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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Burgundy Make-up Tutorial

Hi girls!! I am prolly on my way to Boracay as you are reading this post.. Lol~
Some of you girls have requested for me to do a tutorial on how I do my Burgundy make up, so here it is!

This time round, I did 2 looks for it using 2 different lip colours.
First look: Baby Pink Lipstick + Burgundy Lipstick to create an ombre effect~
1 2

2nd look using a Red Lipstick!
3 4

Watch it here!

These are the make up that I used in the video:

 Beauty Shot Face Blur
 Blooming Fit BB Cream
 Duo Drawing Eye Brow
 Face Colour Corset (Shading Powder) #05
 Etude House Play 101 Pencil in Shade #08, #27 & #29
 Oh~m' Eye Line (Brown)
 Bling Bling Eye Stick #01
 Dear My Wish Lips Talk (Burgundy Berry RD302)

 Full Cover Concealer #002
♥ Eye Brightener (Ivory Beige)
♥ Graduation Bold Blush (Peachy Beach)
♥ Face Highlighter (Gold Pink)

 Benefit Cha Cha Lip Balm (coral)
♥ Maybelline White Superfresh Compact Powder #01
♥ Bobbi Brown Lipstick #8 (Bikini Pink)
♥ FauxFayc Matte Liquid Lipstick (WOLF) / Buy it here

1st look:
The berry shade is actually much stronger in real life. Totally forgot that I was using a ring light so it was very bright and I think it kinda washed out the colour on my lips??! It was very obvious when I looked into the mirror though... :( #lessonlearnt
Anyway, I did my lips the ombre way cuz I find the berry/burgundy shade a lil too strong for my liking.. I don't know about you la but when I put it on, I look like I genna poison??? LOL. I really envy those people who can pull off such strong colours effortlessly!
P1010026 P1010028
P1010029 P1010030
Ohya!! Something I forgot to mention in the video... After the eyeliner step, please put on mascara or falsies. I left that step out since I have lash extensions on!! Oppsieee

For the 2nd look, I used the red matte liquid lipstick from FauxFayc! 
I usually stay away from red because of similar reasons, red is just too strong. But surprisingly, this shade was really nice and the application was so easy and fuss free!! I love the velvety smooth texture of it and how pigmented the colour is :)
Thank you FauxFayc for sending it my way! Can't wait to try out the other colours ;)
P1010044 P1010047
P1010052 P1010056

Hope this post/video was useful to you girls~

I'll be back soon!!

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