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Monday, May 25, 2015

Demand & Supply, Trappedsg

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I'm finally back from Boracayyyyyyy!! Boracay was just sooo amazing! Would love to go back again and again and againnnn if not for the tiring journey. Think.. Plane then car then boat then tricycle followed by walk. WHOA. 
Okay more about Boracay in another post k!

Headed to town yesterday for early dinner at Demand & Supply with H's friends! 
Gosh I can't even remember the last time I was in town....... Hahaha


The food was honestly, not that bad BUT the portion was ?!?!?!?!?!?
They had a tasting portion and a full portion with a price difference of only $3-$4?? I wasn't very very hungry so I opted for the tasting portion but wah omg the portion was damn tiny??? Like it can be finished in 5 mouths lol. 

So just an advice, go for the full portion! Only a few bucks difference but the difference in food portion is HUGE.



Demand & Supply
Orchard Gateway #02-13/14
Daily 11.30am-10.30pm

Next, we headed over to TRAPPED SG(an escape room attraction) located at nearby SCAPE!

So what's an Escape Room?
"Well, picture this. You're trapped in a room with your peers, and there seems to be almost no way out. Here you get to become the master at solving puzzles, discovering hidden clues, uncovering mysteries and succeeding to escape out well thought and creative concept rooms. You literally need to explore and search the rooms for hidden passageways, or maybe crawl in a small tunnel and even perhaps encounter a zombie or two while you're at it! Definitely guaranteed to have lots of laughter, fun and screaming for some."

My friends and I had the chance to try out the 'World War Zombies' room!
Story background of it...
"The world is at war with the Zombies. As you can your friends seek shelter in an abandoned building, you realised that you are not alone. You have 60 mins to solve the mysteries and escape within 60 mins before you too join the ranks of the undead."


According to Trapped SG, difficulty level is at 84% and intensity level is 86%!
I was told that this was one of the easier rooms they had.... BUT I FOUND IT SO DIFFICULT AND CHALLENGING LOL. Although I finally did manage to escape from the room within 60mins, it was after dialling numerous calls for help to get subtle hints. Lol
But I really had alot of fun!! It's really interesting to see how they came out with all these clues and hidden passages etc. 
The whole set up of the room and decorations are super 'real' too and pretty bloody/scary... especially when the whole room was so lightly dimmed. Also, the background music definitely adds on to the chills!


Thank you TRAPPED SG for having my friends & I :) We sure did have alot of fun!
Apart from World War Zombies, other escape rooms include Avengers, Hansel & Gretel - Witches Lair, Hunger Games - The Escape & Friday the 13th.

2 Orchard Link #02-20/21/22 (S) 237978
6636 9722

42 Kandahar Street (S) 198896 (near Arab Street)
6292 2177


- - -
Outfit of the day


Causal and lazy get up in this Mustard Oversized Shirt Dress from Ellysage.
Quote Shenny10 for a 10% discount!

I also finally had my dose of GONGCHA EARL GREY MILK TEA FIX.
Goshhhhh I miss Gongcha & Koi so much okay!!!!! 

Thanks lovelies for reading and I'll talk to you all soon again!

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