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Monday, May 23, 2016


Ever heard of the quote "The eyes are the window to your soul"? I think our eyes are really so so so important and we shouldn't at all neglect it! Other than aiding us in our vision, I think it's also a really attractive feature on our face! I mean.... whenever you meet someone, you'll look at the other party in the eyes right?

That is why I have always taken care of my eyes pretty well (Still at perfect eyesight!!!) and have always put in more effort in my eye make up as compared to the rest of my face~ Apart from using makeup to enhance the look of my eyes, I was also introduced to coloured contact lenses a couple of years back!

Recently, I managed to stock up on my coloured contact lenses from!

More about Mr Lens:
·         Largest online contact lenses store in Malaysia
·         Offers highest quality eye care products and provides faster, easier, efficient service delivery with affordable prices by DHL for international customers.
·         Huge selection of clear and colour contact lenses with 100% original brands direct from the manufacturer or supplier at very competitive price.

It's super easy to order from the website plus there's SO MANY options to choose from!!! Whether you prefer daily contacts, weekly or even a monthly wear, they have it all! They also bring in most of the major brands including Acuvue, Freshkon, Freshlook, GEO Magic Colour etc just to name a few~ Definitely lots of choices for you to choose from at the comfort of your own place, time and convenience! The best part is that the prices are really competitive and sometimes, they even have a bundle deal (buy 3 get 1 free!) ;)

I chose the DHL express delivery and was shocked to receive my parcel is just 2 days!! Really efficient huh ;) Everything was packaged nicely inside with the boxes all intact and sealed!

These are the lenses I chose for myself. Here are the links if you would like to check them out:
Freshlook One Day Colour Lens (I got it in both Grey and Green!)
Freshkon Colors Fusion Daily (Blushing Violet)
Air Optix Colors Monthly Lens (In Grey as well!)

Here's the Freshlook One Day Colour Contacts inside my right eye! Just compare it with my left eye and look at the difference!! My eyes instantly looked so much prettier and alluring la! hehehehe
Anyway, I generally prefer grey contacts over brown/hazel contacts!

Ps: New lashes done at Millys!! Love the results of the new Milly's D' Volume Series :D Quote me for a 50% off when you do these Milly's D Volume Lash Series at Milly's btw!!

And here's me after wearing the contacts in both eyes!

Really loving the choice of my contact lenses I got from Mr Lens!

Cannot emphasize how much easier it was to order my lenses through Mr Lens than the typical physical store. I could slowly do my research on the lenses, google other people's reviews and all before making a decision on what to buy! And honestly, these are pretty hard to do so if you're in a physical store and the sales assistant is just there waiting (and probably staring at you lol).

Thank you Mr Lens!! I'm really satisfied with the services & products and you all should try it too!

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