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Saturday, December 31, 2016

🍴Where / What to Eat in Seoul!


I love Korea and anything related to Korea! The awesome Korean dramas/variety shows, the Kpop songs, the endless cosmetics shopping..... and of cuz, not forgetting the FOOD!! I visit Seoul almost once every year and there are a few food joints that I find myself going back again & again each trip!

So I thought I would like to share with you guys on Where and What to eat in Seoul! Especially useful if it is going to be your first time to Seoul or if you're always clueless on where to eat in Seoul! So let's start!!

*Places/Food joints are listed in Alphabetical Order*

Bau House 3 Bau House 4
Bau House 1a
Be prepared to be surrounded by lots and lots of cute dogs!!! *squeals* While Bau House Dog Cafe doesn't offer any food/snacks (as of what I know), they do serve beverages such as green tea latte or coffee! A great place to relax and have your afternoon tea!
: Approx 7,500won/pax
: Hapjeong Station Exit 3. Turn around and make an immediate left. Bau House Dog Cafe will be on your right.

2017-06-27 03.25.23 1
Common Ground is Korea's first pop-up store built with shipping containers which is really trendy and hippy! I bet you would have seen 101 photos of it over your Instagram feed!

2017-06-27 03.25.20 1

At Common Ground, there are both retail shops and restaurants/cafes! So you could actually just spend your evening here taking some photos, shopping and then have your dinner at one of the many restaurants!

2017-06-27 03.25.21 2

There were lots of food choices including Korean, Thai, Mexican and more, but we decided to settle for this Italian-Korean Seafood fusion restaurant! Didn't regret at all cuz the food was good and the portion was really generous!!
2017-06-27 03.23.13 1
2017-06-27 03.23.30 1
This bowl of seafood goodness! I really enjoyed it!

2017-06-27 03.50.07 1
Common Ground seems like a really nice place to hang out and chill through the night :)
: depends on which cafe/restaurant you visit
: Konkuk University Station Exit 6. Walk straight for 250m and you should start spotting the blue containers!

Ewha Bonjuk 1
Ewha Bonjuk 2
Ewha Bonjuk 3
Bonjuk serves really authentic traditional Korean porridge! We ordered the signature Abalone Porridge as well as the Crab Meat Porridge and both did not disappoint at all! I think this would be a great meal as breakfast to kick start your day in Seoul!
: Approx 8,000 - 15,000won/pax
: Ewha Womans Uni Station Exit 2. Walk straight and turn left at 1st intersection. Turn into Ewhayeodae 1-Gil and restaurant is on the left.

1. Mister Bossam
2. Byeokje Galbi (Korean Beef BBQ)
3. Caffe Bene (for waffles & ice cream)
4. Chouet Croquant Chou

Also, do take some time to shop around Ewha Womans University especially if you're looking for clothes/shoes cuz this area has one of the best deals so far! I would usually visit this place for my shopping needs!

Gangnam Seodong Hanwoo 1
Gangnam Seodong Hanwoo 2
Gangnam Seodong Hanwoo 3
I honestly would not know of this place if not for a korean friend who brought us here! This restaurant serves authentic korean beef at really reasonable prices! Probably the only downside of this restaurant is the lack of english menu (everything is in korean) so if you're not a local, you would probably have a hard time ordering/getting a reservation. I think I was the only tourist in the entire restaurant, which is not a bad thing at all because only the locals know where the good stuff are right? ;)
Gangnam Seodong Hanwoo 4
Gangnam Seodong Hanwoo 5
Look at that marbling goodness!!!
You can only get to taste true authentic Korean Beef in Korea itself because they do not export their korean beef!

Gangnam Seodong Hanwoo 11
At Seodong Hanwoo, you can also find 'Premiun Soju' called Hwayo. It comes in different alcohol percentage levels (I think its 17%, 25% and 40%). Price wise, this is almost 5 times the price of normal soju.

Gangnam Seodong Hanwoo 5a
Apart from the usual kimchi, some of the more unique side dishes provided in this restaurant includes spicy ricecakes, mac&cheese, fresh oysters (omg srsly!?!)! We also had cold noodles to go along with the beef cuz apparently it goes really well together!
: Approx 70,000won/pax
: Gangnam Station Exit 8

Gangnam Slow Brew pub 1 Gangnam Slow Brew pub 2
The same korean friend who brought me to eat the korean beef bbq, brought me to Slow Brew Pub after dinner! She told me that this place sells really good homemade Makgeolli - a type of korean rice wine!

Gangnam Slow Brew pub 3
Here's how the menu looks like! Thankfully there's an English menu!

Gangnam Slow Brew pub 4a
Anyway, what I really like about this place is that they have the "Liquid Buffet" over here! For just 12.000won, you get to drink unlimited of Makgeolli or Draft Rice Wine for 2.5hours!! What a good deal isn't it!? Don't say I never share!
: 12,000won/pax
: They have multiple outlets but I visited the one in Gangnam. For more:

1. Running Man Gary's BBQ + Pork Intestines Restaurant (Gangnam)
2. Kyochon Chicken

- C27
Garosugil C27 1
Garosugil C27 2
Garosugil C27 3
C = Cheesecake | 27 = 27 different flavours of cheesecakes!

Garosugil C27 4
This cafe has really super cute decorations on each of its 4 levels! Great place to take photos only if its not so crowded! Even tho there's 4 levels, finding a seat can still be rather challenging ok!

Garosugil C27 5
: Approx 10,000/pax
: Sinsa Station

Garosugil Kkanbu 1
Garosugil Kkanbu 2
Happened to stumble upon Kkanbu Chicken, did a spontaneous google search on it and found out that its pretty popular in Korea! Decided to give it a try and I definitely did not regret! There's just something about Korean Fried Chickens.... Why does it taste so good!? It is crispy on the outside yet tender and soft on the inside, without being overly dry! Daebak!
: Approx 14,000- 20,000won for a whole chicken
: There are probably a few outlets as well, but this is located at Sinsa Station

Garosugil Vatos 1
Garosugil Vatos 2
A fusion of Korean and Mexican food!
Decided to give this a try because recently, there was a franchised outlet opened in Singapore and boyyyy, its pretty hard to get a reservation! Its always full house! So I thought, "Why not try the original Vatos in Seoul!?" and so we did :D

Garosugil Vatos 2a
My favourites are the Kimchi Carnitas Fries and Galbi Short Ribs Tacos!! It was so good we had to order them twice cuz they got wiped out really quickly LOL. Another one of my favourite that you must order is the Honey Tequila Chicken Wings (no pics cuz it turned out blurry sorryyyy). It was definitely a refreshing switch from all the usual korean food we had!
: Approx 20,000 - 25,000won/pax
: There are 4 outlets in Seoul - Jamsil, Sinsa (the one I went), Itaewon and Express Galleria

1. Modern Bapsang (Apparently its own Psy's mum! Saw reviews that the food is pretty good & affordable)
2. Banana Tree Cafe (desserts)
3. Remicone (desserts)
4. Iki Roll Katsu (13 variations of cutlets)
5. Deux Amis (desserts, cakes)

Gwangjang market 1
Even though I've been to Seoul countless times, this is actually my FIRST time visiting Gwangjang Market! Gotta thank Running Man shows for featuring this place, otherwise I wouldn't even know of its existence!!

Gwangjang Market is really hugeee! There's the clothing section, the wet market section etc. So what you need to find when you're here is of cuz, the FOOD section! The food choices here are definitely more 'Local' so I found them really interesting!
Gwangjang market 2
Gwangjang market 6
Gwangjang market 7
Gwangjang market 8
Look at those spicy ricecakes!
Gwangjang market 8a
Here's what we had - Dumpling Noodles Soup, Gimbap (so simple yet super yumz), Sundae (I didn't try this though, its like intestines+pig blood+rice???), Fishcake Soup (can't do without this!!! Favvvv). We also had the Mung Bean Pancake which was super yummy!
Gwangjang market 12
I had my brunch here and it was such a great way to start off my day! Really recommend you guys visiting this place for a true authentic local dining experience!
: Really cheap, I think it was about 10,000/pax for all the food we ate!
: Jongno 5-Ga Station Exit 8 or Euljiro 4-Ga Station Exit 4

Hongdae -  Yoogane 1
(pic credits here)
Hongdae -  Yoogane
Oh how can I ever leave Yoogane out in this food post?! Yoogane is probably one of my favourite fuss-free food in Seoul! My favourites: 1. Chicken Galbi with CHEESE (I never knew chicken and cheese could go so well together) plus add a portion of ramyeon noodles! Super delicious! 2. Seafood Pancake! Yumyumyummmmmm!
: Approx 15,000won/pax
: They are literally EVERYWHERE! But I just happened to always eat at the outlet in Hongdae.

Hongdae Haha 401 1
Hongdae Haha 401 2
If you're a Running Man fan, this restaurant should not be a stranger to u guys at all! YESSSS, IT'S THE BBQ RESTAURANT BY HAHA! Expect some queues during dinner time cuz its pretty popular!

Hongdae Haha 401 2a
Apart from the usual BBQ affair, do order this "Old School Lunch Box" (4000won) which is my must order whenever I visit Haha's BBQ Restaurant!! Looks so simple but so so addictive and yumz! All you gotta do is to cover the tin box and just shake it! Shake shake shake till you're satisfied and when you open it up, it should be well mixed already (right hand side pic).  #Ineedonerightnow

Hongdae Haha 401 5
Also, apart from the usual pork or beef BBQ, one of their signature is the BBQ intestines which alot of people love! I took a piece to try (not a fan of such stuff) and I can see why people like it! It's actually pretty chewy and tasty la but, just not my cup of tea lol.
: Approx 25,000won/pax (its slightly more pricy than other normal bbq restaurants)
: Hongdae Station Exit 9 (It's about a 10mins walk so do use ur GPS!)

Itaewon - Sigol Bapsang 1
Itaewon - Sigol Bapsang 2
8000won for almost 30 different refillable banchans! WHAT!!
Plus this place is open 24 hours so you can come at any time of the day!

Itaewon - Sigol Bapsang 3
: 8000won/pax
: Itaewon (not v sure of the station exit cuz I took a cab here at 1am lol!). 738-17 Hannam-Dong Yongsan-gu Seoul.

MD - Kyoja 1
MD - Kyoja 1a
Probably one of the best kyojas I had in Seoul! Restaurant is always full and you can expect a long queue especially during peak hours! Good thing is that the queue moves really fast as well so waiting time is minimum!
: Approx 8,000 - 10,000won/pax
: Myeongdong Station Exit 8 (Once u exit from the station, turn left into Myeongdong 10-Gil road, walk straight for 150m and the restaurant is on the right side)

MD - Wangbijib Korean bbq 1
MD - Wangbijib Korean bbq 2
MD - Wangbijib Korean bbq 3
MD - Wangbijib Korean bbq 4
If you're in Myeongdong and you're craving for Korean Beef, then Wangbijib Korean Beef BBQ is the place to go! There was a slight queue too when I last visited it so I guess its pretty popular as well! There's an english menu (afterall its Myeongdong) so you don't have to worry about the language barrier! Food and services are pretty good!
: Approx 50,000/pax for Korean beef bbq (its alot cheaper if you order pork/normal beef)
: Myeongdong (not sure about the exit, but u can use ur GPS to find it!)

MD Andong Jjimdak 1
MD Andong Jjimdak 2
This is kinda like steamed chicken in korean soy sauce and it is one of my MUST EAT whenever I am in Seoul!! I REALLY DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW KOREANS MAKE THEIR CHICKENS TASTE SO GOOD!!!!!! I am dying to know the secret!!! Plus the glass noodle is super chewy, soft and springy!! Wah really the best!!!!!! Anyway serving is HUGE! As shown in the picture, this is actually the smallest serving they have which feeds about 3pax!
: Approx 15,000won/pax
: Myeongdong (it is right opposite Myeongdong Kyoja)

MD Cat Cafe
Lots of cute cafes in Seoul! There's dogs, cats and even sheep cafes! This one is located in Myeongdong, hard to miss cuz there will always be this cute lil cat mascot hanging around!
: Approx 7,500won/pax
: Myeongdong (try to lookout for the cat mascot!)

MD Eomeonijip Seafood stew 1
So there's this small alley in Myeongdong where they sell really good Eomeonijip Seafood Stew!
MD Eomeonijip Seafood stew 2
We had the seafood stew! Really generous with the serving! There's like octopus, crab, fish, mussels, prawns, clams in it!

MD Eomeonijip Seafood stew 3
We also also a portion of bulgogi to share! :D

MD Eomeonijip Seafood stew 5 MD Eomeonijip Seafood stew 4
: Approx 20,000won/pax
: Myeongdong (Walk down the alley between Esquire Shoe Store and Spris from the main street. The restaurants are all clustered together in this narrow lane)

MD Noo Na Hol Dak 1
MD Noo Na Hol Dak 2
Noo Na Hol Dak Fried Chicken consistently popped out in my searches whenever I am googling for the best fried chicken in Seoul! So I knew I had to give this a try! Just look at how crowded the restaurant is!

MD Noo Na Hol Dak 4 MD Noo Na Hol Dak 3
The fried chicken here is a lil different in the sense that the chickens are also being oven-baked as well! So finger licking good! You must also try their fried squid and fries, they are super addictive! Also, get a glass of beer because that's the korean way isn't it? Chicken and Beer is the way to go!
: Approx 15,000won/pax
: I think they do have multiple outlets as well but I went to the one in Myeongdong!

MD Osulloc 1 MD Osulloc 1a
Favourite Green Tea cafe ever!
Over here, you can find different variations of green tea products including tea leaves, desserts and beverages!
MD Osulloc 2a
My favourite is the Green Tea Tiramisu Cake (top left)! Super yummy!!
: Approx 10,000 - 15,000won/pax
: Multiple outlets as well. I've seen them in Myeongdong, Garosu-gil and Insadong!

MD Sulbing
Are you a fan of Korean desserts, especially BINGSU?? High 5!!! Don't give this a miss cuz they have one of the best Bingsu around!! Plus it is so much cheaper than the ones I usually have in Sg lol!
: Approx 5,000 - 8,000won/pax
: Sulbing is literally everywhere too! I think there's 2-3 outlets alone in Myeongdong!

1. Gogung Bibimbap (Exit 10)
2. Two-Two Chicken (Exit 3)
3. Yuktongryeong (Heard that the black pork bbq is pretty good)

Namsam 1 Namsam 2
Namsam 3
Fancy a romantic dinner in Seoul? Then N Grill located in Namsam Tower is the place for you!

Namsam 4
N Grill is a french restaurant located in the highest point of the N Seoul Tower, boasting the best views!

Namsam 5
Namsam 5a
Namsam 15a
It was a really romantic dinner accompanied with good food, good views and good services! Plus the whole dining was a very private affair. The seating is in such a way where u can't even see any other couples or people when you sit down!
Oh also, did I mention that the whole restaurant actually rotates 360 degrees really slowly, allowing you to have different night views of Seoul as you dine :)

Namsam 16
It was truly an unforgettable and once in a lifetime memory to have my dinner here! If you're spending any special/romantic occasion in Seoul, I would totally recommend N grill to you!
: Approx 130,000 - 160,000won/pax (its not cheap at all but worth it for the experience!)
: Namsan Tower

1. Hancook (Korean buffet)
2. The Place Dining (Casual Italian)
3. N Burger

Namsam Tonkatsu 1
This restaurant was actually featured in a number of Korean variety shows, but I found it through Running Man la! Hehe. Anyway, not quite sure where to put this restaurant under cuz it is located at the foot of Namsan Tower yet still within Myeongdong area.

Namsam Tonkatsu 2
This is the famous King Size Tonkatsu and is it also Running Man, Gary's favourite!

Namsam Tonkatsu 3
Cheese Tonkatsu

Namsam Tonkatsu 4
Hamburger steak which apparently is Haha's favourite but hmm, trust me. I think you can give this a miss and just try their signature tonkatsu! The tonkatsus are super huge and good!
: Approx 10,000won/pax
: Foot of Namsam Tower or Myeongdong Exit 3. Walk towards Pacific Hotel, restaurant is on the left.

Noryangjin 1 Noryangjin 2
Noryangjin Market needs no further introduction - this is the place to go if you wanna have fresh seafood! There will be alot of vendors trying to sell their seafood to you so you can just take your pick! Generally, most are priced about the same but DO REMEMBER TO BARGAIN because they tend to take advantage of tourists! If you're not satisfied with the pricing the vendors quote you, then just move on to the next stall. ;)

Usually, I would choose the fish I want and then tell the person that I want it half-half: Half for sashimi and the other half to use it to cook in the spicy fish stew!
Noryangjin 3
Noryangjin 3a
One thing I would recommend trying would be the LIVE OCTOPUS! I know it looks gross and it took hell lots of courage for me to try it. But I've never looked back since! It is surprisingly really tasty and has a very unique texture! Do not freak out though cuz the tentacles tend to suck onto your teeth/tongues etc, just do bite it thoroughly before swallowing it!

Noryangjin 7
Love love the spicy fish stew here! AND THE CRABS! OMG THE CRABS ARE SO HUGE AND SWEET!
: Approx 40,000 - 60,000won/pax
: Noryangjin Station Exit 1 (cross the bridge and you'll kinda be able to 'smell' the market already lol)

(Coffee Prince Cafe)
View is really pretty! This cafe is where they filmed the popular drama "Coffee Prince"!

Serves mainly desserts with a really good view! Plus the cafe is super pretty too, lots of photo opportunities everywhere! The only downside is trying to get to here cuz its pretty out of the way and troublesome!
: Approx 10,000won/pax
: Gyeongbokgung Station Exit 3, take either bus 7022 or 7212 (alight at Buam-Dong community bus stop) and take a 10min stroll up the hill to the cafe. Alternatively, I took a cab up and then walk my way down to enjoy the views!

Tosokchon 1
A well known Ginseng Chicken restaurant that is popular both among the locals and tourists!
Tosokchon 3
This is seriously the best thing on earth, especially during winter time when the weather is so cold! The ginseng soup instantly warms up your stomach :)
Tosokchon 4
Tosokchon 5
The seafood pancake is really good as well! Avoid coming during peak hours (like lunch or dinner timing) if you don't wanna stand in the long queue. I usually visit this place at weird hours like 3pm so that I can just get a seat right away!
: Approx 17,000 - 30,000won/pax
: Gyeongbokgung Station Exit 2 (You can have your meal here and then go visit Gyeongbokgung Palace!)

Street food 1a
Street food 2
Street food 3
Right, Seoul is all about STREET FOOD!!! You can find them almost e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e! There are alot of stalls in Myeongdong (though I find them a lil more pricey), Ewha Womans Uni, Hongdae, Dongdaemun! My favourites are the steamed eggs, sweet and spicy chicken and fishcake soup!! Yumyum!

Anyway, I just wanted to share this useful information with some of you if you're reading this post:

So I've been to Seoul alot of times and I often find myself running out of Korean Won really quickly (I blame it on the cosmetic shopping really!!!). What I usually do is to bring some extra SGD with me in case I have to change money! 
Tip: I do not usually swipe my cards cuz the rate is horrible. Same goes with withdrawing cash in the bank cuz the rate is equally horrible plus there's even a $3 surcharge.
20161220_161438 20161220_161457a
So where do I change my money at?
First, try to look out for this building - Lotte Young! As you can see on the left pic, infront of Lotte Young, there is a Korea Tourist Police post right? Take a left turn when you see the Korea Tourist Police post. Once you have make your left, your view would be like what you see in the pic on the right. As you can see, I've circled, you will see an alley full of money changers. I usually change at the one a few shops further down! The rate is super good! As of my December 2016 trip, the rate that I changed in Singapore was SGD$1 = 807won but at this recommended alley of money changer, the rate was 815won!! Damn good right!

Some of the worst places to change your money at are the banks and Ewha Womans Uni. #lessonlearnt

Okay before I go......
Don't forget to try out the Soju in Seoul!
Only 1,500 - 2,000won SO DAMN CHEAP!!!!

and also, don't forget to try this Banana Milk! MY FAVVVVVVVVV!! My must have every morning!

Lastly, don't forget to go CRAZY SHOPPING FOR MASKS, MASKS AND MORE MASKS! LOL I usually buy like 200 masks back at one go! Super kwazhang sia hahaha but so cheap! Only $1 for one mask I really cannot resist! I would also stock up a year's supply of makeup for some of my favourite eyeliner/lipsticks/eyebrow pencils at one go! I think kiasu is my middle name hahaha

Okay la that's about it!! Hopefully this post is helpful to you guys who will be visiting Seoul soon!
Don't forget to follow me too on my Dayre and Instagram for more updates ok!

PS: Photos in this post are captured using either my Olympus EPL7, Gopro Hero 4 from at or Samsung Note 5!

With love,

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