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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Love winter capes but not able to wear it in Singapore? Here's a pretty and outstanding cape for summer which goes well with anything. Here, I pair it with a pair of Black Asymmetric Skorts which I got it in BKK during my recent trip :)
Cape from Osmose .




Next up is a Winter Lace Dress from Osmose too!
A really pretty and flattering piece :)
Received tons of compliments when I wore it to the Movie Premiere of I, Frankenstein last week!


I think it's also super appropriate for CNY :)
If you haven't gotten any new pretty clothes for CNY, this is a great choice for you to consider ;)


And finally, a last piece I snagged for myself is this Casual Slit Shoulder Drawstring Dress!

Really love how casual yet chic and classy this dress is ^_^
The length of the dress is perfect, not too short and not too long!

I am sure some of you girls faced similar situations before - dresses you purchased online ended up being too short when you wear it!! I FEEL YOU :( It's very frustrating cuz like it'd be too short to be a dress, yet too long to be a top!?!?? #firstworldpains


One thing I really like about OSMOSE is the QUALITY of their clothes!
Just so you know, Osmose is not a typical online store kinda shop. They actually have 8 physical outlets in Singapore. Clothes are also not imported from BKK/Guangzhou and they have their own factory to produce their own clothes. So quality is definitely assured!
This I guarantee you!! You can always drop by to one of Osmose's store and feel & touch the clothes yourself! 
You get to try it on too to see if it fits you ;) 

If you haven't gotten any CNY clothes... or dresses for Valentine, it's never too late!
Hop on to Osmose's online store now! There's some great sales going on right now!

Or if you'd like to visit their physical outlets:

AMK HUB (#01-06)
JURONG POINT (#01-20/21)
NEX (#B1-22)
WEST MALL (#02-24)

- - -
I know there's been quite abit of advertorials lately and I am so terribly sorry about that!!
Internet at home is still not up yet (its been 1 month so terrible!!) so blogging is really quite difficult on my side :( Promise to blog non-advert stuff for the next post ok!
Till then, go shop away at Osmose !

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