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Monday, June 01, 2015

Fat Cow & updates!

Half of the year has already passed and omg it's just too fast?? Felt like it was just yesterday when I ushered the new year in.... 
2015's been great for me thus far and I hope it is the same for you guys as well :) Let's pray & hope for even more positivity for the next half of the year :D

Anyhowz, I finally had the chance to visit Fat Cow last week together with H, his bro & dad!
Been seeing way too many Fat Cow Donburi pictures appearing on my Instagram newsfeed and its almost too tempting to not try it myself. I immediately made a lunch reservation for 4 only a day ahead and I was pretty lucky to get a spot! Heard it can be quite difficult to get a reservation as they are always full and packed!

The lunch sets are also definitely more worth it since it is much cheaper compared to the dinner menu. So hoooray to saving $$$!

We had Sashimi (13 slices) to share! It was $48 for the set?
Sashimi was quite a-l-r-i-g-h-t. Nothing to wow about and I kinda expected it since they are well known for their beef and not for their sashimi/other dishes~

Every lunch sets comes with a Salad, Chawanmushi, Miso Soup and a dessert (Ice Cream)!

H's dad had the 'Fat foa-gura don' which is Giazed Foie Gras with Grilled Wagyu Beef over rice!
The foie gras was sooooo good. And I thought the serving of it was pretty generous too! This set costs about $43...??

While the rest of us had the Signature 'The Fat Cow Donburi'.
Charcoal-grilled Wagyu Beef with onsen egg & shiro negi!

Ahhhh the beef were all cooked to medium rare perfection. Soooooo yummy, juicy and tender!!!

Stirred the entire bowl of rice & beef together with the onsen egg and omgawdzzz at that goodness!!!!!!

We ordered a total of 5 lunch sets for the 4 of us plus a couple of drinks and the total bill was about $286 ($71.50/pax). It might be expensive to some but if you're really keen to try out Fat Cow, then the lunch set would be the most cost savvy!! 
It's about $50/pax on average?

I am so excited to head back to Fat Cow again this week with Van!! :D YAYYYY

1 Orchard Blvd #01-01/02, Camden Medical Centre (S) 248649
6735 0308
Mon-Sun: 12pm-3pm / 6pm-11pm

- - -

Outfit of the day!
Dress from Hervelvetvase.

On the very same day, I was surprised with H with this mega big shopping bag.....


Birthday prezzie came early :)
So the dear boy got this for me so early cuz he walked by one day and enquired.. and realised there's only one new piece left in Mustard Yellow. He was kinda worried that it might be OOS when my birthday is here so he got it early!

For now, this baby is sitting quietly in its dust bag, neatly tucked inside the Celine box and put away in a corner. Hahahah only gonna start using in July. I can't wait to use it!! I initially wanted to use it only after my birthday (like that then got more meaning right) but I was rather sad that I have to wait so long since my birthday is on the LAST day of July. lol
So H said why not start using on my birthday month.... yeap!!!! JULY PLZ COME QUICK OKAY HEHE
I was so happy/elated/excited/delighted/overjoyed (LOL) when I received it that day... I mean it's my first branded bag I ever owned and H kept teasing me the entire day cuz I couldn't stop smiling and giggling the whole time. Lol.

Okay I am getting excited again LOL imma go open the box and touch & sayang my baby later on~ 

Outfit on one of those random days.. Abstract Off Shoulder Dress c/o LACEANDEBONY
Quote [SHENNYXLE] for a 10% discount!

Had a flea yesterday as well at Tripleone Somerset and brought a whole luggage of clothes with me!

Outfit is from Hervelvetvase and thank you GoodCitizenSg for having me :)
And big thanks to those who bought my preloved outfits and those who said hello to me :D

Had dinner at Chabuton (no pics but I snapchat it!!). The ramen was quite good!! Reminds me of my Japan days~~ Ahhh i miss travelling already!!
Met up with my favourite people at 1am and we sang karaoke at Tang Music Box @ Clarke Quay till 5am? Gosh
P1010855d P1010855c
Here's Jx and I :D I still don't really sing karaoke though. I'll just lip sync along~ hahaha
It was a fun night with the booze, singing, dice playing and catching up! Never a dull moment with them I also always feel damn comforted that my friends are able to click on so well with H and H's friends so we'd always gather in a big group!

And finally... today!
Wearing NEONMELLO upcoming off shoulder dress! Was doing a shoot for a product adv and decided to sneak in some ootd shots hehehe

Quote NMXSHENNY for a 10% discount when you shop with Neonmello!

Also, some pictures of my current nails!! Lovingly done by my nail sponsor - NIUNAILS.



See the charm ring that I am wearing on my 3rd finger?? Niunails will be holding a giveaway soon so if you like this charm ring that you are seeing, stay tune on my IG for it :) The giveaway will be in a few days time and my IG is @shennyyang if you don't already know...

Ahhh start of another working day tmr!! I slept almost half the day today so I am feeling recharged!!
Have a great week you all!


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