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Monday, November 18, 2013

Forbidden Beauty - by Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie


2 weeks back, I was invited to the media preview of 'Forbidden Beauty' the Wintery World of Majolica Majorca and Ma Cherie
"In the wintery world of ‘Forbidden Beauty’ where specially handcrafted glitter birch branches lay, snowflakes of various crystal shapes fell, and silver stars hung; Majolica Majorca unveiled its winter collection, Chapter 39 ‘Pure Play’, together with its final 10th anniversary limited edition compact palette, ‘The Little Humming Book IV’; while Ma Cherie introduced its limited edition ‘Winter Floral Hair Fragrance’."


I'm sure lots of effort went into the setting up and decorations of the venue! The whole set-up was made up of white and blue which really gave the cold-winter feel! The place was also dimly lighted, it actually feels kinda romantic! Lol

And thankfully, I wasn't alone for the event! I had Shanice!
P1010116 P1010120



w Naomi and Celestina!

w Shanice and Jamie!

Iiwen dearie finally came too! Her face so small I like!
Anyway.. so after the informative presentation, light refreshments were served and there were games for us to try out too! I didn't try the game though cuz I was busy eating. Hehehe. 
There was also a make-up and hair styling station where we could try the full range of newly launched products from Majolica Majorca and Ma Cherie!


IMG-20131107-WA0014 P1010140
With Iiwen and Agri :)

And here's me at the Make-up station trying out the rouge!! I really like the shade of the colour :)




And cutie pie Iiwen at the hair styling station. 
The hair stylist curled the ends of her hair inwards, transforming her into a mega cute lil Jap girl!!

And favourite products I managed to bag home courtesy of Majolica Majorca and Ma Cherie!
1. Ma Cherie Limited Edition 'Winter Floral Hair Fragrance' - $16.90
Adding on to its distinct romantic floral and fruity fragrance, this product embodies the scent of the Ma Cherie winter flower with green apple, red apple, pear, lychee top notes; and davana and rose for middle notes.
More than just a hair fragrance, the 'Winter Floral Hair Fragrance' prevents and eliminates odour and hydrates hair cuticles!

2. Lash Expander Edge Meister 17 - $25.90
This is the star product of the season with its powerful and beautiful glittery blue star-dust like lengthening effect.

3. Rouge Majex (Pure Apple, Poisonous Apple) - $17.50
The Majolica Majorca Chapter 39 'Pure Play' collection will be available at all Watsons stores from 7th Nov 2013.
The Ma Cherie 'Winter Floral Hair Fragrance' will be available at all Watsons store from 5th Dec 2013.




After the event, Shanice, Iiwen and I went over to Fish & Co for dinner!!

And Iiwen also gave me these free masks to try!!
I am actually using it right now while blogging and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!
P1010001 (2)
Unlike the typical mask-sheet, this comes in the form of 'Jelly'. Squeeze it out of the pack and spread the jelly on your face! 
I love storing my masks inside the fridge before using, so when I applied the jelly onto my face, its damnnn shiok! Cold cold one! Hehe :D

It works to restore and balance the skin by removing impurities like blackheads/whiteheads effectively and instantaneously. It also inhibit melanin aynthesis, which lightens pigmentation, balances uneven skin tone and leaves your skin brighter and supple with dewy fresh vibrance. Super love it!! I swear it made my skin instant fairer!!
Anyway, if you're interested, you can order from Iiwen at :)

That's all for now, imma go watch my American Next Top Model Cycle 20 Finale Part 2!!
Till then 

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