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Monday, April 25, 2016

NUDE Wax Parlour // Updates!


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So I finally had the time to make my way down to NUDE 2 weeks ago! Been changing my appointments countless times cuz of my unpredictable packed schedule (plus the godforsaken time of the month grrr) but thankfully, the staff at NUDE were really friendly and accommodating! :)
"Nude is your one-stop solution for silky smooth skin-removing any and all of that unwanted body hair. Looking your best not only makes you feel good, but it also makes others feel good about you. We know you want to look confident in any type of outfit you desire. We know how important hygiene is to you. Over here, we provide quality waxing services for all genders which guarantee longer lasting results compared to the conventional hair removing methods.

All of our qualified therapists are passionate about making every client feel good inside and out. Your needs will be well addressed from the start to the end, ensuring that you have a pleasant and therapeutic experience. When the process is done, you will be greeted by a refreshing new look and a peace of mind that those ungainly stubs will be gone for longer than if you have shaved it away. Time to pamper yourself and have it done by professionals that care."

First Impression:
The place was huge, white and very welcoming! It was spacious and I liked that they didn't clutter the space with too much decorations? It gave a very clean-cut look and I felt really comfortable when I first stepped in!
They even serve hot tea/ ice water! Talk about good customer service!
P4076333 P4076334

My first treatment with NUDE was to have my Brazilian IPL done! I have been waxing/shaving for years and honestly.... it's freaking annoying!! (ps: If you are wondering, I only did IPL for my underarms and thighs at my previous waxing salon)
Anyway... obviously I couldn't take photos of my V right~ So I replaced it with my calves instead lol

SHOCKINGLY... THE BRAZLIAN IPL WAS REALLY 99.9% PAINLESS!! You can feel 0.01% of a lil prickliness/stinging/heat but seriously, it does not hurt at all!! I was really shocked cuz even when I did IPL for my underarms previously, there was still a minor stingy sensations? So I thought it would hurt more since your down-there is much more sensitive right?!
But nopeeeee, really painless and it was pretty comfortable! 
P4076348 P4076350

It's been 2 weeks since I did my IPL treatment and I am already amazed at the results! The hair down there is visibly lesser and growing at a much slower pace (hmm if you get what I mean hahaha) so I am really happy with the results!
Can't wait for the day when I can finally stop shaving and whatnot! I was told that by the 6th session, I should expect 80% - 90% less hair!


For the ladies (& actually for the guys too).... don't be lazy to groom yourself!! The only place we should have our hair is on our head, and not anywhere else! No one likes a jungle or a forest!! If you haven't tried any waxing/IPL services before, look no further!!

Current promotions at NUDE:
(for FIRST trial only)
For Her Underarm IPL @ $34 | Brazilian IPL @ $78
For Him Underarm IPL @ $70 | Boyzilian IPL @ $104
P4076363 P4076362

Thank you NUDE Singapore for the amazing experience! I am definitely looking forward to my next treatment!

6 Stanley Street #01-01 (S) 068725
6816 1116 |
Mon-Sat: 11am-8pm

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Prior to heading for my appointment at Nude, I also took some time out to meet @zippyzipeng for lunch! I only came home to realise that we didn't take any photos together... he was constantly using his camera snapping pictures for me I mean, usually it's always H asking me if I could stop taking photos etc, but this time round, I was the one who asked Zipeng if we could stop taking photos LOL. I was literally running out of poses hahahaha
Photo 7-4-16, 3 44 30 PM Photo 7-4-16, 3 46 02 PMa
Current favourite sling bag from @tallulah.bag! It's small yet able to fit so many things (including my camera, lenses, wallet, phone...). Thank you Tallulah for sending this to me :)

We had our brunch @ 20F!
Photo 7-4-16, 3 50 29 PMa Photo 7-4-16, 3 50 29 PM
Photo 7-4-16, 3 54 51 PMa

Then we walked over to @ollella cuz Zipeng wanted to check them out so badly... WHICH I DID NOT REGRET FOLLOWING HIM AT ALL CUZ THESE CHOUQUETTES WERE AMAZING BALLZ!!!!
Photo 7-4-16, 4 30 57 PMPhoto 7-4-16, 4 34 31 PM

Seriously soooooooooooooooooooo good it meltzz in your mouth and the flavour is just whoompppzz
No seriously, what sorcery is this!?
Photo 7-4-16, 4 34 31 PMa
Photo 7-4-16, 4 38 28 PM Photo 7-4-16, 4 38 40 PM

Right opposite Ollela were these beautiful houses so... hahahha... yeah... I was the model for the day for Zipeng LOL. So happy with all the photos! I think he took them really well and I like them all! :D Thank you Zipeng!!!
Photo 7-4-16, 4 55 34 PM Photo 7-4-16, 4 56 35 PM
Photo 7-4-16, 4 58 50 PM Photo 7-4-16, 4 58 54 PM
Photo 7-4-16, 4 59 13 PM Photo 7-4-16, 4 59 16 PM

Just got back from Davao a couple of days back and I am seriously SUPER TANNED NOW!?!?? Any remedies for getting fairer? Currently I am spamming my IDS Lyco White Pills + applying my Snail White lotion non stop.. but omg I still look super chaotah!! Why is the sun over there so strongggg 
But anyhowz, I can't wait to share the trip with you guys! It was so much fun and I'm really missing it already!


  1. Nice. Is this located near farrer park? Looks great. Any promotion or trial for new customers?

    1. Current promotions at NUDE:
      (for NEW customers only)
      For Her Underarm IPL @ $34 | Brazilian IPL @ $78
      For Him Underarm IPL @ $70 | Boyzilian IPL @ $104

      Address: 6 Stanley Street #01-01 (S) 068725

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