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Monday, September 30, 2013

Shunji Matsuo by Lily Xu: September Hair!

Finally had the time to fix my hair a few days back and this is how it looks like now!!
MAJOR  !!!
The past few days, I had so many people (in person/instagram/fb) telling me how good I look in my current new hair! :D

For those who don't know (how can u not know!!?), I was a 'blondie' for the past 2 months!

The downside of having a light coloured hair?? 
When your roots start growing, IT IS SUPER OBVIOUS TTM!!!
I didn't dye my hair in August cuz I wanted to give my hair a break, and only went for hair treatments.. so you could see the obvious black roots growing out in contrast to the blonde hair!!

So anyway.. I happily made my way down to I*CON Shunji Matsuo by Lily Xu cuz I can't wait to revive my hair!!
And like I shared in my previous post.. Shiseido has this whole new range of ASH COLOURS series which are absolutely amazing ballz. Let me show you some...
Super love the colour Be13!! Its like a white-blonde kinda colour!!
But my hair really NEEDS a break from all those bleaching so I gave this very pretty colour up. :(

Love the LA13 ash purple over here!! Can u imagine if I dyed my entire head in this colour? Lol
I think my mum gonna freakkkkkkkkkk out. Bahahaha

I had a short discussion with Lily (my stylist) on what I would like to have.
I told her I wanted a very dark ASH brown as my base. I emphasized the word 'ash' alot because I didn't want a typical brown colour.. but more of a ashy brown. A dark brown also prevents the black roots from being too obvious when it starts growing out! Also, since my base is already blonde (bleached it twice!!) so I need a really dark colour to combat the blonde else the new colour gonna fade away into blonde again very soon!
I also requested for additional purple streaks for my hair again!! :D
These were the purple (Magenta & Lavender) that went onto my hair!
Suggested by Lily because this range of colours are not exactly dyes.. but they are 'Acid Colours' which means they are non-chemicals and non-damaging to our hair! :D Whoop whoop!!

After dyeing my hair.. I did the same treatment which I did previously!
NP 3.1 Neo Process Treatment (You can read my previous post HERE )
All the goodness going into my hair!!

Btw, if you happened to visit any Shunji Matsuo salons for hair service, remember to get a copy of the Oct CLEO magazine!

Cuz there's a freaking awesome coupon deal inside for you!!
- 1 FOR 1 HAIRCUT coupon
Too good to be missed!!!! ;)

And finally!!!! My pretty hair all done!! :D
P1010012 P1010101
Although the ash brown kinda turned out way darker than expected, I still love it!! The ashy tone is super obvious!
It looks more of a dark ash black currently but I am certain its gonna lighten after a few washes!
The purple will fade as well into a lovely shade of pastel lavender!

Hair indeed looks much healthier, alive and feels much softer!!
Keen to get your hair fixed too?? Hop on to I*CON Shunji Matsuo by Lily Xu now and remember to mention my name 'Shennyyang' to get a 10% discount off chemical treatments! You'll definitely be awed by their services!

Far East Plaza #01-35
14 Scotts Road (S) 228213
6737 5311


  1. Your hair looks absolutely amazing! The length and curls are so perfect, gaaahhh it's hard to believe that such gorgeous and perfect hair exists in real life haha!

    Love the colours so much, adventurous yet they work so well together. Very pretty :)

    I totally agree with what you said about the downside of dyeing the hair a lighter colour...those darn black roots!! Haha the curse for Asians I guess :P

    Just discovered your blog and I love it, everything is so pretty and it was an awesome read! Hope you'll blog more often, looking forward to it ^_^

  2. @Renae:

    Hello babe, hehe thank you for your comment!! :) Yeap the stylist from Shunji Matsuo is really good! :)

    And thank you for reading my blog as well!! ^^