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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Spathe Public House



Hair: COVO Singapore
Soooooo, I got myself a new hair colour a couple of weeks back! Ruby Violet was the colour I chose and it turned out pretty well, although I was hoping it to be a lil lighter! I kinda miss my super light coloured (think blonde...) hair days when I bleached it!
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Also, I am dressed in yet another amazing #madebyNM dress from Neonmello. So much love for this very piece, it's such a simple yet effortless dress. I'm also in love with the cross-back details! I knew I had to lay my hands on this piece the moment I saw the sample piece that Belle showed me! Remember to quote 'NMXSHENNY' for a 10% off whenever you shop with Neonmello!

Anyway, while H was waiting for me when I was doing my hair, he did a quick search on where to eat nearby as I had cravings for 'Western' food, like steak, fries, brunch kinda food~ He brought me to this restaurant just around the corner called 'Spathe Public House' and I am really in love with it now! The food was good and I really like the ambience of the place! Oh, and not to mention, the songs playlist was FABULOUS!! I think the songs choices of any restaurant/cafe is really important, it sets the mood right :)

H had the Eggs Benedict ($19) recommended to us by the server while I had the Savoury Waffles with Sirloin Steak ($38)! I requested for the meat to be done 'medium rare' and honestly, both H and I were kinda impressed that the chef was able to achieve the medium rare perfection! Omg if only it was Wagyu beef.... it's gonna melttttttt in the mouth man!! We also had a basket of Garlic Fries ($8) to share which was impossible to finish! It was huge!!
So happy with the food cuz honestly, I came with zero expectations and it surprised me a little :) Worth every penny, plus the serving was generous!! I think I'll see myself coming back more often if I ever have any weekend brunch cravings again!

Spathe Public House
8 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-01 (S) 238958
6735 1035
Mon-Fri: 12pm-11pm | Sat&Sun: 10am-11pm

Ps: Will be having a few back-to-back vacations starting next Monday (12/10/15) to Bali, Seoul then Perth! I have a few limited slots available for apparel features during my trip so if you're keen to work with me, drop me an email >> !
I'll talk to you all soon :)
Much love,

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