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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Today, Jj came all the way to Raffles Place from the east just to have lunch with me. So we had this for lunch,
BEEF NOODLES from Hock Lam which is kinda near my office.. It's really good and my cravings for beef which started since last week is still ongoing. It's so scary. Really.

Anw, after eating we went to twelve cupcakes cuz I already planned to eat it since last night. But I lost all cravings when I reached there lol so we went to Cold Stone Creamery instead for ice cream. And that's when I whipped out the Iphone, turned on instagram and snapped a picture of bf, myself and our lovely cheesecake ice cream. I THOUGHT it was uploaded, but it wasn't. Yknow how instagram can be so annoying at times? The picture is FOREVER processing. It's not like it's failed whereby u can try and upload again. It's 'processing' so its neither failed nor uploaded and the picture WON'T BE SAVED INSIDE UR DAMN PHOTO ALBUM. And then there's actually nothing much u can do other than restarting ur whole instagram and the picture that's been like processing for 100years will be GONE, FOREVAAAAA.

Okay so actually I only realised that the only picture we took together today is gone when I am back in the office. :(
So the whole moral of this whole post is that I am DAMN SAD la that my picture is gone. Haha quite lame but yah, my mood is affected.

So now I can't wait for 6pm to be here. Bai.


  1. OPPS hahah sorry just realised it. Yea thanks!

  2. how come when your can't upload on instagram the pic not inside your photo album? when i can't upload, i actually have a copy inside my photo album so i can just reload again.

  3. I have no idea why :( I am so sad. as in if the pic fails to upload, yea i get the saved version. What i am saying is when the photo is FOREVER processing. Neither failed nor successful, then it doesnt save :(