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Friday, June 14, 2013


I will be away this weekend to Kukup (a small fishing village in Malaysia) so I'm here to update a post before leaving!! Been feeling rather bad and guilty for not being able to post any quality-posts due to the many 'mishaps' I've faced recently...

Okay so today's post will be about my 1 Year Anniversary celebration together with Jj in Hongkong!! Time flies huh.. it's been a year. Whoaaa. We were up early in the morning to shift into our new Hotel (Butterfly on Prat Boutique Hotel) because the previous hotel was HELL for us. It was soooo bad you wouldn't even imagine how bad it was. More about that in the next Hongkong post!
Happy us in our new comfy hotel room!! ^^

Was feeling really hungry so we headed out to get food and we were so happy to find out that there were lots of Korean restaurants around our hotel!! It kinda felt like I was in a Korean Town!
P1010017 11.58.26 PM
We randomly settled down in one of the Korean restaurant because it looked quite authentic and the price was reasonable..

The starters were then served to us and I WAS SO DAMN HAPPY BECAUSE THEY SERVED TAOGEYYY. I am not superbly crazy over normal taogey, but when it comes to Korean taogey... I AM A DIE HARD FAN. It's sooooo good. There's just something different about Korean taogeys.. It's like they are much more crunchy/juicy/tasty?? So anyway, the starters were great. The kimchi especially was goooood. So we had really high expectations for our main courses!

P1010018 11.58.26 PM
AND WE WERE SO DISAPPOINTED. My beef tasted fine actually, but Jj's squid was like MEHHH. Not even a tint of Korean taste leh. The seafood pancake was normal as well, tasted more like carrot cake with seafood. :/ I want to have my dongdaemun seafood pancakes again!!!! :(

After lunch, I kinda followed Jj blindly (cuz I didn't know where we were heading) and we walked for about 15mins?? Before I know it, I was already at the Avenue of Stars!! Kinda like the Hollywood Walk of Fame I visited in Los Angeles!P1010020 11.58.26 PM
Pretty Harbour!

P1010021 11.58.26 PM

P1010025 11.58.26 PM

Taken using lousy phone app...

P1010029 11.58.26 PM P1010030 11.58.26 PM

P1010035 11.58.26 PM

And just more pictures of us at Avenue of Stars..
P1010036 11.58.26 PM

P1010041 11.58.26 PM

P1010042 11.58.26 PM P1010044 11.58.26 PM

P1010045 11.58.26 PM
 Cute food carts!!!

P1010047 11.58.26 PM

P1010048 11.58.26 PM


P1010049 11.58.26 PM
Look at those grey clouds... I was praying so hard that it wouldn't rain. I don't want the rain to spoil our day and moreover, I HAD NO UMBRELLA WITH ME :( Me no want to be soggy and wet :(

P1010051 11.58.26 PM P1010052 11.58.26 PM


P1010054 11.58.26 PM

P1010055 11.58.26 PM
Hahaha omg damn act... bth!!

P1010060 11.58.26 PM P1010062 11.58.26 PM
Apparently Jj damn acty too... acting like Bruce Lee. Lol

Some other famous Hongkong Stars..

P1010067 11.58.26 PM P1010070 11.58.26 PM

P1010072 11.58.26 PM P1010074 11.58.26 PM

P1010073 11.58.26 PM
Love this picture. Wished that the guy was out of the frame. Arghhhh

Walked almost the entire stretch of Avenue of Stars and finally reached the Jetty to take a ferry across to Central!
and saw the famous Rubber Duck behind us!

P1010076 11.58.25 PM
Soooo huge. And look at the amount of people at the jetty taking pictures with the rubber duck. Seriously??


Arrived at Central and took a Shuttle Bus to the Victoria Peak!

And was greeted with this MASSIVE amount of people at the ticketing booth. Not funny at all.

Honestly, my mood dropped to like ZERO. I hate queuing. I hate queuing to take rides in amusement parks, I hate queuing to take buses (that's why I always choose to walk home instead of taking the bus)... especially when the queue is so long, it's sooo sick la. 

But but but, I told myself not to get upset lah since it's our 1st Year Anniversary and it should be a good and memorable one. So we patiently queued for it.. but honestly, the management should seriously do something about it!!! We queued for almost 1.5hrs just to get onto the tram.. and there were only 2 ticketing booths and 2 trams. SERIOUSLY ARE U KIDDING ME. Not to mention, it was uber hot and humid I could feel my makeup melting...


Finally up on the tram...
People actually had to chiong and squeeze up onto the tram JUST TO GET SEATS. *facepalm* Jj and I were the last few to enter so there was only one seat left for me, and the poor bf had to stand throughout the whole ride. :(
P1010090 11.58.25 PM

P1010091 11.58.25 PM
Ride was a lil bit scary.. the whole tram didn't give me any secured feeling. And it was going up sucha steep slope... I swear it was really STEEP. Almost like a rollercoaster ride!

P1010095 11.58.25 PM

P1010096 11.58.25 PM
And okayyyyy safe and sound up at the peak!

I was expecting it to be somewhat like the Namsan Tower in Seoul (An observatory deck with a few restaurants etc) but it was totally different!! It's like a shopping mall at the top of the mountain, with alot alot of crazily-priced restaurants!
P1010098 11.58.25 PM

P1010100 11.58.25 PM

top top top imma top of the world!


P1010106 11.58.25 PM
Admiring my Cinderella-looking heels here :(


P1010107 11.58.25 PM

P1010108 11.58.25 PM

P1010110 11.58.25 PM

Was up at the peak at about 6pm.. hoping to catch a glimpse of the sunset but sadly there wasn't any :(

P1010114 11.58.25 PM

P1010117 11.58.25 PM

P1010119 11.58.25 PM
tram carrying more people up...

P1010120 11.58.25 PM
At 6pm

P1010122 11.58.25 PM
At 7pm

P1010124 11.58.25 PM
At 7.30pm

All these pictures taken using skill plz. I used my own phone to selfshot and Jj's flashlight from his phone to shine light!

P1010128 11.58.25 PM



Then we had our dinner at Bubba Gump at the Peak!
P1010139 11.58.25 PM
RUN FORREST RUN means everything is fine at the table and we don't need any special attention.

P1010147 11.58.25 PM
If we flipped it over to 'STOP FORREST STOP', it means when we need attention from the servers!

Amazing backdroppppp :)

P1010158 11.58.24 PM
Playing around with my camera filters..

P1010162 11.58.24 PM

P1010164 11.58.24 PM

P1010166 11.58.24 PM

P1010167 11.58.24 PM


P1010169 11.58.24 PM

P1010172 11.58.24 PM
IN LOVE WITH MY STEAK. It was such a big piece of meat. Totally worth it!!

P1010170 11.58.24 PM P1010171 11.58.24 PM

P1010173 11.58.24 PM

P1010178 11.58.24 PM

P1010180 11.58.24 PM
Desserts time!!
By this time ,we were already 95% full from the dinner.. and when the dessert was served, we wanted to cryyyy. IT WAS IN SUCH A HUGE PORTION. Omggggg

P1010181 11.58.24 PM
Yum yum yummmm

P1010183 11.58.24 PM

P1010184 11.58.24 PM P1010185 11.58.24 PM

P1010188 11.58.24 PM

And so yeaaa, that pretty much sums up our 1st Year Anniversary celebration!
Hope you've enjoyed this picture-spammed post and please look forward to my other travelogue entries that will be coming up really soon (hopefully haha)!! 

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