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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Swag Bang Nails by Myntefingers

Hello babes!!! Don't you think nails are important for us girls??
I think they are! It shows that we do take care & pamper ourselves, even to little details like our nails!
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Lousy phone quality. Never take a selfie using a phone at night, it sux!!

Okay right, so where was I...
Mmmmm yesterday, I finally made my way down to visit Mynt again to fix my nails!! My previous set of nails lasted me for about 5 or 6 weeks... about 70% still intact which was amazingggg since I am damn rough! However for me, I hate it once the nails chip yknow.. I like to have perfect looking nails! So I was super duper looking forward to having a new set of pretty nails!
First, Mynt will soak off the old gelsih nails, and then clean your cuticles etc before putting on the new design!

This month, I wanted something S W A G G Y.
Think... playful, wild, swag.... basically something which would fit Zoukout. LOL

I sent Mynt a few sample pictures and we finally decided on this set of nails!!
MAJOR LOVE!!!!?!?!?!??!
So swag and cool looking I cannot. My favourite is the 'BANG' on my thumb!


Why is my hair fading until goldenzzz again :( Aiyo. 
Results of bleaching 3 times a few months back lol.



You like it??? :D



My friends always say that I have chio fingernails and its all thanks to Mynt!!
ps: I am so kiasu like that I have already booked my next appointment for Christmas!! Already have in mind what I wanna do for X'mas nails, I can't wait to show it to you girls!

Planning to fix your nails for the upcoming festive season?
Wait no longer!! Heard that Mynt's slots are already almost fully booked! Don't miss out babes!

For enquiries and booking of appointments:

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For more information, visit her website at:
Instagram/twitter: @myntelicious

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