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Friday, June 12, 2015

SG50 Funpack!

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SG50... I am sure each and every one of us knows that Singapore will be celebrating her 50th birthday this year! As a build up to National Day on 9th August 2015, various initiatives have been organised to engage and connect with Singaporeans!
And one of this year's NDP engagement efforts is the SG Funpack, which every Singaporean and Permanent Resident (PR) household will receive.

The funpacks comes in the form of a tote bag with 50 different designs, each designed by Singaporeans from all walks of life!
Here's the design of the tote bag that I received:
Designed by Vernetta Lopez who is a local Producer and Presenter DJ. 
"The inspiration behind my design is that this iconic image is a visual representation of Singapore’s connection to the world through Radio and Television broadcast and its first baby steps towards being the cosmopolitan country it  is today." - Vernetta Lopez

Here's what you can expect in the NDP Funpack...
 SG Cap! Seems apt to wear it during the parade since its gonna be hot in the day!

 Spotted a Singapore scarf in it too!

 Balloons!!!! I think this is pretty cool!!
The red star has a mini 'light bulb' in it and when being shaken, it lights up! I can imagine it to be a very nice scene during the night parade if everyone holds onto it!! The yellow balloon on the other hand, has a few mini balls in it so it produces sounds when you shake it! It will definitely help to liven up the atmosphere during the parade :D 
However, do note that the star-shaped balloon will only be found in the NDP Funpack, while the normal balloon will be in the SG Funpack ;)
PS: I think they are great as children toys too! My nephew is playing with it right now hahahaha

Here are some of the highlights from the SG Funpack!

1. The Singa Lion was chosen as an icon of kindness and graciousness which Singaporeans are familiar with
2. Old school card games and erasers (omg I remember playing games with these erasers when I was in primary school!! Hahaha!! Does this make me sound old?? hmmmm lol)
3. UIC Powder & Super Coffee
4. Lollipop & Haw Flakes (Used to eat these haw flakes when I was young.. ahhh those times!)
5. Herbal Candy Sweets
6. Drinks - Newater, Yeo's & Fairprice Drinking Water

+ many more!

As you can see, the funpack consists of many nostalgic items which will help us reminiscent our early years! 
Every Singaporean and Permanent Resident (PR) household will receive a SG Funpack while NDP spectators will receive a NDP Funpack. Households can expect to receive instructions on the collection of the SG Funpack through mail by July 2015.


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