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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Votes!! + CNOS V2.0

Firstly, I would like to say a very BIG THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO VOTED FOR ME IN THE HOTELS.COM CONTEST!!!! :D I am soooo happy to say that I won the first round of the contest (*flicks hair* Imma the Glitzy Glam Girl LOL) and so, I've won myself a 2D1N Weekend Staycation at PAN PACIFIC HOTEL! Thank you!! cover
See!! I am on the cover photo of Singapore LOL. Awwww *shy*

Anyway for those who did not manage to vote (and so no 10% discount code for you!! :'{ ) 
Do not worry because you can vote now again for Round 2 and the theme is BEACH BEAUTIFUL!

Just head to this website:
If you're using a mobile:
Click on "VIEW MORE" and I will be on the 2nd page!
In case you cannot recognize... I am the picture on the left LOL. Duhhhh

Your 10% discount code to be used on HOTELS.COM will be generated immediately!!
Thank you guys so much for voting me the previous round!
And I hope you'll continue in doing so... hehehehe 

Moving on.... to my CNOS V2.0 Competition!!

Votings are opened again for Challenge 2 - Entertainment Challenge @ E2Max!
Head to this webbie:
Click on the icon "Login with facebook" and you can start voting!
You can vote once every 6hours so please help me okay!!

I don't know why my votes are so lagging behind. :'( I want to cry.
I wanna know the secret to their high number of votes toooo haha but before that, I would appreciate so much if you could just take 2 mintues of your precious time to vote for me :')

Thank you for reading till this far.
Now go, go vote for me!!

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