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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Lancôme BEX & UVEX

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Eight decades of celebrating free and fulfilled femininity. Eight decades of understanding, beauty and increasingly innovative expertise. Lancôme is definitely a brand that needs no introduction, I am sure we have either came across this brand or at least heard about it even if you might not use it personally. 

As part of the ultimate Lancôme whitening routine, the Blanc Expert Makeup range has been renovated and improved with breathtaking innovations that will allow women to obtain their PROTECT & PERFECT lively rosy complexion that they are looking for, addressing their particular issues of hyperpigmentation and dullness.

1. PERFECT: Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage SPF 50+ / PA+++ 1

What's NEW with High Coverage Cushion?
 New technology --> Multi-fibre structure protected by a mesh netting that allows to incorporate a high coverage formula
 New Make-up result --> Enhanced coverage and wear
 New SPF protection --> Polar Technology enables more complex formulas


High Coverage Cushion's Technology
♦ New patented delivery system by Lancôme = multi-fibre structure protected by a mesh netting
♦ Double layered system for double performance
♦ Multi-fibre structure --> Spiral Fibres hold the formula tighter in place (instead of the usual sponge) thus allowing for more complex formulations, enabling higher coverage, higher SPF level and longer usage of the product
♦ Hexagonal Protection Net --> For an ultra-precise, fine and continuous dosage through the net. A sieve that protects the formula to only release it upon 1st pressure

To make sure that the Lancôme cushion foundation are the epitome of all cushions, Lancôme took a new approach and created a patented formula specifically for the double matrix as how they do for their mascara formulas for brushes!

Using the Lancôme Blanc Expert Cushion Compact along with the Lancôme Cushion Blush Subtil, I created a simple everyday make-up look that is both fresh and long-lasting!

From no make-up to a look that is fresh and glowy!
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The Lancôme Blanc Expert Cushion Compact comes in 9 different shades to suit the different skin-tones so there is definitely a cushion shade for everyone! 

It is also super convenient and portable to bring it around to touch up your make-up whenever you need to!

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Let Lancôme help you find the perfect shade to achieve the petal-soft, fresh and bright complexion with a long-lasting velvety finish. It is currently retailing at $55 for a single refill and $78 for duo refills. The case is sold separately at $20.

For more information:

2. PROTECT: UV Expert XL-Shield™ CC Cover SPF 50 PA+++ 

UV Expert CC Cover:
♦ C - Combats pigmentations induced by Visible Light, including Blue Light, UV (UVA, Long UVA & UVB), Air Pollution and Stress
♦ C- Corrects by smoothing the look of skin imperfections
♦ C - Covers by unifying irregular skin tones

It comes in 4 different shades - Flawless Bright (this is the one I'm using!), Fresh Rosy, Natural Nude and Light Beige.
The after results after applying the UV Expert CC Cover is a brighter and more radiant skin. The CC Cover also helps to even out my skin tones resulting in a really natural finish :D

I also use this UV Expert CC Cover as part of my beauty routine as it is a daily tinted skincare that combats 7 pigment-inducing factors (Visible Light, Blue Light, UVA, Long UVA, UVB, Air Pollution & Stress) to help maintain an even, uniform complexion.

I know you must be wondering... so what exactly is BLUE LIGHT?
Visible light is essential to life, crucial for vision and it plays a significant part in our well-being and social life. Blue light is part of this Visible Light spectrum. A large number of the electronic devices we surround ourselves with today like energy-saving light bulbs and LEDs (television sets, computer screens, smartphones, game consoles etc) have been shown to emit various levels of Blue Light, with some having quite intense peaks. Blue light is shown to induce a significant dose-effect and long lasting skin pigmentation, something we really want to avoid to avoid an aging skin :(
Due to my job nature, I am constantly always facing the computer screen/on my phone so this UV Expert CC Cover is really a life saviour for me!!


Honestly, this is my first encounter with a CC Cover and I am so obsessed with it!! My skin always feel so velvety-soft every time I apply my Lancôme UV Expert XL-Shield CC Cover~ My skin looks brighter, radiant and natural! I love it :D

Preserve your bright dewy skin from daily UV rays, pollution and blue light hyperpigmentation with the help of the Lancôme UV Expert CC Cover! It is now on retail for $75.

For more information:

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Register for your Lively Radiance by Lancôme Service HERE

Lively Radiance
by Lancôme

Look lively & radiant in just 4 easy steps!
Experience our customised 15-minute complimentary Lively Radiance by Lancôme service and see how your skin can look lively and radiant in 4 easy steps.
1. Step 1 - Prepare & Boost: Start with the award-winning Advanced Génifique to both prepare your skin and  boost the effectiveness of subsequent Lancôme products
2. Step 2 - Target: The Blanc Expert Whitening Skincare range targets dark spots and uneven skin tone areas after
3. Step 3 - Protect: The NEW UV Expert CC Cream is then used to protect you from the harmful effects of Blue Light, dust pollution and other harmful radiation like UVA and UVB rays
4. Step 4 - Illuminate: Finally, discover the NEW Blanc Expert Cushion Compact with the patented Polar Cushion Technology that provides more coverage, long wear and high UV protection for fresh and velvety make up result and a complexion that feels visibly replenished with radiance and vitality.

Best of all, you get to take home your own customised sample kit, and experience it all over again!

Register for your Lively Radiance by Lancôme Service HERE
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