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Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Saturday: Maki San, Yan Palace & Zouk!

Hi guys!! Happy Sunday!! ^^ 
I really look forward to the weekends now because these are the only few days where I can spend more time with Jj, and chill out till late at night just like how we used to! Definitely treasuring the time we spend together even more so now!
20130928_151617_mr1380352823383 20130928_151636_mr1380352917278a
Always a must to take some selfie inside the car... Lol. Girls being girls~
Yup and yes!! I am no longer a blondie!!

Anyway.. we headed over to The Grand Cathay cuz we thought of catching a movie and also, I wanted to utilise my vouchers at STITCH before they expire. Can never finish spending my vouchers I got from CNOS competition.. Lol. 
I was super hungry so I had a quick lunch at MAKI SAN first! 
So basically... it's like a place where you can customise your very own Sushi or Salad!!
Ordering wasn't confusing at all and the order sheet was easy to fill in as well!


The Sushi came in this freaking cute box... I really wanted to kidnap the box back. Lol. But my bag was too small to fit the box in so I gave the idea up. Ahhhh so wasted!!!

P1010081 P1010082
Our Sushi x Calamari Rings!

P1010085 P1010083

Our MEGA SAN. So freaking huge it was impossible to stuff the entire sushi into my mouth!!
It was filled with Avocado, Shredded Chicken, Steamed Ebi, Tobiko, Tempura Enoki Mushroom & Salmon Sahimi!

The Sushi itself tasted pretty normal but I think its still worth a try for the creativity factor! ;)

#B1-17/18 THE CATHAY, 2 Handy Road
6737 8772

Then we went to Plaza Sing to shop~ I love the extended area of the mall! Hehehe
And playing a fool in Uniqlo... My ootd together with the mannequins!




And more pictures of ME, MYSELF & I. Lol
P1010098 P1010100

Thank you boyfee for the shots!! :*

okay next we headed to Yan Palace cuz it was my Grandma's birthday!!
With the cuzzies I'm closer with from my paternal side!

And some pics of the food we had........ I think there were about 10 dishes or so, I was ABOUT TO E.X.P.L.O.D.E!!

Yay family shot together with my NaiNai!! :)

So after dinner, we left the place and decided to head home to nuaaaaa the night away.
And just then... WE DROVE PAST... ZOUK.
Omg it's been 10000 donkey years since both of us came. So we decided to just chill over at Winebar (since there's 1 for 1 for Citibank Card holders) and maybe walk around the bridge or something before heading home!

Both of us had Long Island Tea and I swear it was sooooooooooooo.... heavy. Is that even the word to describe the alcohol drink? Lol lol. I'd always say it in chinese la like '很重 sia'. Hahaha. 

The warm and tingly feeling started kicking in.. and it felt so great! LOL. Its like you'll feel a lil lighter and happier, bubbly and all that. Lol. I like drinking once in a while and I think everyone should learn how to drink so you would know where your limits are. It's also a great way to socialise. However, I don't think one should ALWAYS drink cuz it's bad for your liver.. and also don't get too drunk till you're knocked out/can't control your limbs cuz you're not only the one suffering but the people around taking care of you gonna suffer as well!

Okay enough of naggy Shenny. So right!! I was saying we wanted to just chill over at Winebar and not club since it was super impromptu and I didn't have the chance to ask any friends if they could sign us in. Just then.. I bumped into a friend and HE GOT US GUESTLIST!!! Super happy la... So off we went into Zouk!!


P1010152 P1010140
Being random here but if you notice, I usually prefer taking pictures with my RIGHT profile (left picture) than my left profile (right picture). Notice the difference?? My features are usually sharper on my right profile!

Oh and also... I am usually friendlier than usual when I drink. So I made a new friend when I was in the toilet and she's Francesca! She's also a fellow blogger sponsored by DRx! ^^


Love you boyfriend and I love our impromptu-ness as well! Lol

P1010156 P1010158
Bumped into Shanice (fellow Shunji Matsuo blogger) too!! Hehehe
So we hopped between Zouk and Phuture and danced till like 2am before leaving.. A lil sad we didn't stay till 4am because ALL the good songs are usually played between 2am-4am. Anytime before 2am are usually really super old school clubbing songs.

That was my Saturday for you!!
Hope yours went great too and thanks for reading! Love you guys!! :*

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