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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Happy 15th!!

Today as I was uploading more pictures into Jj and I's "Days We Go Pak Tor " album, I took a quick look at our old pictures and realised how far we have come...
Just look at these..

Our 1st official picture taken together on the day we got together!
Love how Jj is always so accommodating towards me, agreeing to do all my requests even when it's so silly! 
Just like this heart picture! It is also the main cover picture for our album!

Our 1st Monthsary in Seoul, Namsan Tower!

Our 1st picnic together in Marina Barrage~

And our 1st Year Anniversary in HongKong, Victoria Peak!

If you're curious and wanna check out our Paktor-ing album, it's over HERE.
But it's more of our local paktor-ing pictures though hehe.

Anyway... it is the 8th of Sept now which also marks Jj and I's 15th Monthsary!!
Gosh time is really not showing any mercy, it's passing so quickly!!
Just wanna say that I am so thankful for being able to find you when I was so vulnerable and lost then. Thank you for loving me the way you did and showering me with all your TLC regardless of how annoying and irritating I can be.. I know I may not be the most perfect girl, and I know of all my shortcomings and flaws but thank you for accepting me the way I am and not changing the way I am. 
I guess there's some truth in these kinda quotes afterall -  "You don't love someone because they're perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they're not".

Also, I just recalled a conversation a few days ago with Jj. It was like such a small conversation that I can't even remember what we were talking about.. but I remember this sentence that he said so vividly.. "I can save and scrimp on anything but you".. I was like AWWW SO SWEET. :') I feel like tearing while typing all these out because Jj really loves and cares for me alot. It is impossible to find someone like him, ever. That is why all my friends always asked me to cherish him otherwise with the attitude & character of mine, I'll prolly be #single4life lol.

Anyway, this dear boy is just behind me, on my bed, studying for his CFA (crazy finance exam) and probably doesn't know I am typing such a wordy entry about him!! But when he reads it... I wanna say..
Happy 15th Monthsary!! More memories to be created together!! 

Okay so.......... just now I went out to have my dinner with Jj!
Selfshot before I drove to his house to pick him up!! So long since I drove the car out myself!! Hehehe I was so excited!
Anyway, I am wearing the Freshkon Alluring Eyes disposable contact lens over here! 
Will be holding a giveaway for my dear readers so stay tuned!! Probably in my next post ^^

Had Zhi char at Tampines Blk 201. The zhi char here is seriously awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~






Ending off with 4 faces of us. 
XI NU AI LE shot! (Happy Angry Sad Joy)
Jj really can't act angry and sad for nuts. Hahaha.

Happy Sunday to all of you!!! :D

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