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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm on my bed right now, feeling friggin lethargic.. But I thought I'd just write a short post before heading to bed!

So anyway, I just came home not too long ago after having some drinks (Somersby Apple Cider is sooooo good!!) and finger food at FIVE with my awesome colleagues!! This is already my 3rd week into the internship and am still loving it!! Honestly speaking, I'm still unsure if corporate life is what I want. I dread waking up at 7ish am for work. I dread squeezing inside the train before and after work. And I especially hate the after-lunch-feeling. It's totally 'I need my nap time please' and my body would just start to malfunction lol. But I must say this internship has definitely been very fulfilling for me. I get to actually apply some of the things I've learnt in school and get myself exposed to trading and forex which is totally new to me and it's kinda interesting!!! I have no regrets interning here even though I could actually be earning a lil more in frolick hahaha. Well that said, I still think that I'd probably try out for SIA again in the future! *fingers crossed*

And I'm so glad cuz tmr's Wednesday!!! Spells midweek!!! I love Wednesdays cuz that means TGIF is just 2 days away!!!

Abrupt ending here but my bed is calling me already, Goodnight world :')

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