BEAUTY FUNCTION!!
Omg its DA BOMBX... I wanna sell away my Pink Nikon Camera and might get this Samsung camera!! Anw, some pictures taken are from my camera and some are from hers!! Figured out that her cam works best for selfies while mine work best for food-taking! lol her camera made us look super FAIR!!!


Pan Seared Foie Gras, Truffle Polenta, Camaralized Apple Wine Reduction
Not a fan of foie gras cuz I always think that there's this 'smelly' taste.. but  this was surprisingly okay! Not as smelly!

Chester booked the ENTIRE private function room just for us.. so it was just doctors and bloggers. No random outsiders!

Blueberry and Porcini Mushroom Risotto

Jocelyn and I! Jocelyn will be the new marketing manager taking over Chester.. damn sad that C is leaving but I am sure Jocelyn will treat us as her baobei babies too!! ^^ hehee


Pecorino Crusted Sea Bass, Saffron Sauce

Balsamic Honey Marinated Baby Chicken, Purple Mashed Potatoes

P1010028 P1010029
The ash black has finally faded into this awesome ash brown-green shade. 

DESSERTS!! How can one ever reject desserts?!?!
Tiramisu & Ice Cream!!

P1010037 P1010039


I posted this shot on instagram and when I came home that day, the first words my mum told me was:
"Who's this girl? Very pretty, prettier than you!"

AND PREZZIES FROM DRX for all bloggers who went for the lunch!! ^^

Took alot of selfies using Agri's cam!! This is another awesome cam la, brand is CASIO!
The beauty effect makes you look so flawless........................... *lost for words*
IMG-20131003-WA0005 IMG-20131003-WA0006

IMG-20131003-WA0007 IMG-20131003-WA0008

IMG-20131003-WA0009 IMG-20131003-WA0011

After food.. it was finally camwhoring time!!
Took so many pictures with many many beautiful bloggers!! ^^
Agri is the one in blonde hair, pink mermaid hair is Naomi!


DR YANNI!!! Super pretty yes?? 
My bf went thru the pics on my camera and asked me "eh b who is this blogger?" LOL

P1010046 P1010066
Guy on the left is CHESTER!! The wonderful man who planned this awesome lunch gathering and the man of the right is DR SK TAN who is the founder of The DRx Clinic!!

Kaykay! She's so petite in real life!!

Pretty doctors and Chester!

Jayley, Peishi, Rachel, Me, Frans, Agri and Naomi!

Rachel and Joanna! Imagine if I still had my blonde hair.. lol it'll be 3 blondies~


P1010060 P1010063
Pretty Jaime and Peishi!

Finally a shot with Chester! (totally wrong face angle maximum but ahh whatever!!)


P1010068 P1010069
Together with Rachel T and Joey!! Rachel was the winner for CNOS last year while Joey is the winner for this year!

Frans, Donna, Tricia, Kaykay and I ^^

Sadly... it was time for us to leave and for the doctors to head back to the clinic!
Frans and I stayed back a lil while to snap more pictures..
P1010074 SAM_3266

SAM_3261 SAM_3263
In love with her cam's beauty mode!! Wo ye yao!!


Super prettyz!

And my ootd for that day! It's a cream dress with lil daisies all over!
Might wanna sell it away! Interested parties plz drop me a mail ( 

Didn't want to post this up cuz this pic looks soooo bad as compared to Frans.. but I love it because of my NOSE BRIDGE!! LOOKS DAMN HIGH PLZ!! Whoop whoop!! hehehe

So we walked around town.... got tired and finally settled at Artease for drinks and talked like we have known each other for ages!! Lol. So glad to have a friend like her ^^

THANK YOU DRX CLINIC for giving me this opportunity to embark on this wonderful journey with you!! 
And also for organising this lunch session where I got to meet more friends and bloggers! ^^
*blows flying kisses* hehe

Hope you enjoyed this super long post about The DRx Clinic!! And thank you for reading! Love y'all!


  1. Phew! That was a really long but enjoyable read ;D Your food pics were amaaaazing.

    I've always wanted to know more about botox and ESPECIALLY fillers so I'm glad you wrote the handy little FAQ section, I'm really to lazy to do any research myself :P

    So cute and thoughtful how the clinic provides lil teddy bears for the patients!!

    Your jawline looks really amazing, the nose bridge looks fab too! The injection pics were a little scary for my faint heart haha :PP

    Glad to see you having a blast at all these lovely events. I feel that you really deserve this. You've come a long way based on your hard work and I really love your blog. Sure, you're beautiful but unlike many local bloggers nowadays who simply upload a bunch of camwhore shots and call it a day, your posts have real substance and are a joy to read.

    So sorry about the long comments, I hope you don't find me annoying/creepy :P



  2. Hello Renae!

    Thanks for ur encouraging comment ^^ I really agree I came a long way...... but somehow I still feel like my efforts are not recognised and i am of cuz nowhere near 'famous' yet so sometimes I get a lil demoralised.

    But its okay!! With hard work and determination i am sure i will succeed one day!! :)


  3. Just wondering if the Dr. injected any filler on the tip of your nose? Or is it just the nose bridge? And thank you for this post. I'm looking for a good clinic in Msia. But it's not easy as quite a lot of people are getting scam off their money.. :/ like they paid for the amount of fillers they want but the DR only injected a little bit on their face and the affect wears off after a week. Luckily, DRx has a branch in Msia. I would be really appreciative if you could update about your nose fillers after a few months to show the progress of how long it last for. Thanks, girl!!

  4. Oops sorry. I didn't watch your video earlier >o< she did inject the tip!

  5. @jan3tlee:

    Yeap she did inject a little at the tip but she focused more on my bridge since my nose was already quite sharp to start with!

    Yes they have an outlet in Msia as well ;) and i'll be heading for my 2nd review end of Oct so i'll update soon again!

  6. Hi your lips look lovely may I know what lipstick were u using :)

    1. Hi! It's a baby pink lipstick from Bobbi Brown :)

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