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Sunday, June 07, 2015

Boufe Boutique Cafe


Met Maybelle (the ladyboss behind Neonmello!) on Friday for yet another belated birthday lunch! She suggested trying out Boufe since both of us haven't tried it before and it was on her cafe-to-go-list~

We had the truffle fries and the serving was just sooooooo big? I think we didn't even managed to finish half of it. Lol

I had the Eggs Florentine! Again, the proportion was damn generous, especially with the smoked salmon. Makes your every penny well-worth! Oh, I also love the bread toast. Super soft and fluffy!! :D

Belle had Boufe's version of Big Breakfast. She couldn't finished it either~ Serving is just too big for us girls! Hahaha

We also ordered a Strawberry Shortcake to share cuz we are just gluttons and being too greedy even though we couldn't finish everything we ordered. Lol. Strawberry Shortcake was good!! It wasn't too sweet or gelat and I like that the strawberries used were sweet! Yknow how some strawberries are just soooo sour... eww. Hahaha. So I think this was done pretty well :)
P1010748 P1010751
Pretty Belle and I!

The cafe itself is very photogenic too!! For those who are into making your whole Ig feed whitish and all (white backgrounds and such), Boufe will be a perfect spot for you to camwhore away! It's very Instagram worthy! lol

Here's the outdoor seating at the cafe! Really pretty but it was tooooo hot. Maybe it'd be nice over a dinner date? :)

Boufe Boutique Cafe
308 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park #01-01 (S) 247974
6734 7656
Tues-Fri: 8am-10pm / Sat&Sun: 10am-10pm

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Outfit of the day
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Top // NEONMELLO (Enter 'NMXSHENNY' for a 10% off)
Shorts // Hervelvetvase
Wedges // Charles & Keith


Of cuz, the ladyboss behind NM is also wearing her own piece!
This maxi is an own manufactured piece under Neonmello and it's still available on site in 2 different prints!
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Thank you Belle for always showering me with lotsa love and pretty clothings from NM!!
Till we meet again the next time!

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