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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Joo Bar


Finally had a chance to give Joo Bar a visit after hearing much hype about it!
The korean-fusion food was pretty good and so were the drinks so I thought it'd be nice to share it with you guys ;)
Kimchi Mac & Cheese, $14
Honestly, this was one of the best dish I had that night!! I am not a big fan of Mac & Cheese personally cuz I feel that it's quite ge-lat and I get sick of such cheesy food easily. But the house-made kimchi surprisingly harmonize really well with the mac & cheese, making it less ge-lat?? Really addictive! Must order if you're there!

Crispy Chicken Tenderloin with Spring Onions, $18
This is essentially a Korean style fried chicken with soy sauce dressing. Not much wow factor although it was one of the recommended dish here. How can you ever go wrong with fried chickens??

Grilled Mangalitsa Belly, $25
This was an alternative dish to the 'Slow Roasted Mangalitsa Belly, $32' as the latter was all sold out. :( I guess this dish disappointed me a little. No actually, a lot. I really enjoy eating korean pork belly so I was kinda having high expectations, especially since this was also one of the recommended dish! I thought it was a little dry and c'mon, seriously the portion?!???!! So tiny for $25 please.

Seafood Gochujang Risotto, $24
Korean fusion risotto filled with shrimp, black mussel, clam, squid in red pepper paste cream sauce. The boys really love this dish alot, however since I am not a fan of cheesy food..... so yeah it was not as enjoyable to me. But if you love creamy/cheesy food, then this is something that you should order! It's definitely something different from the norm.

Seafood Pancake, $22
A perfect thin-crusted pancake topped off with black mussels, clams, squids, shrimps, onions, carrots and chives. This is another dish I am fond of :) Love that the sides are all super crispy as well! Ahhh can I have some now!! My stomach is grumbling as I am typing this...

Joo Steak, $48
Okay finally the last dish for the night! H can never do without beef, can he? Anyhowz, though a little pricey, the beef was juicy and well cooked. I rank this my 3rd fav dish of the night after the Kimchi Mac & Cheese and Seafood Pancake!

Also, Joo bar serves some really interesting drinks as well. They actually brew their own Makgeolli (rice liquor) using organic rice and purified water! It somehow tastes exceptionally fresh and I could sort of taste the fragrance of the rice?? It's kinda different from those usual bottled makgeolli that I have tried so I thought it was pretty unique! The House Brew Organic Makgeolli costs $7 for a mini jug, $15 for a small jug and $28 for a large.
I also ordered a cocktail called Yucha Sojurita ($28) for myself~
Frozen Soju-Yucha-Cointreau-Lemon Juice mixed with an added slug of an overturned Hite Beer!
This drink is for you ladies!!! I am usually not a fan of beer but the whole mixtures makes this drink on the sweeter side which I love! Hides the beer-y taste quite well lol :D

So was it worth the hype?? Yeahhhh not too bad! I would want to return again with my bunch of friends over some Makgeolli and good food! Ohyaaaa, the happy hour deals which runs from 5.30pm - 7.30pm are c-r-a-z-i-l-y good & so much less crowded!! I think the small jug of Makgeolli is only at $10 instead of $15? Damn good deal please!

Joo Bar
5 Tan Quee Lan Street (S) 188094
8138 1628 (Reservations highly recommended!)
Daily 5.30pm - 12am

Just 1+ day more to flying! Whoohoo!!

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