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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Monday Muse

20130114_171449 20130114_171445
Off to Tampines Mall to watch 'Wreck-It Ralph'!!
Picture taken using my phone. QUITE CLEAR AH. Wah wah wah not bad.

Rare few moments Jj and I are taking the public transport together!! MUST TAKE PICTURE. lol

Anyway, I LUV LUV LUV WRECK-IT RALPH!!!! Maybe I am a lil bit more biased since I always prefer cartoon movies to any others, but this movie is really so good!! I want to stay inside the Sugar Rush game!! :( For the girls, grab a gf and watch it together! Not sure if guys would think that the show is childish but Jj said it was quite nice. :D Go watch it soon before it stops screening! If you don't believe my words, it's rated 8.1/10 on IMDb okay!!

Was trying to camwhore when the bf came to pinch my cheek... "Aiyo still take pics!!!!"

Then we went to Bark Cafe which was super duper near his house!
He must have read my previous boring blog post and decided to bring me out to eat! lol

I loveeee the ambience here. It's like Timbre, but a much calmer and relaxed version. A much nicer, airy(love the cool breeze!) and better place to chillax with your friends over a couple of drinks!


Here's Jj looking abit pissed again. So there's this guy recently who claimed to be from Mjc and from the volleyball team too. It's damn weird because we were only hi-bye friends and I don't recall giving him my number at all. He would always call me using his house private number, when I told him I'm busy and why not text me instead, he would always say "okay okay" but never once the message came in. ITS DAMN WEIRD ISN'T IT. Like being so secretive about his hp number. So anyway, he called me again while I was at Bark Cafe with Jj and the bf got quite pissed off lol. 
I am actually still quite confused over the whole situation because... if he's the person he said to be.. I know that that guy IS my fb friend. But apparently I can no longer find him on my fb... HMMM. ODD. It's nice when it's an old friend calling me to catch up and to see if I am doing well, but it's honestly freakkyyyy when it's a friend I don't even talk to back in jc days and suddenly 4 years after graduating, you call me out of the blue to ask me out... creepy much? K la whatever~

Stewed Beef.
Huge chunks and chunks of beef, comes with mashed potato, greens and bread. Nomz nomz.


The famous jumbo wings from Bark Cafe!
It's a lil pricey, 6 for $15.90 but oh so worth it!!

IMG_9736 IMG_9737

Getting there might be a lil difficult especially if you do not drive! 
Otherwise if you stay in the East, do pop by here for a night chill out session!! :)

The Bark Cafe
1000 Upper Changi Road North


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