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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

So.... I'm a DJ now!

Oh helloooooooooooo
It's been a while, uh? I have said it a million times, and I am still going to say it - I am really, really sorry and apologetic for neglecting this space so much!!! :'( And I am still so ever thankful to those who come by once in awhile to check for my updates even though I haven't been updating as often :(

I have so much to say!
But where do I start~~ Well, first of all.. remember a decision I recently blogged about that made me kinda busy these days? YEP. I decided to be a DJ!! ;) Thought it wouldn't hurt at all to pick up a new set of skills right? Been having classes religiously the past 2months+ and finally had my first gig on 1st May @Fclub!! So thankful to H for encouraging and supporting me in this decision of mine and of cuz, my family and H's fam for respecting me too :) And also to Altra Mgt/Insurgence for this opportunity!!

Lastly, I wanna thank all my friends for making down on my first gig @ Fclub and second gig at FRESH! Really thankful to have such supportive friends too!! Love you all!

Here's my first mixtape!! It's not the best but I am still learning~~
Definitely looking forward to my next gig at Suite 26 happening on 28th May (next Sat!!) If you'd like to come support, do drop me a DM for guestlists/table reservations! I'd be more than happy to see you there!!