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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

🎉Hello 2017! Please be good!

I have said this before, and I am going to say it again -  I still can't believe that it is already 2017! This fact just hasn't really sink into me yet....... It honestly really didn't feel like a year just went past like that~ it's so scary how time is slipping by so fast unknowingly!

Anyway!! I just wanted to share with you guys what I did over the festive week (X'mas and New Year)! It's been awhile since I last did these kinda personal posts on this space (I am more active on my Dayre for more of my personal life so I guess if you wanna read more about what I do daily, pop by there!😄) Okay let's start!

Had my X'mas eve dinner together with H and his family at Odette, which is located inside the National Gallery of Singapore!
It is a 2 Michelin star restaurant by Chef Julien!
Christmas outfit for the day! Kept this Neonmello dress specially for today cuz the colour of the dress just screams CHRISTMASSSS! And I paired the dress together with my new heels from OtherandBook!

We had the Chef's special 9-course menu for that day! The dinner first started out with 4 different amuse bouche!

Then here comes the proper 9 courses!
First we had the Hokkiado Uni, which is probably one of my favourite signature dish of Odette!! Uni + scallops + cavier.. omg such perfect combination!! Next, we had the Langoustine, then the organic egg yolk cappelini and Alaskan King Crab served cold!

Alaskan Snow Crab served hot, Seaweed Butter Roasted Atlantic Brill, Champange Granita to cleanse our palette before moving on to our main course, Chapon De Bresse (basically a young French chicken) served together with foie gras and potato souffles!

I was honestly exploding already when I was eating the fish! I couldn't even finish my main dish and gave almost half to H's brother! The dishes may look really small but they are surprisingly really filling, plus the pacing of the food was just nice as well!

Finally, it was dessert time!
We had a refreshing Green tea sorbet to cleanse our palette once again before having the main dessert called Christmas Mont-Blanc consisting of chestnut, rum and vanilla! The dessert was superrrrrr yumz omg and so different from the typical desserts you'd usually find elsewhere. Actually every dish in Odette is really good and unique (that's why can be 2 Michelin Star right!!).

We just so happened to be colour coordinated that day LOL.

Anyway, now you guys know why I gained so much weight after dating H. Hahhaha he'd always bring me go eat all these good stuff CRIEZZZ. It's like I really enjoy the food but I instantly regret it the next day -__- Girls....~
Ps: I will really recommend you to try Odette at least once, especially if you have any upcoming anniversaries or special occasions! It's definitely a lil pricey but really worth it cuz the food & service is so so good!

5a 5b
Pretty much did nothing except for nua-ing and spending time with my own family! Hahahaha I was really bored to the extent I went to put on makeup, dig out some Christmas-y outfits just to take some photos. LOL effort right, plz clap for me!!! Hehehehe

Then my family and I went to eat at the newly opened Yoogane in Tampines!! Y'all should know by now that I LOVE YOOGANE and I am so so so happy that they are finally opened in the east!!!! :D Anyway, my parents haven't tried Yoogane before so I brought them there to try on X'mas day! My favourites are the Chicken Galbi w Cheese & Seafood Pancake!
Ahhh we also had a Christmas log cake that night. What a sinful day!!! T_T

Honestly, I can't remember what I did that day. But I probably spent most of my time nua-ing/catching up on my korean dramas hehehehe. I am such a sloth when I am home... I just wanna be on the bed 24/7.
That night, I had dinner together with my Sis and Mum at the newly opened Tampines Hub! This place is called Commonground where they mainly serve western food (steaks, grilled chicken, pizzas etc). Food was honestly not too bad and really reasonably priced!

It was all about work that day! Spent my day rushing out my Where & What to eat in Seoul post, then started searching for some new songs/countdown songs for my gig at Club Nine that night! Super tiring lol, didn't even feel like it was NYE!
Party dress from Carrislabelle! Actually you can read more about my day over here!

1/1/17 - Della's Birthday Party!
My lil Princess Della is now 2 years old!!!! Omg really fast right! I can still remember how tiny she was when she was still a baby.. and now she's all grown up and always running all around, it's almost impossible to catch her!
Lucky me, I managed to get this really cute shot of both Dylan and Della together!! Somemore Della tried to pose for me, OMG TOO CUTE *melts*. You can read more about Della's birthday party here!

2016 in a nutshell:

It was a year full of adventures, challenges and lessons! I got to travel and explore the world which I really enjoyed! I got to learn a new skill - DJ-ing, something I never thought I would do but I somehow managed to accomplish it through hard work and perseverance. I made lots of new friends, made-up with an old friend, gained lots of new experiences and exposures! 2016 was definitely a very exciting year for me! If you wanna read more about my thoughts on 2016, pop by here!

Every year, I kinda wish for the same thing - to be able to continue to do what I love. And I really wanna thank each and every one of you who made it possible because without you guys, this blog wouldn't even exist anymore! So a big hug and kisses to all of you!! I can go and on and on about what I hope to achieve in 2017 but really, I just genuinely wish that everyone would stay healthy (especially my Dad and Mum) cuz health is really so important!! I've learnt it the hard way that there's just so many things you cannot do or restricted to when your health fails on you.

2016 was great but I am sure 2017 will be an even better year for all of us! *positive thoughts*
To more adventures ahead, bring it on 2017!!! I am ready for you!


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