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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Cocktails at Naumi Hotel & Staycation at The Scarlet Singapore!

Last week, I attended an event hosted by Small Luxury Hotels of the World with a couple of other travel bloggers based in Singapore!

If you're wondering what's Small Luxury Hotels of the World.... SLH exists to match independently minded people with independently spirited hotels. That's why they are passionate about finding small, luxury, independent, character-filled hotels that actively go above and beyond to set themselves apart!
In Singapore, Naumi Hotel as well as The Scarlet Singapore are part of SLH! Worldwide, there's almost 500 hotels that are part of SLH! Impressive huh!

Anyway~ The event started off at 6pm with a sunset cocktail at Cloud 9, the rooftop bar in Naumi Hotel!
Just look at the awesome view of the Singapore skyline! Really wanna be back here the next time round and soak in that infinity pool while sipping onto my cocktail hehe

Cloud 9's signature Singapore Sling!

Top c/o!

4b 4a
We also had some cocktail canapes to go along and can I just mention how delicious the food were!! I usually don't expect much of canapes but the chef did an amazing job with these! Love it!!!

#FollowShennyTo Singapore! Hahahahaha but really, isn't the view so beautiful!

It was alot of fun getting to know the other travel bloggers through this event! It's not everyday that I get to meet like-minded people who share the same goals/views as me! :) Thank you SLH for bringing us together!! So yupppp we kinda just chat and got to know more about each other and unknowingly, it was already night time!
7a 7b
Again, amazingggg view!!!

Naumi Hotel
41 Seah Street (S) 188396

2nd stop of the night was to The Scarlet Singapore where I had my staycation at! :D
Be prepared to step into the world of luxury, romance and indulgence!

Since we were all still pretty full from the cocktails canapes, we decided to explore the different rooms that The Scarlet Singapore has to offer! This is the biggest and also the most expensive room in The Scarlet Singapore - the Passion Suite!
Doesn't it just looks luxurious, romantic yet sensuous all together at the same time!

Okay #BathroomGoals pleaseeee! Love the whole marbling details whoo!
Plus the Passion Suite also has a private outdoor jacuzzi!

We went to a total of 5 rooms I think? Each of their suite has a different design so it was really an eye-opener for me since it was my first time to The Scarlet Singapore! Once we were done with the room tours, it was dinner time at Casa Tartufo, a homely/family owned Italian restaurant located right inside The Scarlet Singapore!
Came into the restaurant to this pretty flowery table!! *screams inside heart* TOO PRETTY!!!!!

Thank you SLH for having me at this exclusive event :)

At Casa Tartufo, truffle is included in almost every dish!
So for the truffle lovers out there, be sure to check out this restaurant! You won't be disappointed!
Here's what we had:
1. Carpaccio (Japanese beef carpaccio with fresh winter black truffles)
2. Burratina (in house smoked burrata with truffle honey)
3. Capesante (pan fried scallops with Parmigiano & truffle fondue)
4. Tajarin (piedmont thin egg noodles with fresh winter black truffles)

According to the chef, if there is ONE dish that you MUST try at Casa Tartufo, it would be the truffle pasta and I can see why after trying it... it was such a simple dish yet so tasty and flavourful!! Truffle was sooo good!

5. Maiale (grilled iberico pork collar with roasted potatoes and cherries)
6. Gelato (homemade truffle gelato with sea salt)

Even the gelato is truffle flavoured omg!!! It has a really unique taste! Honestly I didn't know whether to like it or not on my first few bites... cuz it was something I've never tasted before (salty cuz of the truffle and yet sweet cuz of the gelato). BUT!!!! It is so highly addictive! The more I ate, the more I fell in love with it!! You must try this truffle gelato if you're ever coming to Casa Tartufo!

Casa Tartufo (located inside The Scarlet Singapore)
33 Erskine Road (S) 069333
6836 4647
Lunch: 12pm-2.30pm | Dinner: 6pm-10pm (Fri&Sat till 11pm)

The night ended with more cocktails at the rooftop bar of The Scarlet Singapore!
Don't you just love the whole settings? Super dreamy and it's so picture worthy!
19 20

It was almost 11.30pm by the time I retired back into my room! Such a long yet eventful night!
This is the room I stayed in - Premium Room!
I was soooo happy to have the whole room to myself! LOL. Always love some 'me' time :)
Anyway the bed was SO COMFY, I had such a hard time waking up the next day lol.

Love those white marbling details in this room too!

Anyway!! I happened to spot this handy phone inside my room and I just thought it's SO COOL?!
The Scarlet Singapore actually provides unlimited mobile data and local calls, along with city guides plus a 24/7 connectivity to The Scarlet Singapore! Omg super thoughtful la!
The value-add Handy phone service even offers unlimited international calls to 8 countries - Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, United Kingdom and United States! Whoa!

I swear it took me almost an hour just to drag myself out of this comfy bed to shower!

Got up the next day at 9.30am! Very impressed and proud of myself okay!! Y'all should know by now that I don't usually wake up before 12pm hahahaha. Anyway, though the buffet breakfast spread wasn't alot but it was so satisfying! Yummy and homely!
25 26

Thank God for the late checkout at 3pm so I went back to the room to Zzz! Ate and slept right away omg what a piggy right LOL.
Also, I managed to do some shoots inside the hotel just before check out time!
27a 27b
28b 28a
Lingerie and bathroom robe c/o!

The Scarlet Singapore
33 Erskine Road (S) 069333
Thank you SLH (, Naumi Hotel and The Scarlet Singapore for having me :) I had alot of fun and I honestly can't wait to be back for another staycation! I swear it was super rejuvenating!!