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Monday, March 18, 2013

Flea Market!

I had my FIRST ever flea last Saturday at Pit Building with my baby Karx!
Superbly excited in the morning!! And so much thanks to the boyfriend who woke up early too to ferry Karx and I to Pit Building!! Can't imagine how we gon' make it there without him! SO MANY STUFF TO CARRY LEH.

Our morning faces and the queue to enter Pit Building! MAD LONG.
Even at 12pm, vendors were still queuing up to get their tables and the flea was supposed to start at 12pm?? Damn slow!


After settling in, we hurried to set up our booth - get the rack up, hang the clothes yadaaa!

Yupx and this is our booth!!
"SELLING EVERYTHING TO FUND TRIP".. but sadly we didn't manage to sell everything!!


Business was kinda slow. Think our first sales was at 3pm? Siann.
It's like there were so many people who looked at our stuff. When we told them its 10BUX... 10BUX FOR A BRAND NEW ITEM LEH they walked away. SIMISAIIII.

When we sell at $10, they'll ask for $8 or even $5.
When we sell at $5, they ask for a ridiculous $2. 
Some of our clothes from TOPSHOP lehh and they want us to sell at $2!!!!! Must be out of their brains lol

Bought this really cute Paddlepop Cap!! SO CUTE.
Also bought another cute skirt at $2 (say first ah I didn't bargain for it to be $2! The owner was shouting madly that everything will be $2 that's why I went to take a look!) and a floral bralet for $5. THIS IS WHY FLEA IS SO DAMN AWESOME.

Getting a lil bit more crowded....

Anyway. I think our location suck!! Why??
The stall opposite us was selling their stuff for ONLY $2.

The stall beside us even best. 
Initially they were selling for $10. Halfway through they started selling at $5. Then become BUY 2 GET 1 FREE (means 3 for $10).. Nvm leh. After awhile it became BUY 5 GET 5 FREE.
Wtf damn ridiculous.
Towards the end.. they were selling 1 for $1. Hahah omg they really can't wait to get rid of their clothes man. But I can fully understand because lugging the whole damn bag filled with clothes back home IS DAMN SIAN. 
But they sold their stuff sooooo cheap... really spoiling market for the rest right!!

Then my dear Mummy and Daddy came to show some support and to see the flea la!
Mum also brought Meefen cooked with love for Karx and I cuz we were starving so badly!!

Stef popped by too to help out!! :)

Dajie and Baby Dylan came too!!!! Hahah seriously my whole family came!
Check out Dylan's expression.. like.."Wazzup, take pic with me must pay $$ okay!!"

The shagged us selling everything that's left for $5 and below. 

And both of us had a super bad flu after the flea. Everywhere's damn dusty with all the clothes can!!
Anyway, it's really a good experience despite some customers being so absurd with their requests lol. Karx and I are thinking of doing another one after our Japan&HK trip. So cya guys soon again hopefully!!

- - -
img_7561_1024x1024 wed_front_1024x1024
Wednesday Slouch Top, $22.
Perfect for a lazy day in school!! 

skirt_front_1024x1024 img_7594_1024x1024
Neon Purple Bandage Skirt, $21

img_7610_1024x1024 rose_front_1024x1024
Like A Rose Frock, $26
So girly and sweet!!

wine_front_1024x1024 img_7462_1024x1024
Roman Lace Top in Wine, $22

navy_front_1024x1024 img_7488_1024x1024
Comes in Navy too!!

img_7378_1024x1024 retro_front_1024x1024
Lexi Cropped Top in Retro, $16
I love cropped tops so much and this is only 16bux!!!??!

ziggy_front_1024x1024 img_7396_1024x1024
Comes in ZigZag design as well!!

Plus many other designs, you got to see it for yourself!

Btw I came across this REALLY FUNNY VIDEO just now.
So I thought I'll share with you guys!!
LOL at the Potato number 1, Potato number 2, Potato number 3 part!!!!!!

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