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Friday, June 14, 2013

Adv: Shunji Matsuo Hair Treatment last May!

Goshhh I've been away for too long and this post is sooo overdue!!
So last month, I visited Shunji Matsuo @ HV for my monthly dose of awesome hair treatment!
P1010002 - Copy
This was my hair prior to the treatment. Messy looking hair and the purple dye had faded to pink.

Told my stylist, Hiro that I would like to touch up my roots and re-dye my purple ombre ends! This time round, I requested for a mixture of purple and pink dye and check out the results!!
P1010003 - Copy
Love how the different colours managed to blend well together!!

P1010005 - Copy
Another shot which turned out blurry :( whoops

And they tied a super duper cute bow hair for me that day! Cuz I had to head over for the Jstar contest and I wanted a more Jap-looking hair!
P1010006 - Copy P1010007 - Copy

P1010008 - Copy P1010009 - Copy

P1010011 - Copy
Face shot for that day!

And this picture was taken almost 1 month later when I was in Hongkong..
Taken using my phone's front cam, hence the sucky quality but well.... THE PURPLE ENDS ARE STILL SO OBVIOUS!!! Even Jj was quite shocked that the purple is still holding on strong even until today!! Never once imagined I could have pretty hair like this but it is now all possible through the magic hands of the stylists from Shunji Matsuo!!

Book your appointment today at:
 Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ HV
245A Holland Avenue, Singapore 278978
Tel: 6762 6088
Mention my name 'Shennyyang' to receive a 10% discount off certain chemical treatments!

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