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Monday, January 13, 2014

A Guide to Osaka, Japan


My last entry on Japan wouldn't be complete without a post on Osaka, a place I called the 'City of Takoyaki'
Osaka is a city that you should definitely visit for a short stay if you are at nearby Kyoto! I was only here for a 2D1N stay and managed to cover most of the well known attractions. So if you happened to be visiting Osaka in the future, here are some of the places/food you should not miss out!

{ STAY }
We decided to be more adventurous on our last night in Japan, so we booked ourselves a CAPSULE HOTEL!! I mean.... Japan is the only city that has this Capsule Hotel concept and we thought it'll be quite interesting and an experience for us! :p 
The one we stayed is called Capsule Hotel Asahi Plaza Shinsaibashi.
P1010537 1.02.25 AM
Men and Women's room will be on different levels

A peak into my lil room...
P1010548 1.02.25 AM

P1010544 1.02.25 AM

P1010545 1.02.25 AMa
It actually turned out to be so..... C O M F Y!!
I had one of the best sleep here throughout my Japan trip. LOL.

Toilets are shared so I guess you have to be open enough cuz your friends/strangers will be seeing you naked. Lol
This is where you can wash your face/remove&apply your make up/brush your teeth etc~
P1010626 1.02.24 AM

There'll be another toilet for you to shower with spa! No photos of it cuz of obvious reasons..

The capsule hotel also has places for you to chill, watch TV, play games etc! 
A locker for you to store your stuff will be provided as well.
Really love the location of the capsule hotel btw! It's super near to Amerikamura, Shinsaibashi & Dotonbori!
It is also SUPER CLEAN! Well, we all know Japanese are very clean and neat right? Hehe. All in all, it was quite a good stay!

Capsule Hotel Asahi Plaza Shinsaibashi
2-12-22 Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Namba / Shinsaibashi, Osaka, Japan 542-0086 


Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade and the surrounding area is the main shopping district in Osaka!
The never-ending long shopping streets!

P1010587 1.02.25 AM

P1010589 1.02.25 AM

One of my favourite store spotted at Shinsaibashi!

Amerikamura is aka as the Harajuku of Tokyo! The atmosphere here is livelier and there are more cafes as well. Lots of thrift stores here and clothing stores with a younger feel compared to the nearby Shinsaibashi. I love this area the most!! :D
P1010630 1.05.04 AM

P1010550 1.02.25 AM

P1010563 1.02.25 AM

P1010552 1.02.25 AM
Oppps candid shot caught by Jj! I was sneezing lol!

P1010553 1.02.25 AM

P1010556 1.02.25 AM

P1010558 1.02.25 AM
BUBBLE TEAAAAA~~ But it was a far cry from the ones back in Sg/Taiwan :(


P1010566 1.02.25 AMa

Sorry, just had to act a lil more swag/cool since the background is a graffiti wall!



P1010581 1.02.25 AM

This is one of Osaka's most popular tourist destination. If you love FOOD, you HAVE to pay here a visit!! 
Come at night when it'll be brightly lighted with glaring & striking neon lights!


P1010597 P1010598 1.02.25 AM

** Shinsaibashi, Amerikamura and Dotonbori are all within short walking distance of each other so you could plan a day and visit all 3 places together at once! **

It's a museum about the castle's history. More info here .
P1010634 1.05.04 AM

P1010637 1.05.04 AM

It was a pretty long walk from the nearest train station! Doesn't help that the weather was soooo hot that day, *melts*

P1010636 1.05.04 AM

P1010640 1.05.04 AM

P1010632 1.05.04 AM P1010641

P1010644 1.05.03 AM
Oh hi I spot little kids with yellow caps again! Must be another school excursion!

P1010645 1.05.03 AM

P1010646 1.05.03 AM

P1010647 1.05.03 AM

Didn't take much pics of the museum's exhibits... but remember to go up all the way to the top floor to get a clear view of beautiful Osaka!
P1010649 1.05.03 AM




Shinsekai, aka Osaka's "New World", is a district that was developed before the war and was neglected in the decades after. It is also the best place to have one of Osaka's well-known specialities - Kushikatsu!



I've read online that Shinsekai is actually one of Japan's most dangerous neighbourhood with a sizeable homeless population around the area~ I was initially hesitant cuz I was honestly afraid BUT.... I can fully assure you that I felt safe when I was there! Lots of eateries here also so be sure to visit ;)

P1010664 P1010669

P1010666 P1010667
The Tsutenkaku Tower is also housed here at Shinsekai!

Some other places to go if you have the time!

This is one of the largest aquarium in the world and it also houses a Whale Shark!


Visit here only if you have the extra time to spare! I'd give this a miss though since I have been to the one in Hollywood 4 times and Singapore now has USS as well :D


'It has been said that the people of Osaka spend more on food than on anything else, and the term "kuidaore" ("eat until you drop") is used to describe the food culture here.' While Tokyo is famous for their Ramen, Osaka is also famous for other local dishes! Here are some that I think that you should try if you're in Osaka!

P1010599 1.02.24 AM


Okonomiyaki originated in Osaka, and you can find the hearty stuffed pancake in every corner of Osaka! Since it originated from here, there's definitely no better place than here to try Okonomiyaki!

Takoyaki means 'Grilled Octopus'. They are shaped into small little balls and is a flour&egg based batter cooked together with fillings of Octopus slices.

P1010606 1.02.24 AM
Undoubtedly one of the best I have eaten!!! It was so crispy on the outside yet remains soft and chewy on the inside! They were also generous with the octopus slices! Yummy!!

P1010606 1.02.24 AMa

P1010610 1.02.24 AM
My first reaction when they served us was "Wow the portion is huge!". What's more.. we ordered 3 of it in different flavours lol. #sinful
Damnn I'm craving for one now!! :( Teleport me back to Japan now will you?

P1010612 1.02.24 AM


Kinda regretted ordering 3 similar Okonomiyaki actually.. saw the diners around us ordering this noodle-like pancake (no idea what it is!!) and I really wanted to try it so bad?!! But we were all too full from our Takoyaki + Okonomiyaki lol :(

P1010616 1.02.24 AM

Kureo-ru (Takoyaki Okonomiyaki)
Along Dotonbori Street with a huge yellow signboard!

Another place worth mentioning even though I haven't been there to try:

1-4-15 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka. Tel: +81 (0) 6 6212 6360

'Kushikatsu are battered and deep fried pieces of food on skewers. Meat and vegetables are the most common ingredients for Kushikatsu, but some restaurants offer more exotic varieties such as strawberries on their menus.'
Shinsekai is the best place to enjoy Kushikatsu in a nostalgic Osaka atmosphere.
There were alot of restaurants selling Kushikatsu here and you'll be spoilt for choices!! After walking a few rounds, I settled at the above restaurant which turned out to be good! :D


Menu & price list~

Camwhoring while waiting for food~

Kinda forgot what we ordered lol. Doesn't help when they looked so similar in the picture hahahaha

P1010676 P1010675


After the savoury ones.. we decided to go for the sweeter ones!
They had fruits kashikatsu too so we ordered one banana and one strawberry to try!

The banana one tasted pretty much like our 'Goreng Pisang' just that there was this extra coating of chocolate!
The strawberry one was however, GREATTTT!!! The condensed milk made it even sweeter oOOoOo I love it!


Sorry no details of the restaurant's name/address cuz I can't read Jap!
But I took a picture outside the restaurant so you should be able to recognise it! ;)

Caught this free shuttle bus which brought us from Shinsekai back to Shinsaibashi :)

& other random stuff I tried and ate...
P1010621 1.02.24 AM

P1010623 1.02.24 AM

P1010624 1.02.24 AM
DIY-Yogurt store found along Shinsaibashi Shopping Street.

P1010684 P1010685
FINALLY found a crepe store!! Sadly they were no where near the standard of the crepes found in Harajuku, Tokyo!
Also along Shinsaibashi shopping street!


P1010690 P1010693_
Random Takoyaki I had
This was at Amerikamura!

Street side Okonomiyaki.
Far cry from the ones found in restaurants too!! But it is also much cheaper so no complains hehe


Yup that is all!! 



Hope this post is helpful to those who are heading to Osaka, and sorry for taking such a long time to blog this week! My internet has gone bonkers (SINGTEL!?!?!) and will only be up on 30th Jan (ohgod kill me). So please be patient with me cuz blogging might take a lil slower, replies on my emails/askfm will also be slower cuz I hate doing it via my phone. :( Now I can only take refugee at either Jj's or my Dajie's place. Lol life is sad without internet.. #truestory

Have a great week ahead people!! :) 


  1. Going to Osaka next summer....thank you....because of you; i'm sure i'll love it...
    Franck from Paris

    1. Welcome & have lotsa fun in Osaka!! ^_^ drop by Kyoto too (only 30mins train ride away), Kyoto is really pretty and scenic ;)

  2. amazing. i like the blog design.
    osaka is beautiful city.

    1. Thank you ^^ And yes I agree it is a beautiful city! :)

  3. Thanks for the quick guide and beautiful photos of Osaka :) Will be there in 2 weeks time and although the weather won't be as clear as it was for you, I'm sure the food and sights will just be as amazing! Can't wait! :D

  4. How do we get from Tokyo to Osaka?

  5. nice blog, great info. Osaka, ikimasho !

  6. I totally love your blog on Osaka. Since it's gonna be my first to Japan, am totally clueless on what to do or go when in Osaka. Your blog gives a very good intro & insight. :)). Am planning this November. Any other advice? M planning to visit a few temples & old sites too in our 5Dtrip, both of us. :))

    1. If its 5 days I suggest visiting Kyoto too! 5 days is a lil too much for Osaka alone ;)
      Have fun!

  7. Hi! Love your blog!! Just want to ask tho. If we're on a tight budget, where in Osaka would be the best ones to shop? Thank youuu!! 😃

  8. Great! I am heading to Osaka after one week. I can`t wait. I am going to eat everything possible. Most of the things looks really delicious. Thank you for sharing your post! Keep posting!