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Monday, November 25, 2013

1 more month to Christmas!!

Did this Christmas collage myself and I really like how it turned out! Got feel??

 photo tumblr_static_tumblr_mcxwgr1gil1rvnxxgo1_500_large_zps39fba0e9.gif





My favourite time of the year is finally gonna be here!
I love everything about Christmas so much!! The holiday season, the Christmas carols, gifts exchange, being merry and feast on great good, not forgetting, all the awesome parties!! I love!

Today, I really want to make a promise to myself.
Next year, I would like to spend a White Christmas. Christmas just doesn't feel quite right in Singapore, lol. I miss playing with the snow, I want to get into a snowball fight and build snowman, I want to be surrounded by 'angmohs', I want to see all the beautiful Christmas lightings everywhere, I want to wear scarves and gloves and all wrapped up under my thick winter coats! I want to feel my ears all cold and see my cheeks turn pink.
This is a promise!!

Exactly 1 more month to C H R I S T M A S !!
Feel the joy!!

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