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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Greetings from London!!

London's been GREAT so far!! The moment i stepped out of the station, I took a deep breath of the air here, and.. it's just so different! One word - AWESOME!
Anyway, the 17hr flight was okay, just that the 3hour transit at Dubai left me kinda bored, stoned &hungry. Customs in London is mad crazy... Queued for almost 1.5hrs just to get the friggin chop, not to say, got bombarded with lotsa questions by the immigration officer like "What are u doing here for 24days? Staying where? What is your sister working as?" & the list goes on....
Okay then the underground tube station is the best. They have friggin 14 different lines here *jaws dropped* Talk about lugging 2luggages worth 30kg, finding my way around the stations. But the best part? Most stations here friggin DON'T HAVE ANY ESCALATORS!!! Not funny horh, climbing up & down with one hand carry and 2luggages, nearly died i swear!!! But still, i managed to find myself in Victoria station where i finally met up with my sister! Whoooohooo i'm like so damn proud of myself can!!! kekekekeke

So anw, i'm able to call FREE to Singapore using my sis's house phone!!! So the first person i called was my Cassbaby, we both so bimbotic, screaming over on the phone hahahaha~ So friends, if u receive some unknown number, pick up okay!! It might be me calling from London :D

Went to Bricklane Sunday Weekend Market today, then to Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus, Soho &Chinatown~~ I'm just damn fascinated with the buildings here, too pretty alr, just cannot take it but to snap lots of pictures of them hehehehe!

Just gon' end this post with a picture of me today!


Buckingham Palace tmr, which is only 10mins walk away from where i'm staying!
Oh btw, the weather is just... perfect!

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