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Thursday, June 20, 2013


Sorry for the lack of updates here... I had to send my computer back for repair AGAIN because it crashed like 5-6 times in a span of 3 hours... it was driving me sooooo insane :( 

Anyway! Past few days I have been pretty much stuck at home cuz I had to plan my Myanmar itinerary and I was busy watching my Korean drama, and also partly due to the crazy haze. If you wanna know, the drama is called 'Smile Dong Hae', not quite like your typical 20 episodes of Idol drama... it's actually a whopping 159 episodes and it's currently showing on Channel U, 7pm. But being the impatient me, I prefer watching it online cuz I can catch more episodes at once compared to the slooowww TV broadcast.

And I finally got out of home today for the SK-II event!

Kareena was my guest and that's the SK-II representative who was explaining and demonstrating all the different products to us! Honestly, I got kinda lost halfway cuz there were way tooo many products!! So for the curious ones, head down to any SK-II booth and the friendly salesperson would explain every product to you! :D

Anw I am so determined to start the SK-II regime. I was like analysing the SK-II representative's complexion the whole time and it was sooo perfect, even under white fluorescent light. Haii life could be unfair sometimes uh.

P1010004 P1010005
A shot with Mel & her sweetheart and Karx. 

The people behind today's event!

P1010008 P1010007

Everything ended very fast, within 30mins or so! We even had a session with Andrea Claire who is an International Celebrity Hair and Make-Up Artist.. She was sharing some of the myths of skincare/makeup! When she said something like "We should wash our makeup brushes once every week...", I totally had this guilty face. I'll be honest here.. I haven't washed mine in months. Eeekks. Maybe that explains why I had a breakout/rashes 2 weeks ago. lol
And our gifts!!! Let's see if I'll get crystal clear skin soon!! :D

The pretty bracelet given as well! Sorry for the blurred picture.. it looked fine just now when I previewed on the camera!

The highly raved SK-II Facial Treatment Essence along with Cellumination Deep Surge and Whitening Spots Specialist! Thank you SK-II!! :D

As the GSS swings along, there's no better time and reason to celebrate the No 1 favourites from SK-II! There's alot of promotions going on right now.. but my favourite would be the set for the ULTIMATE PARTY QUEEN! There's no better way to prepare skin to look its best for an upcoming party or to indulge skin in a pampering treat after a late night out than with SK-II's 10 piece set. A range of acclaimed SK-II innovations such as its latest STEMPOWER cream to address skin's anti-ageing concerns and established classics ranging from Facial Treatment Mask, Facial Treatment Essence, Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, Facial Treatment Gentle Cleansing Cream, Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser and Signs Eye Mask. Stealing the limelight will be the exclusive SK-II Lipstick and Lip Gloss that put the finishing touches to help you put your best face forward!
And you get everything for only $300!!! VERY WORTH IT I would say.. considering that one facial treatment essence can already easily cost you $150! ;)

Last shot with Karx before we went our separate ways. Guess she's still  now in Zouk TGIW shaking her ass off. lol

Then I met Jj for dinner!!
Had Korean food at SUPULAE. It's located at Tanjong Pagar! Love the Pork Belly hereeeee. Daebakkkk!
Just FYI, I haven't tried anything here except for the Pork Belly which I love la!


P1010017 P1010019


Omo nomz nomz



80 Tanjong Pagar Road (S) 088501
6225 2248

Something random but here's my cutie Hellokitty Perfume I got from Tokyo!!!

Leaving for Myanmar in 4 hours time. Can't wait to get out of Singapore cuz the haze is killing me... Jj was telling me the PSI hit 400 when it was 10pm. ARE U KIDDING ME INDONESIA?? Seriously, it's their own stinky forest fire but now it's affecting all the neighbouring countries. Brrrr

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