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Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Huat Huat Huat ahhh!!!
Face today for annual Reunion dinner!! Look pretty mehhh & tired cuz I am... REALLY TIRED.
Super hangover today from last night :(

No pics of reunion dinner food cuz... as usual, my family will always be the last to reach.
The food was pretty much wiped out~ hahaha

Collected my first 2 Angbaos for the year!!!
This one was given by my mum and the red packet is too cute to not take a picture of it!!

My family kinda has the tradition of putting the angbaos given to us by our parents under our pillow, only allowed to be taken out at the end of CNY... anyone else does this too?? Lol. None of my friends practised this so... I thought it was quite weird!! 
You guys should know the legend story of 'Nian' right?? Because of 'Nian', the parents would place angbaos underneath their children's pillows to prevent them from being hurt~ Hahaha yupppp.

And also....
to a great night last night!!! #TheGreatTGIW!!!
Happy Birthday Ghetto!!

Ok time to sleep now, a whole day of visitings tomorrow!!
新年快乐 GUYZZZ!!!

ps: Heard those born in the year of Horse will kinda be unlucky in this year's Horse Year~ SIGHHH
Hope its not true!!! When will my unluckiness ever go away......... :(

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