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Saturday, October 25, 2014


My phone decided to go into a coma state last night after counting down to Stef's birthday.... sigh I AM FREAKING DEPRESSED NOW. :(
I have neither backup my phone nor transferred everything to my computer.... it's just damn sad cuz there's so much, so much memories (texts/photos etc) stored inside.. and now everything is gone :(
Sigh.. is this a sign to move on? To forget about everything?

How depressing to deal with this shit while having a holiday

ps: Will be uncontactable for the time being until my phone decides to revive again/I manage to find a spare phone!
Anything just tweet/fb msg me!

Just a couple of photos from the past few days~
Holland Park, London

Tower Bridge, London

Kings Cross, London

Market Street, Manchester

Queensway, London


Manchester City Football Club

Update soon again!!

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