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Friday, October 02, 2015

Luxola x Benefit


When someone tells me about Benefit Cosmetics, it will definitely remind me alot of their fun, unique and lovely vintage designed packagings!! Their quirky designs really stood out among other brands and would always capture my attention whenever I am at the cosmetics section of any departmental stores!

Truth be told, though I know of the widely well known 'Benetint' and 'Hoola Bronzer', I have never tried it before~ The only product I own from Benefit is their ChaChaBalm (Lip Balm) which I LOVE IT TO BITS!! I've been using it since foreverrrr. 

For those Benefit Cosmetics fans out there, you'll be happy to know that they are now available on LUXOLA! Now you can shop at the comfort of your own home, office, school... wherever!
The team at Luxola sent me a really lovely box of  "THEY'RE REAL! MASCARA & LINER SET".
I finally now own more products from Benefit thanks to Luxola :D

PA013176 PA013178
Genius packaging!!

What I love about this box of liner & mascara set is that it is so compact and handy!! Perfect for people who travels alot because they are so easy to pack and carry around. The mini-sized products also means they are perfect to slip into your clutch/handbags for touch-ups on the go!
Comes with two mascaras, an eyeliner and an eye makeup remover!

There's even a tips & tricks booklet inside the box guiding you on how to use their products ;)

Sadly, I have eyelash extensions on so I didn't manage to try on the mascaras!! But it seems really legit.
Also, I am super diggin' the brown mascara!!! I mean, the norm is always black mascaras right? I personally prefer brown mascaras because it looks more natural and less fierce/harsh!

they're Real push-up liner that glides on sooooo smoothly and effortlessly!

The slanted tip makes lining of the eye so much easier!

Here are 2 looks I created using their they're Real push-up liner:
First up, this is the 'Cat-Eye' look!
PA013200 PA013202
I would probably wear this look for parties, clubbing or if there's any special occasions~

The 2nd look is entirely the opposite -  'Puppy Eye Makeup' which is more Korean inspired.
PA013229 PA013235
This is also the look I usually put on everyday, something more feminine and less harsh looking!

So much difference with just what an eyeliner can do to you huh ;)
If you'd like to see more of Benefit cosmetics, hit the link below:

Oh & not forgetting, spend $40 and above and you are entitled to free delivery! Whoo!

Till then, stay beautiful girls!
Much love,

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