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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Friday with Wild Honey x 555 Thai Seafood!

Woke up at 9am earlier today to head to The DRx Clinic which is now my new sponsor!! :D
It is actually my second visit but it was my 1st treatment! My first visit was for a short consultation~
The DRx Clinic is a certified medical aesthetics clinic which offers alot of different kinds of treatments for the face/hair, depending on which is your area of concern! They are really good in what they do please so I know I will be in super safe hands! 
It is located at Tong Buildings which is right beside Paragon in Orchard. Super convenient!
The whole place looks super duper posh and white and it gives off a super clean and professional image!
Anyway, I already can't wait for my next treatment which is 3 weeks later. Hehe. Super excited! 
Will share more about it next time ;)

So after the treatment.. I headed over to Mandarin Gallery since it was just opposite The Drx Clinic!
Had Wild Honey for our brunch. I think the whole world had already been to Wild Honey except me lor
First time not ordering Eggs Benedicts because THEY RAN OUT OF IT?? 
Lol tell me how can you ever run out of eggs benedict?? It's so weird.
Anyway, I had this as a replacement - Portobello Road. (Baked Portobello mushrooms, baked wilted spinach, red pepper & onion confit, perfect poached eggs, lemon Hollandaise on our own toasted brioche)
Sorry I just had to type out the whole food description because IT SOUNDS SO ATAS. Lol


Sorry for the blurry picture :( Lighting in Wild Honey wasn't good.. very dim and orangy but in return, it gives off a very cozy and homely feeling! So okay forgiven. heh
Jj had this for brunch and it is called Norwegian which sounds friggin atas again. But is it actually just Avocado, grilled asparagus spears, two perfectly eggs wrapped with imported Norwegian smoked salmon, homemade Hollandaise & salmon pearls on our own whole-wheat brioche.


I really find the Portobello Road not bad, except that THERE WASN'T ANY MEAT AT ALL. :(


Food was alright, reasonably good but I thought $24 for each dish was kinda costly. 
Especially since it doesn't come with any extra sides.. like salad or bacon or something la. But the ambience is good!

Wild Honey
Mandarin Gallery 3rd Floor
6235 3900 (No reservations though!!!)
Sun-Thurs: 9am-9pm. Fri & Sat: 9am-10pm

Shortly just after brunch.. while we were walking around town. My right eye started itching and I kept blinking and my contact lens just came out of my eyes like that?! Lol. I don't know why.. recently alot of contact lens has been failing me. Especially GEO lens, I really don't know the reason why. :( I am so sad.
When I insert the lens into my eyes.. it kinda shifts around and doesn't stay put onto my IRIS!!

Today I wore my favourite pair of contacts from MAXIM. Left eye was perfectly fine.. but my right eye was kinda pain because the lens kept moving around again and I could feel it scratching my eyeball. OUCH

Okay enough of bad eye day. So I removed both contact lens and continued walking around~
Went to ION Zara and bumped into Steffi&bf and Jocelyn&bf.. It's like all 3 of us were like "EHHH!!!" and then 3 of us gathered tgt to talk while all our bfs continued shopping by themselves haha. What a coincidence!! 
And Jocelyn was telling me about how sucky SIA job can be :( So many people wants to quit and it makes me think if I should even give it a go again next time... Hmmmm~

Headed to hospital again to visit my Dad and then back to Jj's crib to snooze.
So so so damn tired.

Woke up at 930pm and headed over to Changi Village for dinner!!
Bf was playing with the dog so I made use of the time to camwhore. Lol. Girls.......................

Came across this place called 555 THAI SEAFOOD, located just opposite Changi V Food Village!
555 also means HAHAHA (cuz of the thai pronunciation). Everytime when my thai friends wanna type hahah to me, they'll always reply with "555" instead. Lol
Because I haven't had meat the entire day... we ate MOOKATA again.
LOL PLEASE!? I need my daily serving of meat meat meat!!

Also thought it would be good to try their Mookata to see if it's good.
If it's good then HURRAY because that means I don't have to travel far out to central area just to satisfy my Mookata cravings~
Ordered the meat set! Alot of meatttttt I RIKEEE!!

Mandatory Thai Iced Milk Tea. Hehe

We also ordered Pineapple Fried Rice which was so goood!!
Would really love to try their normal ala-carte Thai dishes one day!! The orh-lua (oyster omelette) looks like da bombxz.


There's 2 soup base also, Chicken & Tom Yum Flavour!
We opted the tom yum flavour which was sour>spicy! 
Towards the end, the soup became a lil salty because all the juice from the meat kept sipping down into the soup. But still yummy nevertheless. Hehe thai food never fails!!

Also another good thing about the Mookata here is that YOU DON'T GET AS SMELLY because it is an open air seating area! :D

Trying to take some artistic picture but obviously quite fail. Haha.
But shall still post it up anyway, don't waste my effort!!

Block 1, Changi Village Road #01-2040
9623 1178/8405 8602

Okay it's late, I guess it is time to crash

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