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Sunday, January 13, 2013

My boring weeks

Hi guyxzx!!!
I know I have been mia for way too long... but all I can say is that I'm leading such a boring and lifeless life you wouldn't even imagine how boring is that. On my non school days, I would catch up on my sleep so half the day is gone, go for my driving lessons, study abit, nua abit and the whole day is gone just like that. On school days, I would end school at 630pm. By then I would be so tired to do anything or to even head to anywhere. On weekends, one day would be spent working and the other day... it would be the same as my other non school days. So yeaaaa this is my typical kinda week, for every.single.week.
I really miss dolling myself up, heading out to eat awesome food, snap some pretty pictures and share them here!!!! But sadly I can't because prelims are coming up super soon so it's time to FOCUS and study real hard!!! It's my last year already and I really want to do well!!

Okay enough of words, here are some pictures taken from my mobile now and then during the past weeks~
Jj brought me to eat Arnold's Chicken at some fishing pond park. I like it there!!

Changi Village and 85 for supper after they have reopened!!
The queue was MAD long.. Especially for the Nasi Lemak at Changi V.

On a Friday to school!!!
I hate Friday classes the most because it starts at 830am. I remember I used to wake up at like 630 for my 830am classes back in Year 1 and 2, then squeeze up the train &buses which were packed like sardines. Omg I really hate those days!! Thankfully I have the same class as Jj every friday now so I could wake up at like 710 or even later since I can always apply my makeup inside his car!! :D

Worked for an event with Huizhen!!
4a 4b
Our pay was so good, $80 for a mere 1hour of work!! Just distributing flyers to create awareness! Shiookkkkk~
Oh, and happened to bump into Erjie while working!!! What a coincidence!!

Another picture with Huizhen!

Jj came to pick me up after which and we had Scissors Curry Rice for late lunch! Nomz!

OOTD for that Friday.

At Fitness First with Erjie and Jj!!

Photobucket Photobucket
My bf training really hard. Hahaha.

Frolick every Saturday with Yanzhennnn. I don't wanna work with anyone else except her.
We make the best pair hahaha.

Cheap shoes I bought recently!! I love cheap thrills!!!

Top from Kareena!!!

My little Prince Dylan!
SO CUTE OMG. Think he was watching Little Einstein cartoon!!

Created an Avatar of myself too!!
Lol now Jj isn't lonely anymore! 

Picture of my bf who looks like he's pissed with me. But he looks so handsome right!!

Picture taken few days ago on a TGIF!! I captioned it 'Round face is hapz cuz it's Friday!!'

Saturday which was yesterday, I had work. Followed by attending Jj's friend's birthday party with him.
Then we were feeling quite bored after the party... So I rang Karx up to asked if she was free...
And we chilled together at Jj's house!!

Together with Edmund Eugene and Terence.
I swear Karx and I laughed so hard till we teared and even to the point that our chest felt pain!! We were playing the Circle of Death and Terence came up with so many funny and weird rules it was too freaking absurd and hilarious!!! I love all of them to bitssss!!

Trying to plan a grad trip this coming end May-June!!
Can u guess where we might we going?? :)

And today.... What a gloomy Sunday. Felt so sick I literally slept the whole day away. Woke up at 3pm then slept again at 5pm till 9pm. 
You seeee, that's how boring my past weeks were. I reckon it'll continue being like this, at least until CNY. :( Right now I'm typing this post while Jj is beside me playing Diamond Dash. I better go talk to him before he starts to get pissed with me ignoring him bahaha.

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