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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Hello guys! Today I'm gonna introduce you guys to a new addition to the family of Online-Stores... this time round, it's not a fashion store but a CHOCOLATE STORE - COCOA B!!
More specifically, it's an online chocolate store which allows you to customise YOUR VERY OWN chocolates because Cocoa B recognises that everyone's taste is unique!

I had the privilege to csutomise my very own chocolates and they were delivered like within 2 days? Super efficient!!

"At Cocoa B, we want you to have a say in everything – including the toppings on your chocolate bar. So, we offer our personal kitchen for your creations. All Cocoa B’s chocolate bars are freshly and personally handcrafted as ordered by you, unlike the chocolate bars found on the shelves in the stores outside, which may have been there for weeks! "

And this is my creation!! SO PRETTY!!!

The chocolates come in 2 different sizes and also in 3 types - Dark/Milk/White Chocolate.
(Chocolate prices start from $3.90)

There are also alot alot ALOT of interesting toppings that you can add to your chocolates such as...
- Berries&Fruits (Apricots, Cranberries, Dried Longans...)
- Exotic (BACON BITS, Chicken Floss, IKAN BILIS?? lol)
- Herbs&Spices (Chilli Flakes, Pepper, Sea Salt..)
- Nuts&Seeds (Almonds, Pumpkin Seeds, Walnuts..)
- Sweets&Decor (Gummi Bears, Oreo, Sprinkles..)
(Topping prices start from $0.20)

So as you can tell from my creation, I am quite a boring person haha. Dare not experiment my Chocs with all those exotic toppings because I honestly do not know how it'd turn out!! For the curious and daring ones... do try and let me know how is it!!

Must camwhore with my chio chocolates!!

Wondering if they would taste as good as it looks~




Verdict: Yes it is really yummy!!! I like how the different nuts together with the cranberries and marshmallow gave the whole chocolate a very different texture. It's like crunchy yet soft?? 
Haha aiyer I damn bad in descriptions.. so I hope you get what I mean :p


Interested to get your very own customised chocolates??
For the guys, get this to surprise your gf!! 
Having parties?? Create chocolates bars to fit the theme of your party! Cocoa B accepts bulk orders and bulk discounts will be given too!!

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