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Monday, April 11, 2016

dtac // Bangkok


Hello guys!! Just last week, I had a super impromptu trip to Bangkok, The Land of Smiles! And I really wanna thank dtac for bringing me there :) Here's a selfie of myself before boarding!

In just 2 hours, I found myself in one of my favourite city! I love the food, the shopping, the people.... I can't imagine my life without Bangkok!! Since I fly to Thailand rather frequently, it's important to get myself a SIM Card with data to stay connected!

Here's introducing to you - dtac, Thailand's Best-Selling SIM Card for Travellers like you and I!
You can easily find the dtac counter upon arrival at Gate 7! Alternatively, just look out for this huge banner sign (pic below) and the dtac booth would just be right there!

So if you have been to BKK like me, and if you notice.... the queue to get the SIM card at the dtac booth always seemed never ending! There is always a queue no matter the timing!
BUT, did you realise there's actually a vending machine right beside the dtac counter??
P3226682 edit

P3226682b P3226682a
This is Thailand's FIRST prepaid SIM Card Vending Machine, currently available at Suvarnabhumi Airport. The machine allows tourists to conveniently grab the SIM card and go with just 3 easy steps! Choose, register and pay!

When I was there, I sat down and noticed that out of 10 people, perhaps only 1 would use the vending machine. Whereas the other 9 would choose to queue up at the counter~ Which is really a waste of time isn't it?? I mean there's no queue at the vending machine and it is essentially the same thing - you get to purchase your SIM card! Besides, there's a friendly dtac staff mending the booth too and he/she would help you if you have any trouble etc!

There are only 2 choices - 7 days unlimited data for 299 Baht (SGD$11.50) or 15 days unlimited data for 599 Baht (SGD$23)!
So just select whichever suits you best and onwards to the next step!

P3226685 P3226687

To register, simply scan your passport ID at the machine and.... that's it!!! Super easy!

This is the last step! Choose either to pay by cash or credit card and you're done!

And there you have it! I got my own SIM card is like less than 1 min?? The whole process was SUPER FAST, EFFICIENT, FUSS FREE AND CONVENIENT!!!! I was already all done and the people before me were still queuing up at the counter lolololol.

Yay to my dtac SIM Card!! Purchasing it is as easy as 1, 2, 3!!

Oh and not forgetting!! One of the best perks of buying a dtac SIM Card is the accident insurance coverage!
For tourists who purchase the Happy Tourist SIM 49 / 199 / 299 / 599, you are able to apply for Free Life Insurance with 100,000 THB Life Insurance coverage from Muang Thai Life Assurance Co. Ltd. The insurance would cover death accident within 7 days. 
To activate the insurance cover, simply text your passport number (owner of SIM card) followed by space and beneficiary name to 5688. Information about the application can be found in the package cover!


So if you're heading to Bangkok the next time, remember to get your travel SIM card through the dtac Vending Machine! It is super convenient as it is open 24 hours, so no matter what timing you arrive in Bangkok, you know you'll definitely be able to get your hands on a SIM Card!
The dtac vending machine is located at the dtac service center @ Gate 7 (arrival hall) of Suvarnabhumi Airport

For more information:

- - - 
So after getting myself the dtac SIM Card, I hopped into a taxi and made my way to my hotel - Amari Watergate Bangkok located right opposite Platinum Mall!! Ahhhhh my favourite location hehehe
Super huge ass room all to myself!!!!

The view from my room :)

Didn't do much on Day 1 cuz I was really all worn out from the morning flight plus I only had 2 hours of sleep prior to catching the plane... so yup. Spent my whole afternoon sleeping on the comfy bed hehe

Woke up and decided to google on where to eat for dinner with my dear friend, Sue! The dtac SIM card is really useful cuz it keeps me connected to the internet 24/7! I can always search for what I wanna do/where I wanna eat easily!
I decided on Audrey Cafe @ Siam Center for dinner cuz I kinda miss the food here!
Hello Sue!!! My favourite Thai friend ever

HAD to order my favourite Tom Yum Pizza!! It's the best seriously! So yummy and finger licking good!!!! Oh gosh I am really craving for it right now!!! I really don't know how they do it so perfectly! Even Sue herself was taken aback at how yummy the tom yum pizza was!
Spaghetti Corned Beef with Fresh Chilli and Basil! I love pastaaaaa!!


Oh and the highlight of the night - Milo Volcano!!!
Seriously the best and so yummy!!!!

Since we were already at Siam, Sue and I went over to the Siam Night Market to shop!
Most of the things here are priced at 200 baht (SGD$8) which I personally think is pretty reasonably priced! I bought lots of stuff here! Most shops here start closing at 10pm.

Took a taxi alone back to Pratunam area and dtac has definitely gave me alot of ease as I can easily switch on my google map and know that I am on the right track to wherever I wanna go!
Anyway, I alighted at Phetchaburi Soi 15 where I usually have my shiokkkkk massage!

There are about 6 or more massage parlours here and I have honestly tried all of them. After experimenting with all, my favourite has got to be Foot Haven Massage & Spa!! Do try it if you happen to stay around this area ;)

Had an awesome 2 hours body massage and turned in for the night!
I woke up all fresh on Day 2, ready to conquer all the malls!! Hehe :D

Again, I took a taxi down to Union Mall. I was really lazy to take the train but I honestly recommend you guys to take the MRT to Union Mall (station: Phahon Yothin) cuz the jam was insane!!! 

Union Mall is one of my favourite place to shop! It is just a lil bit more pricey than Platinum Mall but I find the clothes much more suiting to my taste :) Typically, I would visit Union Mall after Chatuchak Market over the weekends as it's just 1 MRT stop away!

Done with Union Mall in about 2hours++ and went back to Platinum straight!
And guess who I met.... it's Maybelle!!!! hahaha what are the odds... I was crossing the bridge to Platinum Mall when I bumped into her! The world is really small huh!

A trip to Bangkok wouldn't be complete without stopping over to shop at Platinum Mall! It's every girl's heaven!

6 levels of insane shopping! Be prepared to shop till you drop!
Thank you dtac for bringing me here!!!

Went back to the hotel to change a set of clothings and went straight to Terminal 21 to meet up with Sue again! It's my first time to Terminal 21 so I was pretty excited about it! :D
Terminal 21 is like a travel-theme-inspired-mall! Super cool! I shared a couple of images already on my Dayre and Snapchat (both users @Shennyyang) thanks to the fast dtac internet speed but I'm just gonna share more over here! Hehe

San Francisco theme:


London theme:
P3236724b P3236724c

P3236724d P3236724e

Even the toilets are super cool omg!!

Grecian toilet inspired! Damn pretty right!!!!!

So anyway, we had our dinner at BAR.B.Q Plaza @ Terminal 21!
According to Sue, it is a really famous franchise chain well known for Mookata!
Aroy Mak Mak!

But whoa this Garlic Fried Rice with Bacon took me by surprise! I wiped out the whole bowl unknowingly cuz it was just so tasty!!
P3236732 P3236733

Then we had a couple of drinks at a Rooftop Bar to conclude my last night in Bangkok :)

On the last day after checking out from the hotel, I still had abit of time left so I went over to Platinum Mall (LOL) again to shop whatever that I have left out! Hahahahaha #shopaholic lol

So that concludes my short 3D2N stay in Bangkok!!
Thank you dtac for bringing me here and for allowing me to stay connected throughout in Bangkok!! I could constantly update my different social media platforms about what I am doing on the go easily cuz of the fast internet speed! For more >>


Till the next time Bangkok!!!

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