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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Life these days

Gold chain choker 1

I ought to be ashamed and I really apologise for neglecting this space for such a long time. It's been 2 weeks already???? :O Well, my life has been a hella rollercoaster these days. Not sure if you guys follow my Dayre too, but recently I was offered an opportunity that wasn't really easy to come by.

I mean....... I would honestly never have expected myself trying out this route if not for this rare opportunity. It took me almost 2 weeks to finally decide that YES I wanna give this a shot, to see if it works out for me. Life is just too short for regrets isn't it? 
So yeap, I have been attending lessons religiously the past weeks and I would say I am loving it although it is honestly a lil stressful............ I don't think I can take stress pretty well so yupppp I think I would grow alot more as a person out of this whole episode. Okay okay enough of all these... I'll definitely share with you guys in time to come, that is if I really manage to get through all the lessons!! LOL

Anywayz, I have added some brand new items to my Gumtree profile!
Isn't Chokers the 'Must Have' accessory now?? Hehehe! I brought it a couple of designs exclusively for you girls!
Jeweled choker 1
Star Choker 1
Velvet choker Black 1
Velvet choker Black 2
Velvet choker Red 1

So see you over at the other side?

Ohyea, I'm also flying off to Taipei this Friday!! Freaking excited because 1) The last I visited Taipei was when I was 19, and that's almost 6years+ ago so yeah, I AM EXCITED!!! And 2) If you realised, the last time I travelled was in January so I really can't wait for another getaway!!!!! I seriously can't take staying in Singapore for too long hahahahahaha

Alright I promise to update as soon as I can!!
Till then, xoxo

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