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Monday, June 08, 2015

Oral-B: Power your Dad's smile + Giveaway!

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Oral-B - the worldwide leader in the brushing market, I am sure you must have heard of this brand even if you might not have tried it before. I feel really honoured and excited at the same time to be collaborating with Oral B this year in conjunction with Father's Day!
1 Oral B

A little bit of background on Oral-B..
As part of the Procter & Gamble Company, Oral-B includes manual and power toothbrushes for children and adults, oral irrigators and interdental products such as dental floss. Oral-B manual toothbrushes are used by more dentists than any other brand in the U.S and many international markets.
2 Oral B

For today's post, I will be sharing more in depth of the Oral-B Power Toothbursh - Professional Care (D20 3 Mode). Remember to read all the way to the end for a special promo and giveaway! ;)
3 Oral B

So what would you be getting your favourite daddy this Father's Day?
According to a survey by Rakuten, dads in Singapore are less likely to get a gift on Father's Day! :(

Instead of fretting on what to get for your father, or buying things that he wouldn't actually use/require, how about getting your dad a set of Oral-B Power Toothbrush Professional Care 3000 to power and protect your dad's smile? 
Personally, I asked my dad a few days ago if he would genuinely be happy if I gift him a set of Oral-B Power Toothbrush? And his answer was a BIG YES. My dad actually once owned an older model of such Power Toothbrush but it has since spoilt. He said it was really much better compared to manual toothbrush and he hopes to own one again. Hahaha what a big hint dad!!!! lol

Here's 4 reasons why I feel the Oral-B Power Toothbrush Professional Care 3000 would be a perfect gift for your Hero Daddy this Father's Day!

1) We don't always brush it right

Why do I say so?
In a perfect world and in perfect theory, we should always brush our teeth for approximately 3 minutes using the right technique and right pressure. But in reality, the average time spent on brushing our teeth is only 46 seconds. WHATTT HOW CAN OUR TEETH BE POSSIBLY CLEAN IF WE ONLY BRUSHED IT FOR 46 SECONDS?? Not only so, we might also be using the wrong brushing technique and often, we press it too hard causing unnecessary bleeding.

However, by using the power toothbrush, there is a 2 minute timer which is sufficient for cleaning our teeth. So don't put down that toothbrush and rinse your mouth before the time is up! You can also operate the power toothbrush by cleaning your teeth tooth by tooth! There is also a pressure sensor so that you'll know if you are pressing too hard on your teeth!
With the Oral B Power Toothbrush, we can all brush our teeth correctly and sufficiently 

2) 5 times Better Cleaning
(Pic above: Oral-B Precison Clean Brush Head - for a deep and thorough clean)

 3D technology allows up to 48 800 oscillating / rotating + pulsating movements per minute compared to only 600 for regular manual toothbrushes
 3 brushing modes available: Daily clean, Sensitive, Polish
 5X better cleaning along gum lines vs manual toothbrush
All in all, this results in a reduction in plague more significantly compared to manual toothbrushes.

3) It is user-friendly, even our fathers will know how to use it!
1. Apply your regular toothpaste that you use everyday! 

2. Turn on the power button and start brushing!

And yes that's how simple it is to use!!! To alternative between the 3 modes, press the 'power' button again to change. I am sure that even non-tech-savvy fathers will be able to learn how to use this Power Toothbrush!

4) Our ageing parents need to take care of their oral care even more
(Pic above: Oral-B Sensitive Brush Head - Exra soft bristles)

It's a fact - every part of us deteriorates as we age, and that of course includes our teeth. Thus, it is very important that our parents learn how to take care of their oral health even more! If your daddy has sensitive teeth, don't worry!! The Oral-B Power Toothbrush Professional Care 3000 comes with a Sensitive Brush Head as well with extra soft bristles so it wouldn't hurt! 
And as I mentioned above, the power toothbrush is gentle on teeth and gums with visible pressure indicator (see the red light!!), lighting up when brushing too hard!

I am also sure most of our parents drink coffee daily and my parents are no exception. Drinking excessive coffee over the years result in yellow stains on the teeth which can be unsightly!
With the Oral-B 3D White Brush Head, the special polishing cup whitens teeth by removing surface stains to reveal a natural whiter teeth!

To sum it all off, the Oral-B Power Toothbrush Professional Care 3000 reduces possibilities of cavities and other health issues like gingivitis! I definitely think this is a perfect gadget to gift your father this Father's Day!
My happy daddy & I in all smiles!
Even though my dad is over 60 years old, he still practices good oral hygiene and has no tooth decay too! He has not lost a single tooth yet at all *touch wood lol*! I know of many similar aged people who are already wearing dentures... I am sure with the Oral-B Power Toothbrush Professional Care 3000, his teeth will be in an even better condition :D

*Promo*: Power your dad's smile and save up to 50% on selected models of Oral B Power Brush on Qoo10 today!
Visit here  for more promo details!

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Here's how you can win a set of Oral-B Power brush for your dad!

1. Post a photo of your father in his best smile
2. Tell us why you would like to win an Oral-B Power Brush for your dad!
3. Hashtag #oralbsg and #powerofdadsg

Giveaway contest period: 8th - 21st June 2015
Total of 3 winners to be chosen
Remember to set your account to 'Public' to be eligible for contest
Terms & Conditions apply
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Good luck to all participants and....
Have you decided on what to gift your dad this Father's Day? I hope you have after reading this post!


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