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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How to contour your face!


Hi girls!!! So today's post is about contouring your face as the title suggests...
As a matter of fact, I am honestly not the best & am definitely not a professional when it comes to make up!! I learnt a lot of tricks on Youtube and experimented it on myself~ It's been a couple of years... and I kinda know what works for my face and what does not!

In general, here's a guide on how to contour for the different face shapes!
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Yup and all the important notes of contouring are summarised here! Easy peasy!!
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Here is a picture of me before I contour/highlight my face! 
As you can see, it really lacks definition especially on my nose!!

NARS Matte Eyeshadow (Blondie)
This is the contour powder that I'll be using. It is actually an eye-shadow but I really like the shade of it and I think it works well as a contour shade for me so yup, this has been my contour shade for the past few months!!! This little compact eye-shadow hence has 2 uses for me, really worth the $$ isn't it! :D
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MAC 224 Tapered Blending Brush
This is the brush I'll be using to contour my nose to give an illusion of a higher, sharper and smaller nose ;)

Gently contour the sides of your nose. Put a little at a time and slowly build it on if you think it's not enough! You wouldn't want to look you have 2 streaks of brown lines on your nose! Remember, BLENDING is the key to contouring!!

Also, contour the tip of your nose to have an illusion of a smaller nose!

NARS #11 Bronzing Powder Brush
Next. to contour my face, I'll be using the Nars Bronzing Powder Brush!
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Personally, I usually contour the hollows of my cheeks this way!

And also along the jawline for an illusion of a V-shaped face! I also contour a little beneath my chin to get rid of the unsightly double chin! Just think of contouring as erasing the chubby parts of your face!!

Finally, after contouring... it's time to highlight your face!!
Highlight on the high points of your cheeks such as your nose bridge, cheeks, cupid bow, chin and forehead. I usually skip the forehead since my bangs are covering my forehead but if you don't have bangs like me, I'd suggest you to highlight a little on your forehead too! It'll make a huge difference when you take photos!

And... TADAHHHH!!! Simple and easy contouring that each and everyone of us can do!! :D

Let's look at the difference.... Before VS After!
My nose definitely looks much smaller and sharper and my jaw line is a lil smaller!

More photos of myself after contouring my face hehehehe

You may get the above products I used and even more on!

Till the next post~
Love, Shenny

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