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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water + Giveaway!

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I had the privileged to attend the Bio-essence event to learn more about the Miracle Bio Water and it was held at Bliss House, a super pretty cafe! A home-grown and established brand, Bio-essence has always been on the forefront of innovation in developing effective new products that serves consumers’ needs of achieving and maintaining gorgeous, healthy skin. 

It's the hottest period of the year again and there is no better time to introduce the New Miracle Bio Water! Uniquely formulated with Bio-Energy technology by home grown brand Bio-essence, the New Miracle Bio Water is one of its kinds with the lowest salt content and hypoallergenic. To have moist, supple and healthy looking skin, our skin needs to stay well hydrated. The new Miracle Bio Water is dermatologically tested and provides power hydration and instant cooling sensation, which is perfect for the scorching sun and intense heat.


Loving the clean and simple set up :)

The whole range of Bio-essence products and of course, the star product of the day is the Miracle Bio Water!
With fellow Bloggeratis, Joyce & Mongchin :)


So during the event, we were introduced more about the new Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water and I learnt that when there is excess Sodium Chloride (salt) in our skin care products, it will actually cause dehydration of the skin which will in turn, lead to dryness and many unwanted side effects.
The Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water contains the lowest salt content of 2.432mg/l which absorbs less moisture from your skin and ensures better moisturizing and hydrating effects. With an optimal pH value of 6.45, this is closest to the skin’s natural pH value, thus it is mild and not irritating to skin.

After the talk, I was kinda excited to try out the product myself to see if it really works!
Over here, I am measuring the moisture level of my skin prior to spraying the Miracle Bio Water!

Finally done with all the recordings of my Moisture level and Temperature level BEFORE spraying the Miracle Bio Water.
Now it's time to spray this goodness onto my skin and test the results :D

Recording my temperature level ;)

Oh and did you know that the Miracle Bio Water can also be used on hair for moisturisation and to relieve hair dryness which can lead to split ends? :D

Now here's my results for my moisture & temperature level!
Moisture level is significantly increased from an average of 31.4 to 45.7 while my skin temperature has dropped from 32°C to 29.5°C :) The oil level on my face also reduced and I definitely felt so much cooler, refreshed and awake!

We were also given to chance to decorate and personalised our very own Miracle Bio Water during the event! Luckily I still do handicrafts stuff every now and then so I'm not that 'rusty'? Hahahah
But anyhowz, I had so much fun decorating my very own bottle although it got a little messy with all the glitter and glue lol

And here is the final product!!! Do you like it? I wanted to give it an angelic look HAHAHA
18a 18b
If you like it, please do help me give a thumbs up and vote for my picture:
Link here: Bio-essence's FB (Shenny's Miracle Bio Water)

Anyway, back to the main topic & purpose of this post....
Lowest Salt, Maximum Hydration
Ideal for sensitive skin & Dermatologically Tested

Power Hydration, Instant Cooling Sensation
19a 19b
20 Excellent Efficacies for Face, Hair & Body:

Fastest cooling, soothing and calming effects
Highest hydration with lowest salt content
pH-Balanced – hypoallergenic formulation
Controls oil effectively
Refines pores
Brightens skin
Firms skin
 Cools eye to help reduce eye strain
 Suitable for sensitive skin
 Use after makeup for long lasting and natural look
 Moisturizes and nourishes skin
 Relieves tiredness, energizing
 Soothes skin after treatment

 Moisturizes hair
 Relieves hair dryness that leads to split ends

 Refreshes and soothes skin after exercise
 Soothes and calms skin
 Under hot sun to moisturize and refresh skin

For Babies
 Ideal skincare for babies
 Pre-nappy application

So much benefits in just one bottle of Miracle Bio Water! I'M SOLD!
This new Miracle Bio Water now comes with a finer spray as well and it is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. The Miracle Bio Water is suitable for daily use, in any situation, on-the-go. 
Here's a few scenarios on when to use the Miracle Bio Water:


- Spray it onto face to hydrate skin before makeup and after skincare routine
- Use it after makeup for a long lasting and natural look
- Use it to refresh skin after removing makeup!

Hold the bottle at a distance not less than 20 cm from targeted area and spray. 

Pat it gently after spraying. If you have makeup on and you're afraid of ruining your makeup, you need not pat dry it since the mist is fine enough to be able to penetrate into your skin!

It can also be used to hydrate your skin and hair especially if you're in an air-con room!


Available in 100ml size, this is suitable for hydration on-the-go because it fits into most bags effortlessly!

You can also use it to cool and hydrate your skin under the hot sun, especially if you're at the beach!

I honestly felt damn shiokkk when I was spraying the Miracle Bio Water while taking pictures for it. SUPER COOLING effect even when the sun was glaring mercilessly at me!!

You can also place one inside your gym bag to refresh and calm yourself down after a work out! ;)


The Miracle Bio Water and the Cooling Sunscreen are definitely going with me on my future overseas trips!

Available in 100ml size so you can bring it on board the plane without it being confiscated!! The air inside the plane is very dry so this Miracle Bio Water will definitely come in handy to help hydrate your thirsty skin when you travel ;)

Since the Miracle Bio Water is suitable for sensitive skin, it can also be used to sooth dry, itchy and red skin especially after a shower. 
You can also DIY your own personal hypoallergenic mask by spraying the Miracle Bio Water onto tissue paper/paper mask and let it sit on your face for 10 minutes! Over here, I am using the tissue paper to create my own mask! 
It is super cooling and soothing to the skin :D

To complement your skincare regime, you can also use the entire range of products from the Miracle Bio Water range which is suitable for sensitive skin!

Miracle Bio Water Jelly Makeup Remover
30a 30b
Product Efficacies:
• Contains 60% Miracle Bio Water and enriched with Bio Energy Fluid to effectively remove makeup and impurities while moisturizing skin
• Gentle makeup removing process without tugging on delicate skin
• Smooth jelly texture glides over skin, protecting skin against harsh cleansing motions
• Can be rinsed off easily without leaving any sticky or oily residue on skin
• Paraben and colorant free

Pump a sufficient amount of Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water Jelly Makeup Remover onto hands. Apply on face and spread evenly. Gently massage in circular motion to dissolve makeup. Rinse off thoroughly with water.
Suitable for use on face, eyes and lips
(Size: 200ml RSP: $23.90)

Miracle Bio Water Foamy Cleanser
29a 29b
Product Efficacies:
• Contains 40% Miracle Bio Water and enriched with Bio Energy Fluid
• Cleanses impurities and excess sebum without leaving skin tight, dry or irritated
• Helps promote a shine-free, matte skin complexion that makes your skin feel fresh and clean
• Effectively refines pores for smooth skin
• Smoothes and moisturizes the skin, leaving skin soft and refreshed.

Gently lather an ample mount on moistened palms and massage onto damp skin with gentle circular motion. Rinse off thoroughly.
(Size: 100g RSP: $10.90)

Miracle Bio Water Cleansing Gel (Soap Free)
31a 31b
Product Efficacies:
• Contains 50% Miracle Bio Water to deeply cleanse impurities from within pores and reduce sebum secretion without leaving skin tight, dry or irritated
• Soap free and sulphate free for mild formula that is not harsh on skin to prevent over-drying.
• Paraben, fragrance and preservative free to be mild and gentle, suitable for all skin types and ideal for sensitive skin.
• Contains Glycerin and Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate
• Dull and tired skin instantly gets hydrated, refreshed and more radiant after use

Use twice daily. Lather on wet face using gentle, circular motions. Rinse thoroughly.
(Size: 150ml. RSP: $17.90)

Miracle Bio Water Cooling Sunscreen SPF50+
32a 32b
Love the texture and smell of the sunscreen! Don't you hate sunscreen that feels very sticky on your skin? Surprisingly, this is not at all!! It has more of a smooth and watery feel to it, and it gets absorbed by the skin really quickly :D LOVE IT!
Product Efficacies:
• With SPF56 to provide skin with high, long lasting protection from harmful UVA & UVB rays
• Provides instant and long lasting coolness to the skin
• With Hyaluronic Acid which intensively replenishes and locks in moisture to keep skin constantly hydrated and supple
• Rich in trace minerals to nourish and moisturize skin
• Fine and light-weight texture, leaving no greasy and sticky feel on skin after application
• An ideal makeup base for a more refined and natural makeup

Shake Well Before Use. Apply an adequate amount onto the face and neck. To ensure continuous sun protection, increase the frequency of application especially during outdoor activities or swimming.
(Size: 40ml. RSP: $25.90)

The New range of Miracle Bio Water products are now available in Watsons, Guardian, Unity, NTUC Fairprice, Departmental stores (CK, OG, John Little etc).

Price for the Miracle Bio Water Spray:
100ml, 300ml, 100ml Twin Pack, 300ml Twin Pack 
RSP: $12.90, $28.90, $16.90, $29.90

Promotion: 300ml Twin pack offer at $29.90. Usual price at $28.90 for one

Wanna redeem your own Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water sample? Hit on link to find out how!

For more information:
Bio-essence's Facebook Page

And as always, thanks for reading!!

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