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Thursday, November 06, 2014

"Travelling, opens eyes, warms hearts & frees minds"


How much I miss typing on this space :(
Sorry for neglecting it so much for the past 2weeks++!!! 

Thought I'll be diligent and update about my UK adventures on the go.... BUT NOOO. It is just toooooo tiring. Walking every single day non stop :( All I wanna do after showering is to use my phone, listen to spotify till I crash.. Lol.

I've only been back for less than a day but I miss the UK already :(
I miss everything about there especially the weather!!  :'(

I'll be away again (LOL) to Vietnam in a couple of hours time!!
This trip is sponsored by Banyan Trees and I am really thankful and grateful for all the opportunities given to me :) Thank you Banyan Tree for choosing me among so many other bloggers, and to my Nuffnang manager for negotiating all the details for me :)
I'm blessed!!

Super excited to check out ANGSANA LANG CO :)
Just look!! It's so pretty?!?!?!?
angsana langco2

angsana langco3

angsana langco1

Also, thank you NUFFNANG for featuring me as the November blogger of the month :)
If you'd like to read the post, hit here:

Till then :)
I love you all!!


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  2. Hey Shenny

    Those are really lovely photos - I wish I could take a trip there as well, looks like a nice and tranquil place.
    Enjoy your holiday trip in Vietnam and share with us how it went :)