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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Following my rather successful (self-acclaimed lol) GUIDE TO BANGKOK blogpost which received quite abit of positive feedback and also the number of blog hits I had from that post.. I've decided to do a GUIDE TO JEJU ISLAND POST! Researching on Jeju was quite a chore for me because there were not alot of blog reviews on Jeju Island and there are simply TOO MANY attractions in Jeju that I didn't know which are the ones worth going to and which are not. So I hope this post will be useful to those who will be heading to Jeju Island in Korea! Let's get the balls rolling~

IMG_8446 use
There are alot of carriers that fly to Jeju such as Jeju Air, Eastar Jet, AirBusan, Korean Airline etc. Prices start from about SGD$100 and flights usually depart from Gimpo Airport instead of Incheon Airport! 
The flight journey takes only about an hour.

Other options available are bus, train and ferry rides which I reckon would take up half a day.

Got this colourful kueykuey to eat in the plane cuz I thought they are the Korean version of Japanese Mochis. 
Sadly, they don't taste as great :(

I chose December Hotel because:
1. Located at Jeju City means there are things for you to do if you're bored at night like shopping/eating/clubbing
2. Only $60/night?? (If I remembered correctly, cheapcheap!)
4. Receptionists speak gooooooood english = no communication barrier!

I know that most people would usually stay at like family guesthouse in Jeju but when I was researching on them, especially the popular ones.. I thought it was rather expensive. I am someone who don't really mind staying in say a 2-star hotel kind as long as there's a bed for me to rest and the toilet is clean. I mean why pay so much when you're out spending most of your time... right!?!?


1. Rent a cab with an English-speaking driver. It would cost you $150 for 8 hours. Seems costly but if there are 4 of you, then it's pretty reasonable. Otherwise, you can get a Korean-speaking driver at $100.

We were really SOOO LUCKY to have met Mr Kim and he was our driver/tour guide/uncle/friend for the rest of the trip. He was so nice to us I cannot believe it. Okay let me elaborate further. He would always buy us breakfast in the morning for us to eat inside the cab. Not something fanciful but it's the thought that counts. I remember once he bought for us their local BREAD but it tasted so awesome. Yknow how much I hate breads so if I say it's good, ITS GOTTA BE AWESOME. Y'know its like the little things he did for us that makes it so heartwarming and that he didn't treat us like typical 'tourists' - send us to our destination and he can balek-kampong liao. Also like I mentioned, we paid for his 8 hours of service only but EVERY SINGLE DAY, we extended to about 10 hours and he didn't even additionally charge us. He even have a little note book for all of his clients to write in so that he could keep as memories :)

Sad to say, I lost his namecard accidentally but nvm!! This is his email address if I'm not wrong: (hope he checks his email!!)

Sorry for the long story above okay so back to transport choices, the next is,
2. Rent a car with a local GPS and drive around yourself!
3. BICYCLE?? But mehh I wouldn't recommend this unless you have ALOT of time to spare.

These are the places we visited in the 3 days. You may use my pictures as a reference if the place is worth going or not! 

DAY 1:
3 mysterious road

IMG_8461 use
Hahaha I look at this picture and I am now like "DAFUQQQQ AM I DOING!?!?"

Okay so basically, I think this road you're supposed to walk backwards then QUICKLY turn yourself around and walk forward(or is it the reverse way? lol) and you should experience something... weird?? I cannot describe how's the feeling like la because I FELT NO SHIT AT ALL no matter how many times I tried. But I think the rest of them felt something lol. 
All of us (other tourists included) just looked so stupid and retarded doing this la and a few of them will go like "EHHH EHHHH *astonished face* OEIIIIII"

IMG_8463 use

Seems stupid to be eating chinese food in Jeju but trust me!!! If Mr Kim is your driver, ASK HIM TO BRING YOU HERE! I love the chapchai-rice. It's so good I ignored most of the other dishes lol.
We would usually let Mr Kim do the ordering and we'll eat whatever that's served!

5 Hyeopjae Beach
Let me whine because the 3 days when we were in Jeju, THE WEATHER WAS CRAY. It was RAINING LIKE IT HAS NEVER EVER RAINED BEFORE IN JEJU. Madness.

My picture does no justice to this beautiful beach!! Just go google and you'll see! :(

IMG_8488 use

*why weather why....*

IMG_8490 use

7 Halim Park
A park with lots of flora and fauna.

This park also leads you to a couple of caves!
Hyeopjae Cave:
8 Hyeopjae Cave

Ssangyong Cave:
9 Ssangyong Cave
It was kinda cold inside!!

10 Ssangyong Cave

Emerged from the cave to more flora and fauna..
11 Halim Park

IMG_8558 use

12 Halim Park
Lol Zhihao feeding the birds

13 miniature park
Pictures also turned out miniature LOL. Sorry la too many pictures so collaging them is the best!

14 miniature park
I think Jj really resemblences alot like the superman. Or is it just me? lol
And I like this artistic shot of Jj trying to climb up the Eiffel Tower!!

15 miniature park

Some random place we stopped by while driving~


18 Andeok Valley

IMG_8672 USE
Ignore the weird long name but I LOVE THIS PLACE!!
The view is sooo magnificant la and if the weather is good, it'll be double awesomeness! We were here for barely 5 minutes before it started pouring again :'(

19 Gaetkkak Jusangjeollidae

20 Cheonjiyeon Waterfall

IMG_8692 Jeongbang Waterfall
I forgot why we did not enter this place, maybe cuz it was closed already? So this picture was taken from afar!

Random farm we saw while otw back to the hotel! Such scenic sights you'll never ever get to see in SG :(

Dinner for the night was eating at a Korean BBQ stall right opposite our hotel. I love that there's beef brisket here!

Walked around Jeju City (pretty much like typical Seoul eh?) before turning in for the night!

IMG_8717 USE

1 Manjanggul Cave
It was SUPER DUPER ULTRA MEGA COLD INSIDE THE CAVE! You'll feel the cold air instantly when you're standing at the entrance of the cave! And it doesn't help it when it was RAINING :(

The poor boy's pants got soooo dirty as a result!! Cuz the cave was kinda leaking water and the ground was muddy.. and since we were in slippers. Yknow right when you walk in slippers the water will splash to the back of your legs!! Damn suay.

IMG_8750 USE
Challenge with your friends and see who finds the way out first!

3 Gimnyeong Maze Park
finding finding...

4 Maze Park
AND YAY FINALLY WE FOUND IT!!! Jj and I managed to find the exit first lol. Cheryl and Zh gave up halfway especially so when there were so many little cute kittens around that they got distracted!


IMG_8772 USE

IMG_8776 USE
And Mr Kim said we took way TOOOO long to find our way out! Think we took like 15-20mins?? Long meh!!

6 Haenyeo Museum
Haenyeo refers to female divers who dive into the ocean water to gather various shellfish, seaweed, etc without using any underwater diving equipment! However, there are very few of them left today already :(

IMG_8795 USE

IMG_8796 USE
Mr Kim bought us Bbq Cuttlefish and the boys fell in love with it ever since. I didn't like it that much though~

7 Lunch
Mr Kim told us this restaurant is managed by the female divers themselves who dive to collect these abalones we are eating! Super fresh but I thought the porridge was a little bland.. Actually I can't really remember la although Jj recalled it to be mega tasty. LOL. Anyway, this is a MUST TRY dish whenever you're in Jeju so please do not miss it out! It's even better when there is this compliementary big pancake as part of your many side dishes!!

IMG_8812 USE
In fugs raincoat lol
IMG_8813 USE
And if you don't already know, Jeju is the NEW 7 WONDERS OF NATURE :D
So happy to be able to add another 7 wonders to my list! More to be conquered!

IMG_8814 USE

IMG_8826 USE
Such pretty scenery but I am in a.... YELLOW RAINCOAT @.@

8 Seongsan Ilchubong

So anyway, the purpose of visiting this place is to hike up & you're supposed to see this when you're at the peak:

It was way tooooo cloudy when we were at the top and visibility was ZERO. lol. How sad

IMG_8828 USE

IMG_8848 USE

Whoa we can haz messy hair.
And an artistic shot for this Ahma! LOL

IMG_8858 USE

IMG_8859 USE

IMG_8865 USE
Yea and that's me concussing inside the car. ALWAYS HAPPEN whenever I am travelling lol.

10 Sangumburi
Again, you should be able to see an extinct volcanic crater here but.... WE SAW NOTHING AGAIN MEHHH. The picture on the left is me attempting to take a picture of it but visibility was way too bad!!! :( I still can't believe how suay we can be. IT WAS RAINING FOR ALL THE 3 DAYS :(

11 Green Tea Musuem
Ended up buying all sorts of Green Tea products back. Lol

12 Dogland
Not sure if it's called Dogland actually but we came across this while walking down from the Green Tea Museum!

13 Loveland

IMG_8918 USE

IMG_8920 USE

14 Loveland
YEA SEE WHAT I MEAN... The centre picture this Zh really last warnz bahahaha

IMG_8922 USE

Posing and acting along with the statues~


IMG_8943 USE
Love this picture!!!

And then we came to the gift shop of Loveland which sells alot alot of kinky stuff!

Think it was pretty late like 10++pm when we ended??

Sat a short 30mins ferry ride to Udo Island!
Very unlike typical ferries because they do not have seats inside!

IMG_9023 USE IMG_9025 USE
So cool one!! All the cars parked at the deck of the ferry so that means Mr Kim went along with us to Udo Island!


IMG_9032 USE

IMG_9033 USE

Good weather in the morning before it started pouring again :'(

IMG_9042 USE
Trying to show how strong the wind was!! Our raincoat like tearing apart la!

IMG_9046 USE

A hike up to the peak, which was actually pretty tiring because we were going against the direction of the wind!! So there's like this resistance force. And Mr Kim is so sweet to walk with us despite the crazy weather. Yknow he didn't just alight us at the venue and let us roam around ourselves but instead led the way and brought us around!! And he's SOOO FIT okay for his age! He was already at the peak waiting for us while we were still so far behind him!

IMG_9053 USE

IMG_9061 USE
Breathtaking views!


IMG_9073 USE
Wind is blowing me away~~ Hahaha we damn act can omg!!

So while climbing halfway to this white tower, it started pouring RIDICULOUSLY CRAZY. And I really mean it like the rain was just so heavy!!! We were soaked and drenched to the max la booooo.

IMG_9090 USE

IMG_9091 USE
Such pretty views of cuz I must be inside the picture right. But omg LOOK AT THIS CUI FACE AND CUI HAIR. The makeup like all genna washed away by the rain + wind. Mehhh :(


Udo Island is also famous for their white sandy beaches! Sadly we were just not there at the right season!

IMG_9102 USE IMG_9103 USE

IMG_9104 USE
Love this group shot together with Mr Kim!!

IMG_9105 USE

IMG_9113 USE
And then another ferry back to the main Jeju Island!

IMG_9118 USE

We told Mr Kim we wanted to have seafood for lunch and he brought us to this restaurant which was INSANELY HEAVENLY. It's like the equivalent of the Noryangjin Fish Market or even better!! And the abalones were still alive yknow when the soup was boiling, the abalones were still moving like opening and closing. Eeeww I feel so bad but it's SO DAMN FRESH & GOOD. Totally slurped the soup up to the last drip man!

IMG_9134 USE
Jj looks like he can't wait to start eating!!

IMG_9137 USE
He and his cuttlefish~

IMG_9139 USE
And girls with our Melon Icecream!!

A famous hike in Jeju!

But sadly there's actually a closing time to the hike and we reached a tad too late. Nonetheless, they allowed us to hike like 1/4 of it just to get a feel and look of it! Ohwell better than nothing!!



Yet another Green Tea Musuem and bagging home more Green Tea products lol.

This was kinda impromptu because we didn't have much time left and could only visit one more place near the vicinity of where we were!

A museum filled with glass related stuff!

IMG_9194 USE

This picture makes me wanna laugh cuz WE CLIMBED OUR WAY INTO THE EXHIBIT to sit down and pose! LOL.
So afraid that we'll be caught and get shoo-ed out of the attraction!

IMG_9187 USE IMG_9186 USE

IMG_9200 USE
I wanna sit inside a carriage too on the day I get married. Doubt I'll ever get my dream come true in SG! Bahahah

IMG_9201 USE

IMG_9208 USE

YWA3R0 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
Jj just same throughout all 4 shots. Simi...

ikBLTU on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
And a group GIF!

Because of the fantastic chinese lunch we had on Day 1, we requested for a chinese dinner in another similar restaurant. SADLY... the chapchai-rice here was no way comparable to the one we had on Day 1. I know chapchai-rice just look so ordinary but I absolutely love the taste of it!!

Back to the airport~
One last shot with Mr Kim!

Cheryl crying because she misses Mr Kim already & she loves Jeju Island so much she doesn't want to return back to Seoul. Aiyo this girl ah... And that's Jeju Airport with NO CHAIRS inside the terminal. Everyone just lepak sit on floor kind again.

Flight back home to Seoul!!!!

Other than these attractions, there's also the famous Teddy Bear Museum and Tricked Art Museum in Jeju which we skipped because they have it in Seoul as well!! The only regret I have was not being able to visit the filming venue for DaChangJin cuz it was kinda out of the way from the rest of the attractions. :(

Alright. Hope this GUIDE TO JEJU ISLAND comes in handy for those who will be visiting Jeju in the near future!
Comment at for any other enquiries and I'll try my best to answer them!!
Lastly, HAVE FUN!!!


  1. It helps a lot b4 visit Jeju, even I'm korean though :)

  2. Hi Shenny,

    Happened to see your Jeju Trip post! It looks fun!! Thanks a lot for those info.
    Would like to ask if we need to pay for the driver's expenses like admission fees, meals, etc other than the one day rate of about S$150?

    Looking forward to hearing from you! :D Thnks!

  3. @Nina Liu:

    Hello! :) Welcome! Haha Jeju was really fun, wished I could go back one day! :D

    Anyway... we didn't pay for the driver's admission fees because he could get in free most of the time LOL. So we just paid for ourselves!

    For the meals, yea we paid for him since it doesn't costs much as well and his meal could be split among my friends and I (total 4 of us) so it really doesn't costs much. Besides he's really nice to us and always buying breakfast/snacks for us so yea we didn't bother about such small money issues!

    However, if you're heading to Udo Island and require a car, do take note that u have to pay for the admission for the car as well! I think it's better to have the taxi to follow u to Udo island too cuz its really big there, without a car its impossible to travel.. unless u go thru all the trouble of hiring another taxi in Udo island! In any case, i didn't recall it being expensive to pay for the tickets to Udo island (i think $10??) so i think it's fine :)

    Hope it helps! :)

  4. Helloo.. :D

    Wow!! He could get in free!! LOL.. Alright..I see..guess he will be a good choice! XD He looks really nice and a fatherly figure..I feel like hiring him,too,after reading your post.. haha..

    Yeap.. your blog helps a lot in planning the trip..thank you so much for the info! :D

    Hope mine will be as fun! XD *exciteeed*

  5. Hello Shenny

    How did you got to know Mr Kim.
    I would like to engage him too. I will try to email him. Hope he checks his email. If he didn't, what other ways to contact him?

  6. @Lisa Goh:

    He was recommended to us by the Hotel receptionist :)
    And yes i think he checks his email!! I emailed him recently with the pictures we took and he replied my email! :)

    If he donesn't.. i am so sorry but there's no other ways to contact him cuz I misplaced his phone number.. only kept his email add :(

    1. Hi Shenny,

      What is the email that you emailed him and he replied you? I tried to email the address above but received a post failure delivery :(

  7. Hi,
    I might be heading for only one night or two any recommendation on the top few places i must go to?

  8. @Anon 2.33am:


    these are my top few favourite

  9. Hi,

    I'm thinking of engaging Mr Kim too. Does he speak English well enough to be understood generally? Thanks!


  10. HI C!

    His english is not perfect but yes definitely enough for us to understand him :)

  11. Hi shenny,

    Does mr kim plan yr iternary as well?

  12. @Linda Tan:

    No. He's afterall a driver, not a tour guide. You could let him know the places you'd like to go and he could plan the route so that its time-saving~ Or u could ask him for recommendations on where to go

  13. hi shenny,may i know which restaurant you went for the chapchai rice and seafood hotpot?i will be heading to jeju in coming 2 days,i searched on those foods that reckon by bloggers but most of them didn't jot down the restaurants name,mind to tell if you still remb ?your pictures look great (:


    1. Hi,

      sorry I can't help much as you would know that I engaged a driver when i was in jeju so he was the one who brought us everywhere~ So i didn't take note of the address. Maybe you could ask your driver/hotel receptionist for recommendation? or show them the pics and see if they can tell..
      I think both the chinese restaurant (abit more of the atas kind) and the seafood restaurant are relatively famous :)

  14. Hi Shenny,

    How much did you spend for your entire trip to Jejudo? Thanks.

    1. The flight was about $100 and I think I brought about $300 there for 3 days?? Can't rmb the exact amount its been a year ago!

  15. Hi Shenny,

    How do you book for the December hotel? using Agoda? Thanks! :)

  16. Hi Shenny,

    Mr Kim follow you guys to UDO ISLAND?
    Any other charges we need to pay him when heading to UDO ISLAND?

    I contact Mr Kim this week, he charge me 150,000won for a day (8hours).Izzit your price also the same?

    1. Yeap he followed us to UDO Island and yes 150,000won for english speaking guide~
      Have to pay for the car to enter the ship (think about $10?? not sure)~ and we paid for his meals everyday too cuz we didn't mind him joining us on our meals since he was nice to us and recommended lotsa stuff for us, including yummy food~~

  17. Can I have Mr Kim email too?

    I would like to engage him

    1. Can u please read the blogpost carefully before asking questions which was already answered in the post?

  18. Hi, you mentioned that will have to pay for the car to get to Udo island also, how much will that be ? Thanks

  19. Hi, i have seen that you have visited quite a number of places in a day. Are the travelling distances from one place to another very far? Roughly how long will it take? It is very rush? I have planned the places that i want to go but not very sure whether i can finish them all in a day or not. How much time did you send in Udo Island

    1. I do not know the travelling distance as I am not a local from jeju.
      Please do consult your driver if you're engaging a taxi driver to drive you around. Or perhaps you can ask your hotel's receptionist. Tell the driver the places you wish to visit in that how-many-days you will be in Jeju and i am sure he'll plan the route for you.

      Cant rmb the exact time i spent in Udo Island. But i do know Mr Kim picks us up every morning at 8am, we headed straight to Udo and came back to main jeju island for lunch.So maybe 4-5 hours including transportation time

  20. Hi Shenny,
    love your pic and details on your Jeju trip.... :)
    Mr Kim looks like a very warm driver to be around...however i emailed him and unable to send over...
    anyway i will use this as a guide for my trip to Jeju... Daebak!!!

    1. Hello! Yes Mr Kim is really nice and friendly :) He was really one of the highlights of the trip! Lol
      Yes please do, and have lotsa fun! :D

  21. thank you for all info

  22. Great and a very informative post for me. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  23. hey babe, your guide to jeju is good! just to check with you, did you where/when did you purchase your flight tics to jeju? Is it better to book it when I'm in Seoul or should I just pre book when I'm in Sg?
    so excited to head there! :)

    1. Hello! Thank you! :) I pre-booked it when I was in SG cuz I was told that summer is peak period in Jeju so better confirm flights in advance~
      I had friends who book their flights when they are in Seoul though too. Depends on you?
      I prefer settling everything in SG before departing so i wont be flustered and lost.

  24. Hello! I would like to know if you requested for a driver when you checked in or before you reached there, thanks!

    1. When I checked in! We told the hotel staff we wanted an english speaking driver and the receptionist contacted one for us ( Mr Kim). :)

  25. Hi Shenny,

    Love your blogpost. Interesting pics as well (: cant wait to visit Korea soon !
    May be planning to self-drive (2 of us), so was thinking should not be able to cover as many attractions as you all did.
    But appreciate your blogpost! Really great!

    1. Hi Yeewen,

      Thank you for ur encouraging words, really means alot to me :) HAVE FUN IN KOREA! I'll be visiting korea again this June 2014 ;)

  26. Great post. The pictures are also very nice. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  27. Hello, the post is really informative, thank you! Did you cover all the above in 3D2N?
    Also, the photos were great, could I ask which brand/model of camera you used? Thanks!

    1. Yeap, all in 3d2n. Day to day itinerary is as followed above.
      Camera used that time (2 years back) was CANON G12. Currently I use the Olympus EPL5 camera.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Hi, Shenny, can Mr.Kim speak chinese?

  30. It's a great post! I loved the pictures of u and your bf. What a lovely couple :)

  31. Hi Shenny, would like to ask. Given your experience staying at December Hotel which is far from the tourist attractions, is it wiser to stay at Seogwipo for the day you travelled to the South?

  32. Will go there this Nov. Thank you for ur sharing ^^

  33. can you provide me with mr kim's detail



  34. Hello, Shenny! I am happy that I came across your site. My husband & I are going to Jeju this September and we are in the process of booking a guide/driver. The "Mr. Kim" that assisted you looks like the one that I'm trying to book (but has yet to be confirmed by his agency). Is your guides name, Mr. Kim Nam Jun? His pictures here on your blog looks like him at their website ( under drivers tab). If he's the same person that acted as your guide/driver, will I be able to reach him at this email you mentioned: ? Thanks heaps in advance. Our (long) overdue honeymoon would be perfect if I can get hold of Mr. Kim. ^_^

    My best,

    1. Hello! Yup he is Mr Kim Nam Jun :) You should be able to reach him on the email I provided, I could contact him the last time.... Not sure if he changed it~ U can give it a try

    2. Thanks a bunch, Shenny! I was able to book him via his agency/taxi company a couple of days ago. ^_^ Oh, a happy 50th there in SG! <3


  35. Hi,
    Looking at your Jeju photos is simply awesome. I am planning to go this December. I would like to know how do you book your flight and hotel in Jeju ? Do you book them here in Singapore? Which website, please? Thanks!

  36. I stayed at December hotel last week, hotel is a bit outdated but good value. My sister went to Jeju and recommended the hotel and the driver Mr LEE SUNG FEEL (recommended to the the hotel staff to her) so I booked the same.

    When we got to Jeju and confirm the meeting time with Mr Lee (via email) for the next day, there was no reply. We asked the hotel and it turns out that he FORGOT my booking.

    So the hotel booked for us another driver, Mr KIM SUNG CHEOL for one day and the rest will be with Mr LEE. On the tour day, it was raining so our itinerary has to change. We asked Mr LEE for advice and he took us to 2 waterfalls. By 11am, we were soaking wet so he took us to lunch which we paid for his meal. We told him that we are all wet and feel like we getting a cold and wanted to go back to the hotel. He agreed but took us to a dirty and moldy Korean movie set display. We did not want to go in but he made all sort of comments and so we went in. He wanted to take photos of us with old Korean clothes from the movie set. The place was completely empty and he just wanted to extend the time so he can charge us a full day fee. We asked to go home a few times but he insisted to take more photos etc. We left at about 2pm and it was an unpleasant experience.

    On the next 2 days we have Mr Lee. All he wanted was to take us to the place, take photos and move to the next place. Time after time, we asked him to give us time to enjoy the place but he insisted on coming with us. On the Sunrise peak, he followed us all the way and keep on pushing for time. We felt like we were running marathon.

    On the last day, I insisted that he stay in the car but by 4pm he said that he is running overtime and asked for more money, 40000 won per hour. I told him that the schedule is from 9-6pm which he argued with us in front of the temple that its 9-5pm. His English is quite bad so we did not fully understand as my sister's tour was 9-6pm. He also did not want us to get out of the car to go to the temple until he finished explaining. My sister was so surprise of Mr Lee's behavior as he was a good driver to her.

    It was time consuming dealing with these two drivers and overall, the MR LEE and MR KIM made the experience in Jeju a bad one. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND both of these drivers.

  37. Honestly this post is life saver for me and the reason behind this is, I am visiting this place in next month and I have no idea regarding it so this guide will for sure help me. I am going to write it down.

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  38. Best post on Jeju. Really detailed and has helped us plan our own trip :)

  39. Hi, great post, may I know which month did you visit Jeju? Was it rainy season bcos I saw that u had raincoat on.:) thanks!

    1. Visited in June which is summer but it also happens to rain the most in Jeju~ Heard from my driver the best time to visit Jeju is during Oct during Autumn!

  40. Hi Shenny,

    It's very sweet of you to reply to your blog till date:)

    Just a few qns for you. I have been to seoul before but not to jeju so it's my first time. going in Sept 2016. Will be there for a week.

    Wanted to know:
    1. Did u plan yr itinery? Cos I understand it's a 3D2N so it means you guys covered quite a lot of attractions but f course jeju is so huge. Was wondering if you have any advice what other places to cover. I have yet to plan anything only air ticket to jeju.

    2. Also wanted to know how much did you guys book the driver per day? is it 100,000won? per car/per day to be exact?

    3. Any idea whether if you have contact Mr. Kim recently I have yet to email him.

    Hope not too many qns for you.

    Great blog :) I write detailed notes too but have only written 1 blog and never continued. Should start writing again. Seems fun to share.

    Hope to hear from you soon :)

  41. hi what did you pack for the vacation? thx